August 31 2014

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Cyndi Lauper Just Wants You To Volunteer!


Cyndi Lauper made her commitment to AIDS awareness and prevention known back in February, when she joined with Lady Gaga as MAC Cosmetics’ latest Viva Glam spokesperson. But her allegiance to the MAC AIDS Fund didn’t end at shilling lipstick—a vocation she’s quite good at, turns out. “We’ve sold 32 million,” MAC AIDS Fund executive director Nancy Mahon said of the total signed tubes of lipstick and gloss the makeup giant has parted ways with since Lauper and Gaga came on board. “People listen to Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga more than the surgeon general,” Mahon joked, pointing out that it’s the organization’s ability to combine the “viva”—the actual charitable work—and the “glam”—the Cyndi and the Gaga, if you will—that keeps the program so successful.

Earlier this week, Lauper embodied the dichotomy. Donning a hair net, she showed up at God’s Love We Deliver, a charitable organization devoted to preparing nutritious and delicious meals for people suffering from AIDS, to get people pumped about volunteering for World AIDS Day on December 1. “When you do something good for someone else, you’re doing something good for yourself,” Lauper told us. “Cyndi’s my favorite face to work with because she gets into it—and she’s a great makeup artist herself,” face painter James Kaliardos said of Lauper as he applied a fresh layer of her Cyndi Viva Glam gloss, a pretty shade of coral. “Well, I’ve been doing it since I was 13,” Lauper quipped back. “You should’ve seen the makeup I used to do when I was thirteen!” Here, Lauper talks makeup essentials, doing her part for the cause, and a forthcoming autobiography that, rest assured, we will be first in line to purchase.

So first things first. How did you get involved with Gods Love We Deliver?

I’ve given to these people. This is the first time I’ve been inside, though. They deliver to friends of mine. I can’t tell you how much it means to people. Sometimes the sick are forgotten. December 1, babe. We’re making great strides. These lipsticks—this was the biggest campaign [for MAC] ever.

Why do you think it’s so important, even in these days of AZT, for people to continue to volunteer and generate awareness?

Because it’s is still here and the numbers are rising again. And you have to be aware. AIDS is 100 percent preventable but 0 percent curable. And I’m telling you, life with AIDS sucks. If the disease don’t get you, the medicine will. And to stand by and not do anything and not say anything, uh uh. The whole thing is, happy people don’t self-destruct. And you gotta respect yourself and take care of yourself, and if you’re sad and lonely, find a place to volunteer.

Or sell a really gorgeous lipstick, 100 percent of the proceeds of which will be donated to AIDS awareness. Aside from your Cyndi lipstick, what are your other makeup essentials?

I love MAC and I love makeup and I love lipstick. I’m just sorry that I only have one face and one mouth to put it on. I love my coral Cyndi, because I’m able to mix it. I never wear just one lipstick. You gotta paint! And now that there’s the gloss, I like it even better because it pops—it deepens the color. And if you put this color on top of [MAC Lipstick in] Cyber, it has a different effect—it’s almost iridescent. I like that. It also looks great over [MAC Lipstick in] Russian Red. Lady Gaga’s color looks good over [MAC Lipstick in] Amped, depending on what kind of eye I’m going for and what my hair is like.

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Cyndi Lauper And Lady Gaga Gloss It Up


If you thought you were psyched about Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper’s Viva Glam Lipsticks for MAC Cosmetics, get a load of their new Lipglass offerings! Like their bullet-encased predecessors, the shine enhancers come in opaque pink (Gaga) and opaque coral (Cyndi), and a portion of proceeds from their sale benefits the MAC AIDS fund. Also available for your credit card-swiping pleasure are some adorable lip-shaped wristlets with enough space for both a gloss and a lipstick should you want to double up your coverage—or combine the colors; a Cyndi-Gaga music mash-up still eludes pop radio, but the makeup version is a layered application away.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

The 411: Tracie Martyn


With a client list that includes such A-listers as Madonna, Brad Pitt, and Kate Winslet, superstar facialist Tracie Martyn has scrutinized the pores of most of Hollywood. The British-born pro started out as a makeup artist who had a knack for prepping skin behind the camera. She was so good that models like Kate Moss used to drop by her Brooklyn apartment for pre-photo shoot touch-ups. Eventually, Martyn developed such a following that she retired the makeup brushes and opened up an eponymous spa in Manhattan, where she now performs her signature Resculpting Facial (a.ka. the “Red-Carpet Facial,” known for its CGI-like lifting and contouring effects) on many a bold-facer. She also has a holistic skincare range that’s (almost) as good as a private session and a sparkling new spa in Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau hotel. Here, Martyn gives us a rundown of the experts she swears by.

The pro: Tracie Martyn

Founder of Tracie Martyn Skincare.

The Summer Staple: Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser

“During the hot sticky days in New York, nothing is more refreshing. This cools the skin with lime and spearmint, and smells like walking through a forest, as my lovely client Lena Olin put it. It’s also a great multitasker since it exfoliates with green papaya extract, zaps zits with willow bark and salicylic acid, and prevents aging with stabilized vitamin C from the Amla berry.”

Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser, $65,

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“Viva Life, Viva Glam”


So said Cyndi Lauper at the MAC Viva Glam launch in London yesterday, where she was on hand with fellow VG spokesperson Lady Gaga to talk love, AIDS, and the power of lipstick. Sharon Osbourne moderated the high-tech Q&A session, which was conducted using questions submitted online from MAC’s Facebook fans and then telecast on a live stream for members of the foreign press (that’d be us) to see. As we’ve mentioned before, the campaign supports the MAC AIDS Fund, which is set up to raise awareness about the disease, which affects more and more women every day. “Sisterhood is alive and very powerful,” Lauper said in front of a crowd that included Agyness Deyn, Henry Holland, Peter Pillotto and model Suzie Bick, adding that “lipstick is being used to spread the word.” The lipstick in question, of course, is the two songstress’ respective shades from MAC’s new From Our Lips collection. Gaga gushed that her pure pink pigment was intended to be a more accessible version of MAC’s Pink Nouveau, which the pop star referred to as a “ta-da” color that always made her feel good about herself, even when she was a pre-Fame Monster waitress, wearing pants and such. “It’s a great tool for teaching young people how to empower themselves through self-expression,” she continued of her statement shade. As for Lauper’s warm coral, it was a less romantic creative collaboration. “I wanted a deep red. But they said it wouldn’t sell well. So I got this. But I’ve been working with it,” she divulged point blank. A straight-shooter, Lauper’s advice to women the world over about protecting themselves from the disease was characteristically simple and to the point: “Don’t be a knucklehead,” she said. “Use a condom; spread the word, not the disease.”

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Gaga And Cyndi Both Think Pink


Last November, we let you in on the well-guarded secret about MAC’s newest Viva Glam campaign stars, and finally, after months of embargoes, we’ve got the dish on the products they’ll actually be hawking. The From Our Lips edition of MAC’s successful charitable franchise, which donates 100 percent of the proceeds generated from the sales of limited-edition products to the MAC AIDS Fund, features two pink lipsticks—Cyndi Lauper’s rose-watermelon hue and Lady Gaga’s bubblegum pink. Both will hit stores at the end of the month and are must-have additions to that celebrity beauty shrine you’ve currently got going.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics