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A New Balenciaga Fragrance? Well, It’s About Time


It’s official. RSS feeds are all abuzz this morning with the news that Coty Beauty will produce and distribute a series of fragrance lines under the Balenciaga name in a new licensing deal. Aside from a few paltry offerings, the French luxury brand hasn’t experienced any kind of mainstream perfume fame since launching its debut scent, Le Dix by Balenciaga, in 1946. But if Coty’s prestige portfolio of designer fragrance winners from Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Chloé is any indication, the Balenciaga line will be back up to speed in no time. No word yet on who will be the nose on the project—or what major celebrity will be attached to the first round of ad campaigns. (Although our money’s on Ghesquière muse Charlotte Gainsbourg. She is, after all, the Coppola to his Jacobs. You heard it here first.)

Photo: Greg Kessler