September 3 2014

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The Most Iconic Lipstick Looks of All Time



For nearly every day of the year there is a seemingly insignificant holiday—see Cheese Pizza Day, Talk Show Host Day, and Hug Your Cat Day. But today marks the arrival of one unaccredited holiday we definitely feel good about getting behind: National Lipstick Day. In celebration of our favorite magic bullet, we took a quick peek back at some of the greatest moments in lipstick of the past 100 years. Time to kiss and tell.

Punk-Rock Beauty Rewind


In anticipation of tonight’s Met Ball, many an editorial page has been devoted to the dissemination of the event’s theme: punk. What is it? What did it mean in the late seventies, when it first hit the cultural lexicon as a way to describe the loud and fast sound simultaneously surfacing in London and New York? And what does it mean today, when it’s an adjective that gets attached to pretty much everything—from eye shadow and celebrities to top-forty tunes and anything with studs, safety pins, or bondage-style accoutrements? At a base level, the word—whether applied to music, style, or general life philosophy—is rooted in the bucking of convention, of being brash, defiant, untethered and gloriously in-your-face. That said, punk’s most basic definition runs counter to conventional beauty norms. Yet the women who came to define the subculture left their mark both sonically and visually, boasting beauty signatures that we’ve taken the liberty of recounting for you below. There’s no telling whether we’ll see an homage to their tried-and-true techniques on the red carpet tonight, but here’s hoping.

Debbie Harry
The Beauty Mark: Skunked tips and powder-blue lids
Required Listening: Blondie’s “X-Offender”
If punk had a premier babe, it would be Debbie Harry. With her razor-sharp cheekbones, bleach-blonde, ink-dipped crop, killer style (the high-waisted jean and one-shoulder dress have never had a better model), and tough-girl attitude, she cut a unique figure in CBGB-era New York. And so did Blondie’s upbeat sound, which, while rooted in punk, also borrowed elements of disco, reggae, and new wave.

Kim Gordon
The Beauty Mark: Icy blonde locks
Required Listening: Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing”
A colonizer of punk experimentation, Gordon remains as influential and prolific today as she was when she first emerged on the scene with Sonic Youth, in New York, in 1981. The band’s landmark cacophonous, feedback-laced sound seemed to create a new genre in itself: art rock. Besides being Sonic Youth’s platinum-blonde, bass-playing bombshell par excellence, Gordon has also dabbled in the worlds of art, fashion design, producing, directing (she is partially responsible for The Breeders’ “Cannonball” video), and modeling; she stars as one of Hedi Slimane’s muses in the designer’s recent Saint Laurent Music Project series.

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Lip Service, With Courtney Love


Though it was mostly drawings on display last night at Courtney Love’s art exhibition And She’s Not Even Pretty, there was a certain John Galliano wedding dress (which never made it down the aisle) that had the likes of Julian Schnabel, Humberto Leon, and Eddie Borgo buzzing. While the words hand-scrawled on the white gown aren’t quite fit to print, the material with which they were written is just as noteworthy. “[It's] lipstick,” Love revealed of the aggressive sanguine pigment during a conversation that covered everything from her Jewish roots to getting noise complaints from high-profile neighbors. (While she was working on her pieces for the show, one David Bowie apparently called the police on Love for “playing Fleetwood Mac at 9 A.M.—explain that to me?!”) The scarlet letters have an equally head-scratching origin. According to the artist, she was very close to scoring the lead role in Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 hit Moulin Rouge (“Baz says this in Vanity Fair. He got in a huge amount of trouble from Nicole [Kidman's] people because directors don’t do that,” Love insisted). “When [Luhrmann] was directing [the movie], he wanted a bluer red [lipstick], so he got this blue-red from Make Up For Ever and they gave me some. I was like, Oh, fucking more reminders,” Love continued of her back stock of the brand’s Rouge Artist Intense #43 Moulin Rouge Satin Vibrant Red bullet. “The point is, I was a little drunk and I just wanted to deface it.” And so she did—both the lipstick and the gown. The double devastation is on view at Fred Torres Collaborations, 527 W. 29th St., NYC, through June 15.

Brick, In The House


As previously noted, red was the lip color for Fall 2011, turning up everywhere from Diane von Furstenberg and Giles to Gucci and Ungaro. Bright classic crimsons definitely reigned, but there was also a movement to re-embrace that grunge staple, the brick red mouth. Blame it on the nineties influence that hit the runways, bringing menswear-as-womenswear staples and slouchy silhouettes back to the forefront. The timing couldn’t be better, either, as Nirvana fans celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Seattle act’s hit album Nevermind—and we fête Courtney Love, who did as much for the off-red pout color as her late husband did for indie rock. Here, our favorite smoky scarlet picks for the season.

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Mascate
François Nars’ fall offering manages to be shine-free but not drying. Boasting a real matte finish that stays true to the nineties’ flat-pigment mandate, it can be applied without a lipliner, a boon to anyone trying to streamline their makeup bag.


Merle Norman Cosmetics Lipcolor in Glamour
A full-coverage option with a rich, creamy finish, this burnt red glides on easy and wears with only marginal shine.

$15, available November 2011. Visit for direct mail instructions.

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Amanda Seyfried’s New Look, Courtney Love’s New Scandal, And More…


Amanda Seyfried has cut off her signature blond locks in favor of a short red crop with bangs! Just kidding. The flaxen-haired actress isn’t really a flame-haired vixen, she just plays one in a new action flick co-starring Justin Timberlake. [Daily Mail]

Speaking of flaxen-haired A-listers: Kate Hudson turned heads with an ultra-glamorous side part and long golden waves at Glamour‘s Women of the Year Awards in New York, while flashbulbs went off in Nashville, where Gwyneth Paltrow sported middle-parted strands at the premiere of her new flick, Country Strong. [StyleList]

Courtney Love’s latest role? Makeup thief. The Hole front woman was recently accused of rifling through purses belonging to the female members of the band the Axis to “see if they had any makeup for her to use.” And she just told us that she was swearing off heavy cosmetics, too. [NYDN]

At 77, Joan Collins is swearing off Botox. “It frightens me,” she says of cosmetic surgery in general. “Botox, I think, is poison, I would never put it into my face.” So how does she maintain her Dynasty-era looks? Good genes and a good skincare regime. “I’m appalled at the amount of women who don’t bother to take care of their skin.” Take that, all you negligent gals out there. [Daily Mail]

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