August 30 2014

styledotcom In honor of the #USOpen, 19 of the greatest tennis fashion moments:

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Missoni Gets Minxed


We told you they were coming, and here—fresh off the catwalk in Milan—are a few of the custom nail overlays Minx designed for Missoni yesterday. “The base of all nails was Minxlusion and many of the Missoni patterns have a Minxlusion-esque thread running through them, so it matched the theme perfectly,” Minx co-creator Dawn Lynch-Goodwin explained of the 20 different patterns she dreamt up in a blue, yellow, and red palette. Nail guru Marian Newman presented the designs to Angela Missoni and Margherita Missoni the day before the show and after a reported love fest, the women made their selections so that the nails “interpreted” the fabrics used in the show, rather than replicated them. To help save time backstage as 18 of the 37 models were running late from a previous show, Newman and her team actually applied some of the appliqués onto nails as the girls stood in line to hit the runway! Anything in the name of perfectly pro tips. Which is your favorite?

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Minx X Missoni And McQueen, A Preview


After making a huge splash in New York during Fashion’s Night Out with the introduction of its highly successful collaboration with Marc by Marc Jacobs, Minx—like the rest of the fashion pack—has moved its creative team to Europe for a select list of shows. We had the pleasure of catching up with founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and their go-to manicurist, Marian Newman, backstage at David Koma this week, where they were busy Minxing (it’s an adjective now; get into it) models with a selection of 20 different pastel nail overlays topped with a clear tip that had been emblazoned with a white, dévoré tribal pattern. “That’s the unifying part,” Newman said of the acrylic crystalline print. It won’t be their last experimentation with exotic prints for Spring, either. “We’re doing Missoni for the first time this season—it’s a whole new design direction for them,” Newman said, alluding to the fact that Jordan and Lynch-Goodwin have been hard at work on a series of Minx that pays homage to the Italian house’s rich history with prints for its presentation on Sunday. “It’ll be their interpretation of those prints, of course,” Newman continued of the process that goes into creating a series of nail designs for each show once inspiration ideas come in from designers. “For McQueen, they gave me four words for references, and Dawn and Janice are reinterpreting those words with nails. We’re really excited about that show.” Us too.

Photo: Becky Manes

Eye Candy, Backstage At Gareth Pugh


Seeing as how Alex Box has already proved that her face-painting skills will not be confined to two dimensions, the makeup artist’s avant-garde experiment backstage at Gareth Pugh seemed perfectly par for the course. “Religious iconography” is how Box described the inspiration for the gold and blue laser-cut eye patches that she made for the occasion using a “bespoke retro-reflective fabric that turns pure white when hit with a bright light”—like, say, a barrage of flashbulbs. With statement-making lids playing such a large part in the overall look, Box’s handiwork called for little else save for MAC Clear Brow Set to groom arches and its clear Lip Glass, which she applied to the tops of cheeks for a shiny highlight.

What it did mandate, however, were killer nails, courtesy of Minx. Working off of a waxy blue fabric supplied by Pugh’s stylist, Katie Shillingford, Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin collaborated with U.K.-based nail artist Marian Newman on a custom design for the show. Adhesive overlays featuring a blue canvas with gold foil framing around the base and on either side of the nail added that extra bit of inventive artiness that has become synonymous with Pugh’s presentations, finished off with similar gilding placed underneath fingertips. So far, the Paris shows have put the brakes on the manicure mania that has swept New York and London for the past two seasons. Here’s hoping this gets things rolling.

Photo: Becky Maynes / Courtesy of Minx