September 3 2014

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The Couple That Cleanses Together, Stays Together; And More…


Ashton and Demi are on day two of the Master Cleanse, and it’s apparently “better than the 1st,” Mrs. Kutcher recently tweeted. As with Jessica Simpson’s recent Twitter admission to shocking her system with a vegan diet, the Kutchers’ lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup diet has nothing to do with weight management, and everything to do with health. Whatever it takes to keep those fires of marital passion ablaze, we guess. [OK! Magazine]

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is a natural blonde who started dyeing her hair that signature fiery shade of red when she was 10 because she wanted to look like Anne of Green Gables. Now you know. [NYDN]

Even if you don’t buy into aromatherapy, a new finding may entice you to suspend your disbelief: According to researchers, a deep, long whiff of jasmine can mimic the effect of Valium. And so dawns the day of floral sedatives. [Day Press News]

Amy Strozzi, Sarah Palin’s makeup artist from the 2008 campaign circuit, has been nominated for an Emmy—for the show So You Think You Can Dance, not for any recent Palin appearances. Although she sure did earn that sizable paycheck from the GOP in the Palin vs. Biden vice presidential debate showdown. (Strozzi loves her some bronzer.) [CNN]

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Get Marilyn’s No. 5; Dixie Carter, R.I.P.; And More…


Marilyn Monroe aficionados, ready your credit cards. Some choice MM memorabilia will go on the block at the Hollywood Legends auction at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas come June, including her personal bottle of Chanel No. 5. Ma-jor. [AP]

Jessica Simpson has cut off all of her hair—or has she? Using Kim Kardashian’s frequent the-joke’s-on-you Twitter posts about “new” bobs and shags as precedent, we’re gonna bet that’s a wig (and that it was likely designed by Ken Paves). [Us Weekly];

After revealing last week that finally becoming comfortable in her own skin is the secret to her bangin’ bod, Demi Moore is now indulging us with her secrets to staying youthful, namely “laughter and smiling.” Odd, then, that her smile lines are nearly undetectable, no? [Huff Po]

R.I.P., Dixie Carter. We will always love her for her big hair and boxy-shouldered power suits on Designing Women, but today many women the world over remembered her contribution to the fitness world with her Unworkout videos that poked fun at the militant aerobicizing celebrities of the 1980′s and encouraged women to just relax and have fun. We leave you with this link to Carter doing yoga in silk pajamas and her famous parting words: “You will never alter drapes in Atlanta again, because you do not cross a Sugarbaker woman!” [Examiner]

Photo: John Spellman / Retna

Jessica Sheds The Makeup, Jennifer Sheds The Pounds, And More…


While lowering cancer risks seems like a good reason for the health care reform bill’s 10 percent indoor tanning tax, there is a downside: Women own 67 percent of indoor tanning businesses, and the tax could lead to more than 1,000 business closures, resulting in 9,000 lost jobs. Insiders are calling it a “for-profit industrial genocide” brought on by powerful lobbyists for Botox. You can bet that a committee is being formed to fight the power; oh yes, it is. [Stylelist]

With her new VH1 series The Price of Beauty in full swing, Jessica Simpson is taking her “love me for who I am” mission a step further by going PhotoShop- and makeup-free on the cover of the latest issue of Marie Claire. And you know what? She looks good—smile lines and all! [EW]

“Does being thin resolve anything? No. At the end of the day, this kind of obsession is pointless and meaningless,” Demi Moore said in a recent interview, claiming that only when she stopped trying to control her body did she get the body she’d always wanted. Is that how she landed Ashton, too? [Daily Mail]

Exercise, meanwhile, was Jennifer Hudson’s route to attaining the body she’d always wanted. The recently named Weight Watchers spokesperson and born-again exercise fan relies on a 25-minute circuit-training routine of cardio, lunges, shoulder presses, and ab exercises five days a week to get to the point where she can “bounce quarters off of her butt.” [People]

Photo: Amanda Schwab/

Demi, Sans Art Department; Redford Goes Red; And More…


Julia Roberts’ Lancôme spokesperson deal was sealed this week, as the actress made her way to Paris for a dinner and press conference to celebrate her global ambassador title. Word on the street is, she’ll be hawking the brand’s Définicils Precious Cells Mascara, with an ad campaign shot by Mario Testino to appear stateside in the summer. [WWD]

What better way to quell any retouching image rumors than to have your husband post similarly posed and styled pictures on his twitter account—using his Nikon Coolpix camera, most likely—for the world to see? Demi and Ashton: a match made in tweeting heaven. [The Cut]

A new survey suggests that your boyfriend is probably using your mascara, tweezers, and self-tanner, no matter how much he tries to deny it. The couple that primps together, stays together. [Telegraph]

So we can only assume, then, that Robert Redford borrowed that bottle of red hair dye from his wife. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Peter Kramer / AP Photo

Sophia Loren Swears By Carbs, Beauties Can Be Beasts, And More…


If you saw Sophia Loren on the red carpet last weekend, you were likely thinking, “Hot damn, she looks good.” The 75-year-old reportedly attributes her everlasting beauty to “a love of life, spaghetti, and the odd bath in virgin olive oil.” We predict a spike in Bertolli’s stock in the near future. [Celebrity Health Fitness]

Speaking of evading the physical signs of aging, Demi Moore was a red-carpet no-show on Sunday night. Apparently, even celebrities have motivation-destroying bad hair days. [Radar Online]

We’ve heard of counterfeit designer fragrances, but tainted black-market weight-loss drugs? As if we don’t have enough things to worry about. [Business Week]

Women who believe they are good-looking are more likely to respond angrily in disputes, a new study shows. But the combination of a hot temper and a sense of entitlement seems to pay off; the same women also proved better at resolving situations in their favor. [BBC]

Looks like the Tan Tax won’t be the only stumbling block for the Indoor Tanning Association come Spring. In March, the FDA’s scientific advisers will open a public hearing to explore stricter tanning-bed regulations in America, both by providing stiffer visible warnings and reclassifying them as more carcinogenic to allow for further measures. Spring-breakers may be a little more pasty this year when they take over the Caribbean. [Huff Po]

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