April 20 2014

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“The Netflix Of Nail Polish” Has Arrived; Oprah: The Organic Beauty Line?; And More…


The nail industry is still booming. Need proof? Meet Lacquerous: the Netflix of nail polish. For $18 a month, the membership-only service will allow you to rent three different varnishes in over 70 different shades from a myriad of brands for 30 days. Then you just pop them into a box with a prepaid mailing label, send them off, and expect a new shipment a few days later. Also worth noting: In this beauty-centric adaptation of the mail-in movie model, the word “queue” has been replaced by the term “lust list.” [Time]

Demi Moore’s first fragrance foray with Helena Rubinstein circa 2009 is currently discontinued, but that hasn’t stopped the 50-year-old from giving it another go. The former Mrs. Kutcher has apparently just launched the ylang-ylang, jasmine sambac, and sandalwood eau, More by Demi, with Swedish cosmetics giant Oriflame. [The Scented Salamander]

Watch out, green beauty industry. Oprah Winfrey has apparently filed a few different applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to launch a series of organic goods under the name “Oprah’s Organics,” “Oprah’s Farm,” or “Oprah’s Harvest”—soaps, bath oils, and skincare and hair-care products included. [Forbes]

In the latest episode of “as the celebrity hair-color wheel turns,” Dakota Fanning made her first big red-carpet appearance with her newly dyed brunette locks, and Snooki has gone a shade of fire-engine red. Ah, the intrigue. [Just Jared and Us]

Photo: Ben Rose/WireImag

Demi Moore For Helena Rubinstein—Or Is It?; Courteney Cox On Aging In Hollywood; And More…


Demi Moore is the latest victim of an overly airbrushed celebrity-fronted beauty campaign. The European cosmetics brand Helena Rubinstein has made Moore look nearly unrecognizable in its latest ads. [Daily Mail]

Every time Courteney Cox appears in a promo for her TV series Cougar Town, it is abundantly clear that she takes a pro stance on Botox. But the former Friends star is also plenty happy to verbalize her reliance on antiaging wonder drugs: “Getting older isn’t easy for anybody. Especially here in Los Angeles. So let’s be clear: looking youthful is something I do a lot of research on…If someone says, ‘You should try apple stem cells,’ guess who’ll be putting them on her face the next day?” [Telegraph]

Forget the lipstick index. Hair salon visits are now being used as an economic indicator, as a rise in appointments over the last year seems to be signaling an upturn in the nation’s financial forecast. [L.A. Times]

The long-held belief that brains trump beauty in the workplace has a received a big setback as new research claims that physical attractiveness provides a huge boost in the job application process. When a photograph accompanies a job application, attractive job candidates get called back 36 percent more often than unattractive ones, the study finds. [WSJ]

Jaime King is the latest actress to embrace dip-dyeing, the hair color trend that just won’t die. The typically blonde actress has gone a shade of ombré blue. [Us]

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Demi, Exposed


It’s a rare occasion when Demi Moore ties back her long, lustrous raven locks, so when she does, people take notice—or maybe it’s just us, since we’re marginally obsessed with the 48-year-old’s beauty habits (she still looks so good!). At the 13th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards last night in L.A., Moore opted for a French braid, which started at her hairline, cascaded around the side of her head, and sloped past her neck, where it joined with the lengths in an intricate, side-slung fishtail. The youthful style certainly opened up her face more, which we’re convinced she deliberately tries to cover with those aforementioned back-grazing strands to avoid the did-she-or-didn’t-she Botox commentary that frequently plagues women of her age (especially those who happen to have super-babe status). But with minimal makeup and everything in plain view, we’re of the mind that Moore looks simply—and naturally—gorgeous. And you?

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Anne Hathaway’s Not-So-Short Story, Revealing TwitPics From Demi, And More…


We’ve been had: The new pixie cut Anne Hathaway’s been sporting around town is not in fact a crop at all; it’s a wig—and a damn good one, too! [Daily Mail]

More proof that the “Bieber” is on the rise: New statistics from the popular hair straightener company GHD reveal that 20% of its online customers are now men. That’s good news for those of you tired of sharing your styling tools with your frizzy-haired s.o. [Telegraph]

Matthew McConaughey may be best known for his perpetually shirtless abs (and his stand-out performance in Dazed and Confused, of course), but the buff Texan isn’t flawless enough to escape the invisible hand of digital airbrushing—or so his new ads for Dolce & Gabbana’s The One Gentleman fragrance suggest. Let the record show that his post-stroke, creepily smooth facial expression does not make us want to buy cologne. [Huff Po]

Note to Demi Moore: Please stop posting nearly naked pictures of yourself on Twitter. We get it. You’re over 40 and still toned. The visuals are starting to get weird. [Stylelist]

Nautical nails, anyone? Here’s a step-by-step guide for festive tips that’ll make you a hit at your Labor Day barbecue. [Grazia]


The Couple That Cleanses Together, Stays Together; And More…


Ashton and Demi are on day two of the Master Cleanse, and it’s apparently “better than the 1st,” Mrs. Kutcher recently tweeted. As with Jessica Simpson’s recent Twitter admission to shocking her system with a vegan diet, the Kutchers’ lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup diet has nothing to do with weight management, and everything to do with health. Whatever it takes to keep those fires of marital passion ablaze, we guess. [OK! Magazine]

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is a natural blonde who started dyeing her hair that signature fiery shade of red when she was 10 because she wanted to look like Anne of Green Gables. Now you know. [NYDN]

Even if you don’t buy into aromatherapy, a new finding may entice you to suspend your disbelief: According to researchers, a deep, long whiff of jasmine can mimic the effect of Valium. And so dawns the day of floral sedatives. [Day Press News]

Amy Strozzi, Sarah Palin’s makeup artist from the 2008 campaign circuit, has been nominated for an Emmy—for the show So You Think You Can Dance, not for any recent Palin appearances. Although she sure did earn that sizable paycheck from the GOP in the Palin vs. Biden vice presidential debate showdown. (Strozzi loves her some bronzer.) [CNN]

Photo: Sara De Boer / Startraks Photo