August 20 2014

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Mother Knows Best


Mothers may occasionally drive us batty (and can be more critical of our wardrobe choices than anyone else in our lives), but they tend to also be a pretty wise bunch—particularly when it comes to beauty matters. With Mother’s Day right around the corner (put your flower orders in now), we asked some of our favorite beauty insiders to share the wisdom, tips, tricks, and secrets their own maternal figures have passed along to them. The overlying advice? When in doubt, D.I.Y.

Pati Dubroff, Clarins celebrity beauty artist

“My mother always taught me not to forget the neck, the skin behind the ears and the chest when applying masks, face creams, even eye creams. Anything left on the fingertips goes beyond the face. Recently an actress who is my same age remarked that my neck was ‘holding up well,’ and I’m sure it’s a result of this practice.”

François Nars, founder of NARS Cosmetics

“Blush is one of my favorite products and it’s because my mother used to be so fond of it. She would never leave the house without it. And if she ever didn’t have blush on, she would pinch her cheeks. It always made her feel better.”

Alexandra Balahoutis, founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes

“My mother introduced me to authentic Turkish rosewater. She would always make sure I had a bottle and encouraged me to mist it on my face and hair. I don’t know if she even knew of the powerful antiaging components of rose, but I still use rosewater every day. And my great grandmother who lived to be 104 always told me to wash my face with buttermilk.”

Cynthia Chua, founder of Strip Ministry of Waxing

“One of the best things [my mom] has taught me is this wonderful remedy of myrrh oil for a mouth abrasion, which always works almost instantaneously. She also taught me to drink a glass of hot water infused with lemon first thing every morning to aid your liver in flushing out unwanted toxins from your body.”

Vincent Longo, makeup artist and founder of Vincent Longo cosmetics

“My grandmother always had the most beautiful-looking skin and gorgeous silver hair; it was long down to her buttocks and she would keep it braided and wrapped perfectly around her head. I remember how every morning before braiding it she would wash it and then comb a little almond oil through. She would then take an extra dab of almond oil and rub it over her face. To this day it’s my favorite product for my hair and skin and one of the only ones I always use!”

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Deborah Lippmann Is Walking On Sunshine


If black is synonymous with elegance, and red with allure, then yellow—in all its cheerfully named incarnations, from daffodil to canary—could be considered the visual equivalent of happiness. The sunny color may have an emotionally uplifting effect, but it also happens to be one of the hardest to pull off, managing to extract the most unflattering shades from a variety of complexions. With the release of her latest lacquer, Yellow Brick Road, Deborah Lippmann may have solved beauty’s yellow conundrum—for nails, at least. If the polish looks familiar, that’s because Lady Gaga happened to be rocking it when she hatched from that Hussein Chalayan-designed egg during her Grammy performance of “Born this Way”—fitting, considering Lippmann’s varnish is the perfect shade of sheer yolk yellow. It’s not just perfect in the bottle, either; the happy hue flatters a plethora of skin tones. This is one road we plan on skipping down all summer long.

Available April 15, $16, at Barneys New York and

Photo: Courtesy of Lippmann Collection

Karlie Kloss Talks Lacquer Love


Karlie Kloss is probably best known for those brow-tastic Marc Jacobs campaigns and her impressive stature. At 5′ 11″, the Midwesterner towers over many of her cohorts, kicking her long legs out in front of her body for one of the most mind-boggling walks in the biz. Believe it or not, Kloss is also one hell of a good hand model. “I love nail polish,” Kloss revealed to us backstage at Donna Karan yesterday, where we snapped her in Deborah Lippmann’s Shape of My Heart, an opaque pastel pink lacquer, only a few short hours after she was spotted showcasing CND’s Dark Ruby at Carolina Herrera. “I love a bright red,” she said of her color of choice—”like an obnoxiously bright red. It’s like red lipstick; no matter what you’re wearing it makes you feel like Jerry Hall!” Kloss’ crimson wishes came true this morning at Rodarte’s prairie girls-inspired show, where Lippmann made a repeat appearance toting Jessica Rabbit, a scarlet sequins varnish that only Kloss and Kansas-born Lindsey Wixson were treated to. When we asked Kloss about her thoughts on nails’ newfound importance on the runway, she gushed. “It’s genius. It makes so much more of a statement than plain polish.” Her favorite ten-piece statement so far? CND’s deep bordeaux manis with extended gold smile lines at Jason Wu. “I saved them!”

Five Days Of Glitter: Part Five


Glitter nail polish is one form of the sparkly stuff that everyone, no matter how conservative their beauty tendencies may be, can—and should—get behind. It’s glitter for the people, if you will, and it’s had plenty of moments in the fashion spotlight this year: During the Spring 2011 shows, fingertips at House of Holland, The Blonds, and Topshop Unique were noticeably sparkle-dipped. As you already know, here at Beauty Counter, we believe you can never have too much polish in your repertoire, so I put three glittering new varieties to the test for my final day of this shiny, shimmery experiment.

The Glitter: Lippmann Collection Boom Boom Pow, Revlon Copper Penny, and Mattesé Elite Nutty Hat Guy.

The Application: Easy. Revlon’s Copper Penny is more metallic than glittery, but we couldn’t resist including the rich bronze lacquer with minuscule bits of shimmer. One coat is gorgeous, two feels almost Minx-like. Lippmann Collection’s Boom Boom Pow was inspired by a shoot Deborah Lippmann did with Kate Moss, which gives the polish immediate street cred. Gold glitter and perfectly circular paillettes swim in a clear base; it’s incredibly chic against a clean, bare nail. Finally there’s Mattesé’s Nutty Hat Guy, a whimsical rainbow-colored glitter that is, as its hilarious name implies, a party in a bottle. Much like Boom Boom Pow, it’s beautiful alone, but also adds extra dazzle to a red or fuchsia polish.

The Upside: It’s pretty much impossible to glance at sparkly nails and not smile; glittery fingertips equal fun. The fact that two of the three polishes can be layered over lacquers you already own and love is a major bonus.

The Downside: As delightfully dazzling as they look on the nails, removing glitter polish can sometimes feel akin to rubbing gravel. Instead of tissue or a cotton ball, use a more durable polish pad, like Cutex Essential Care One Step Nail Polish Remover Pads.

The Final Word: Would it be too much to encourage you to buy them all? Because you should.

Photo: Courtesy of; Courtesy of Revlon; Courtesy of Mattesé; Courtesu of Lippmann Collection

First Look: Deborah Lippmann’s Spring Splurge


Lacquer lovers that we are, we’ve come to look forward to a Deborah Lippmann sighting backstage at the shows. Last season at Zac Posen, we got to preview Supermodel, her bright red jelly polish, and sure enough, she turned up at Donna Karan yesterday, with a handful of new polishes in tow. While painting girls’ tips with Believe, a gold/silver metallic color that she created for a Cher tour a few years back, Lippmann produced another square glass bottle for our perusal. “Glitter in the Air,” she said, revealing the name of the sheer baby blue varnish with salmon and blue glitter flecks embedded in every stroke that will be part of her Spring 2011 collection. Lippmann wouldn’t tell us where the polish would make its runway debut, but we found out bright and early this morning when we spied it backstage at Badgley Mischka layered over Fashion, a creamy opaque mocha. Here, for your first viewing pleasure, yet another must-have for spring. Start planning your weekly manicures now.