September 2 2014

styledotcom .@StellaMcartney's It girl wanders through New York in items that top our lust list:

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Meeting Beyoncé With Our Best Foot Forward


With sandal-wearing season officially under way, we’ve become much more diligent about our pedicures of late. Full disclosure: We actually went completely bare for the entire winter, opting for natural buffing jobs over bright toes. But last week, pre-Coachella, we chose a neon melon shade from OPI’s Hong Kong collection called A Good Man-darin Is Hard to Find (it’s funny because it’s true—on both counts; a good orange varnish is nearly as impossible to sleuth out as a suitable significant other). And thank goodness we upped the ante; around 5 p.m. on Friday, it all paid off when we found ourselves in a pair of green patent-leather sandals standing right next to one Beyoncé Knowles, who, also clad in sandals, was showcasing a metallic burgundy pedi (her nails were completely Minx’d out). It’s a little bit of a blur, but we’re pretty sure the conversation went like this:

BC: Nice pedicure.

BK: I like yours, too.

Did you get that? Beyoncé, a.k.a Sasha Fierce, a.k.a. Mrs. Jay Z, a.k.a. the most amazing live performer of our time, said she liked OUR pedicure. Needless to say, it has inspired us to stay the brighter-than-bright course. Milani’s New Neon collection and Chanel’s summer pastels are currently on our short list, but there’s another color combo we’re dying to try that we thought we’d share with you as well. We’re calling it the Philip Lim pedicure, as it was featured backstage at Lim’s Fall show. It requires two coats of CND’s Creamy Cameo (an opaque peach) finished off with a French tip in Gold Chrome. That should really wow Ms. Knowles if and when we meet again.

Photo: Nicole Hill / Getty Images

Nail-Care Myths, Debunked


We’ve talked at length on this blog about how to rectify winter skin damage, but with glorious 70-degree temperatures poised to grace us with their presence all week, we thought we’d take a moment to discuss how to help your nails make the warm-weather transition. After months of dry, cold air, you’re likely experiencing some unsightly breakage. You may be interested to know, however, that all breakage isn’t created equal. “Most women tend to think they need a hardener for growth. But that’s a misconception,” says CND education training manager Roxanne Valinoti. “The way your nails break is a good indication of what their condition is,” she explains. “So, for example, if they snap low and come off in one piece, they’re likely dry, brittle, and in need of moisture; alternatively, if they tend to peel off with an occasional split in the corner, they are probably soft and weak and could benefit from a hardener.” Valinoti suggests daily applications of CND’s SolarOil for the former and a weekly touch-up of its Toughen Up base coat for the latter. She insists that SolarOil can be applied over polish, too; in other words, you don’t need to give your nails a polish break in order to keep them healthy. “That’s a fact, not an opinion,” says Valinoti. “Keeping nails coated actually helps seal in the moisture that they would lose from hand-washing, UV exposure, etc.” So start repairing your nails accordingly and feel free to keep your pastels, neons, and brights on constant rotation as summer quickly approaches.

Photo: Courtesy of CND

Matte Mania Continues


The matte nail trend that started at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2009 show and then ballooned into full line extensions and no-shine topcoats at the consumer level over the past year is apparently here to stay—at Wang and elsewhere. Butter London’s Nonie Creme christened the two coats of mauve Yummy Mummy followed by a mattifying layer of Nail Foundation the “Alexander Wang nail” at Pier 94 last night, noting that no matter what she mixes up for the designer pre-show, he always comes back to the no-shine nude that’s worked so well for him in the past. And it didn’t stop there. This morning at Catherine Malandrino, CND’s Jan Arnold employed a mechanical mattifying technique to nails, pressing a fiber-free pad over her Dark Ruby lacquer to create a lusterless texture reminiscent of the leather in Malandrino’s collection. Perhaps the most exciting evolution of the trend came at DKNY this afternoon, however, where Mike Potter and his Knock Out Cosmetics’ varnishes made their runway debut. Potter, who has come up with the best range of matte-finish shades on the market, in our humble opinion, painted models’ fingers in varying shades of Plaster, a tan “Band-aid” color; Concrete, a taupe-y gray; Pool, an aqua that was turned into an azure at Karan’s request; and Sher, a sherbet melon that will hit shelves next month. “Using bright colors with matte finishes gives you that saturation without all of the flashiness,” Potter said backstage. If this idea intrigues those of you who have steered clear of the matte bandwagon for the past year, it looks like you’ll have another season to contemplate getting on board.

Photo: Courtesy of Knock Out Cosmetics

The Moon Manicure, Eclipsed


Ruffian’s Brian Wolk and Claude Morais have pretty much owned the moon manicure for the past few seasons, finding a way to work the popular forties-era style into their collections no matter what their sartorial inspiration may be. To better serve their planetary theme for Fall, however, they switched things up ever so slightly. “Instead of a moon, I did an eclipse,” CND’s Roxanne Valinoti told us yesterday, explaining how she essentially turned the classic technique on its head. Starting with an opaque gold polish, Valinoti applied a layer of navy on top, so the sliver of metallic lacquer that remained visible curved toward the nail bed instead of away from it. It was far out, to say the least, and will definitely be added to our repertoire of new ways to challenge whatever poor manicurist we should happen upon next time we hit up the local nail salon.

Photo: Courtesy of CND

Green Nails, The Tao Okamoto Edition


Tao Okamoto has officially reached It model status. Forget the fact that the catwalker has been Phillip Lim’s arm candy for the past few seasons or that he had every girl who walked in his Fall 2009 show wear cropped wigs in homage to Okamoto’s signature coif. No, her “I’ve made it” moment came this month with the release of the “All Tao, All the Time” November issue of Vogue Nippon. Paris Vogue gave similar solo honors to both Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone this year, which puts Okamoto in particularly good company. The Japanese glossy features spreads from Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Søolve Sundsbø, Daniel Jackson, and Mark Segal, but we are particularly fond of photographer Glen Luchford’s work, entitled “My Colorful Furry Friend,” which shows the model in one of Fall’s biggest nail color trends. With everything from Chanel’s pale, shimmery Jade and Envy the deep moss hue from Zoya’s Truth or Dare collection to Oilslick, the blackened forest shade from CND’s new Colour & Effects line, it’s easy being green. Or at least Okamoto makes it look that way. Do you think the color is best left to professionals, or are you considering giving it a real-life test run this season?

Photo: Glen Luchford for Vogue Nippon, November 2009