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Beauty And The Beat: Warpaint’s Beauty And Fashion Battle Cry


Coachella 2011 is under way in the Indio valley, which means music lovers (and hallucinogen enthusiasts) have gathered en masse for some mind-altering fun in the sun. Due to some poor planning, we couldn’t make it out west to enjoy the musical stylings of bands like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Sleigh Bells, Animal Collective, and the Kills. We’re particularly bummed about missing Warpaint, though, L.A.’s all-girl foursome that has become something of an international phenomenon since dropping their album, The Fool, in October—their first offering since officially getting signed last year. “It’s a bit psychedelic,” bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg (pictured above, far left) says of the band’s sound, adding that it can also be “hard at times, and more aggressive.” The seemingly incongruous mix makes for quite the compelling live show, which is helped along by the fact that all four of Warpaint’s members possess that rare double threat of being both super-hot and super-talented. Put simply, these girls can rock—and they do so in relaxed, vintage duds while sporting tousled hair and the occasional bit of makeup. Here, Lindberg breaks down her special brand of “OCD” festival fashion and reveals why multivitamins are clutch for life on the road.


Being based in L.A., I’m assuming you’ve been to Coachella before. But this is your first year actually playing it. How does that feel?

I’m excited. I’ve been to Coachella many times—it’s kind of a Los Angeles festival. And we’ve been an L.A.-based band for about seven years, so it’s nice to finally be playing. Two years ago, I was on mushrooms and I was watching the Cure and crying—I had a great time. I love the Cure—I grew up listening to them. That was the one band that I had posters of all over my wall. It was really nostalgic.

Sounds like it. Are there any bands you’re psyched to see this year?

We just got off tour for a month so I haven’t decided if I’m going to stay the whole weekend. But I rented a car so I can leave when I want. I’ve never seen PJ Harvey so that could be cool. And Arcade Fire—they put on such a good live show. I’m most excited to venture into the smaller tents and listen to things I’ve never heard before.

You guys have been touring a lot recently. How does that work seeing as how it’s just girls on the bus? Do you guys share clothes and stuff?

We all just kind of get in our outfits and we end up having those clothes on for a while. There’s not really a lot of sharing. We all have our own individual style, what we like. We share makeup more than anything—like, hey, can I use your lipstick?

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Meeting Beyoncé With Our Best Foot Forward


With sandal-wearing season officially under way, we’ve become much more diligent about our pedicures of late. Full disclosure: We actually went completely bare for the entire winter, opting for natural buffing jobs over bright toes. But last week, pre-Coachella, we chose a neon melon shade from OPI’s Hong Kong collection called A Good Man-darin Is Hard to Find (it’s funny because it’s true—on both counts; a good orange varnish is nearly as impossible to sleuth out as a suitable significant other). And thank goodness we upped the ante; around 5 p.m. on Friday, it all paid off when we found ourselves in a pair of green patent-leather sandals standing right next to one Beyoncé Knowles, who, also clad in sandals, was showcasing a metallic burgundy pedi (her nails were completely Minx’d out). It’s a little bit of a blur, but we’re pretty sure the conversation went like this:

BC: Nice pedicure.

BK: I like yours, too.

Did you get that? Beyoncé, a.k.a Sasha Fierce, a.k.a. Mrs. Jay Z, a.k.a. the most amazing live performer of our time, said she liked OUR pedicure. Needless to say, it has inspired us to stay the brighter-than-bright course. Milani’s New Neon collection and Chanel’s summer pastels are currently on our short list, but there’s another color combo we’re dying to try that we thought we’d share with you as well. We’re calling it the Philip Lim pedicure, as it was featured backstage at Lim’s Fall show. It requires two coats of CND’s Creamy Cameo (an opaque peach) finished off with a French tip in Gold Chrome. That should really wow Ms. Knowles if and when we meet again.

Photo: Nicole Hill / Getty Images

Beauty And The Beat: Beach House’s Victoria Legrand


The Coachella Music and Arts Festival is officially under way here in Indio, California, and our personal tally of headbands and all things fringed has officially begun. Plans today include taking in the musical stylings of Yeasayer, Grizzly Bear, and LCD Soundsystem, followed by a hopefully rousing, late-night performance by one Jay-Z (please, oh, please, let Beyoncé be hanging out backstage). But we’re equally psyched for tomorrow, when we’ll have yet another opportunity to see Beach House, which has proven to be a particularly enjoyable experience of late (we saw them at the Bell House in Brooklyn in January. Kate Winslet; also there). The Baltimore-based band made up of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand has been touring for the past few months in support of their new album, Teen Dream. The record solidified our love for their ethereal sound, and for Legrand herself, whose serious vocal prowess, epic mane of thick brown hair, and vintage aesthetic won us over when we saw the band live back in 2008. We caught up with Legrand, who rolls into town this weekend in the middle of a whirlwind North American tour, to talk hair (obviously), “van fashion,” and why even rock stars grapple with the sensible vs. impractical shoe dilemma.

We took the liberty of checking the weather forecast for your show tomorrow, and you’re looking at full sun and 91 degrees. In situations like these, might you consider forgoing your signature hair-down-to-there and long bangs for a high ponytail—or maybe even a topknot?

No. My hair is a wild, untamable beast! I like letting it grow; my bangs grow whatever way they want and I kind of follow their rule. So side bangs, poof bangs—it’s kind of unpredictable. But I love the hot sweat. I think overheating onstage is invigorating. It’s better than being comfortable. I think being comfortable is the death of a show.

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Wearing Sunscreen’s Never Been Coola


Beauty Counter is coming to you live from the Coachella Valley today, where we’re holed up in Palm Springs waiting for festivities to get underway in Indio. If things go as planned, we’ll hopefully be running an exciting “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Essentials” post tomorrow with the front woman of one of the bands we’re most excited to see this weekend (we know, the suspense is killing you); but for now, on to the important matters at hand. It’s warm here—no, hot! The sun is out, the sky is blue, and we’re comfortably wearing our off-duty summer uniform, which includes vintage high-waisted Bongo cutoffs, a tucked-in T-shirt, and laceless plimsolls. Another summer staple we made sure to bring with us from New York was Coola sunscreen. The brand is as eco-friendly as they come: Its certified organic line of sun care products is formulated at a solar-powered lab; recycled boxes and packaging are reused whenever possible; and perhaps most importantly, everything is PABA-, paraben-, petroleum-, and phthalate-free. The products also pack a vitamin- and antioxidant-rich serum that hydrates and tightens skin while protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays. Currently on our visage is the SPF 30 Face Sunscreen with organic cucumber extracts. It smells light and fresh, goes on matte (no shiny, greasy finish), and comes in a cute aqua tub that just makes us feel happy—or maybe that’s the California sun.

Photo: Courtesy of Coola