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Kérastase Goes Long


After letting my angled bob grow out a few years ago, I’m happy to report that my hair is now long. Like, really long. So long, in fact, that people feel the need to comment on its length every chance they get. And while most of these verbalized observations are uttered in compliment, some of them have an undertone of wistfulness, as if to say, “Your hair is long. I liked it better when it was short.”

I can only imagine that these instances are the result of the same problem that plagues every woman who lets her hair grow well past her shoulders: straggly split ends and inexplicable dullness. Unless you get regular trims, which I do not, you run the risk of lengths that look haggard: lifeless, frayed, and other, similarly distasteful adjectives. It’s a common issue that prompted Kérastase to take action. The model-favorite brand that has already tackled cases of texture, volume, color, and thinning hair with its myriad specialty products has focused its energies on length with its new Cristalliste collection. Marketed toward a younger demographic, which typically prefers to keep its hair long and lovely—and which, for the record, I am disturbingly not a part of, statistically speaking, but no matter—the four-piece range is designed to keep strands clean and light at the roots and smooth, illuminated, and free-flowing through the extended ends. Working off the idea that the cuticle of long hair tends to be unevenly sealed so that it doesn’t reflect light optimally, there are two new Bain Cristal shampoos—one for long/fine hair and one for long/thick hair—the Lait Cristal, an aloe vera and essential fatty acid-rich conditioner that helps restore the hair shaft’s natural lipid structure; and the Luminous Perfecting Essence, a leave-in serum that enhances shine without an oily residue.

After a trial run, I’ve determined that my particular brand of long hair, which is a bit dry and unruly, needs a little extra moisture in the form of Kérastase’s Masquintense from its Nutritive line. But lathering with the new Bain Cristal shampoo first can’t be beat for getting a sparkle that doesn’t weigh my hair down—which is essential while it veers ever closer toward my mid-back. I may go short again come fall, but for now, my long locks need all the help they can get.

Photo: Courtesy of Kérastase