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Old Makeup Tricks For The New Oz, And More…


Between witches, Winkies, and Munchkins, Oz the Great and Powerful‘s head makeup artist, Howard Berger, had his work cut out for him on set—particularly when creating a look for the Wicked Witch of the West. “What was tricky was that Disney bought the rights to the books and not to the movie, so we had to walk a very fine line in our design, regarding what was in the world and universe of [director] Sam Raimi’s Oz and what we could pull from the original film, which was very, very little. [They] had even come down and said, ‘The witch can’t be green!’ ” So Berger dreamt up a solution in which he used different variations of green and yellow skin tints to make up a similar pallor while culling references from the 1930s. Face-painting trickery, at its finest. [L.A. Times]

Illamasqua has become known for its amazingly outlandish nail lacquers, and following the successful release of its rubber varnish and its speckled polish, product developer and director David Horne spills the beans on what’s up next. “I absolutely love Pink Raindrops, which is about to come out. It’s an ash-gray pink, and it’s so unusual.” [Elle]

What if you could accurately predict the way your skin will age so that you could start actively treating future problems now? A new DNA-based skincare protocol alleges that a simple swabbing might allow you to do just that. [ABC News]

Photo: Merie Weismiller Wallace SMPSP / Disney Enterprises, Inc /