August 21 2014

styledotcom .@VanityFair looks at celeb style transformation from off-duty to red carpet:

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Demi Moore Wants You!


Demi Moore is hip and now. As any avid tweeter knows, Mrs. Kutcher loves her some Twitter and is just as active on her Facebook page. With her All You’ve Ever Wanted fragrance now on counters, she’s combining a newfound passion for perfume with her social-media know-how in an attempt to “bring a little more happiness into the world”: Just in time for the holiday season, Moore is giving her fans a chance to interact with her on a more personal level. Her format of choice? Video, of course. She wants to know what you really want in a man so she can help you feel more wanted as a woman. (Are you following the word play?) Click here for instructions on how to send Moore your film vignette, and if you need a little inspiration, watch her example above. Spoiler alert: What she really wants is Ashton Kutcher—and some indie-pop music cred. Yes, that’s Owl City’s number one single, “Fireflies,” in the background—a direct Postal Service rip-off, if you ask us, but it seems to be popular with the digital generation. (Like we said, hip and now.)

“Gingerism” Is At A High; Did They Do Demi Or Didn’t They? And More…


Redhead discrimination is on the rise. Blondes will get their comeuppance. Oh, yes. They will. [Bella Sugar]

As if being categorized as “apple shaped” isn’t bad enough, women with broader waists than hips are reportedly twice as likely to develop dementia when they got older. Now you can legitimately say, “Too much pumpkin pie makes me crazy!” as the rich dessert circulates the table tomorrow. [Daily Mail]

Speaking of exerting self-control at Thanksgiving dinner, don’t try to starve yourself; just use a smaller plate. [Washington Post]

The Demi Moore-in-W airbrush scandal has reached conspiracy theory heights, although we’re not entirely convinced. We’ve met her. She’s tiny. End of story. [The Cut]

A pillowcase that boosts the efficacy of the products you put on before bed? Getting your beauty sleep just got way easier. [L.A. Times]

Hormone shifts can apparently change your hair texture. You could get the curly hair of your dreams yet! [NYT]

There was a near case of toenail-polish doppelganging at a screening of A Passion for Giving last night. Don’t worry, don’t worry. We said a near case. [Observer]

Photo: Mark Von Holden/Wire Image

Lady Gaga, In The Flesh; Demi Moore, Face Painter; And More…


We’re puzzled by the recent blogosphere buzz concerning Lady Gaga’s “bare-faced” appearance on German talk show Wetten, Dass…? over the weekend. Sure, the sunglasses and lace veil are conspicuously missing, but we detect plenty of foundation, eye and lip liner, and false lashes in the circulating pics. [NY Daily News]

First fragrance, now makeup? The rumor mill is working overtime for Demi Moore. [Times of India]

Drink your chocolate milk. A new study suggests that regular consumption of skim milk with flavonoid-rich cocoa may have similar heart-healthy effects as red wine. Mmmm. [NYT]

One salon’s answer to the declining job market means free haircuts for the unemployed. Book an appointment before your next interview. [NYT]

In other looking-your-best-even-in-hard-times news, makeup sales continue to rise. Long live the statement lip! [Daily Mail]

Photo: RONNY HARTMANN/AFP/Getty Images

Fragrance’s Night Out


It’s official: The lavish party has replaced the casual luncheon for perfume launches. Last month, Dior fêted the tenth anniversary of its J’Adore fragrance at the Boom Boom Room, and last night, two of Fall’s biggest flacons made after-dark debuts. First up, the Monkey Bar, where Helena Rubinstein celebrated the arrival of its first scent since the early eighties. All You’ve Ever Wanted, which hits shelves at Macy’s this weekend, is inspired by a woman who is “passionate, entrancing, seductive, and in control.” Naturally, Demi Moore is its spokesperson. Clad in a gray sleeveless onesie and fur-trimmed cropped leather jacket, Mrs. Kutcher talked briefly about the magnolia, iris, and cedar scent before being whisked off to Yankees Stadium for Game 2 of the World Series. That was our cue to head downtown to the Angel Orensanz Foundation, where YSL had staged a large-scale masquerade ball to usher in its new eau, Parisienne. Kate Moss, who fronts the campaign for the damask rose, violet, peony, and vetiver scent, was sadly not in attendance, but a ballroom full of masked revelers made up for her absence. Parisienne also boasts what its perfumers have dubbed a “vinyl accord,” which is intended to evoke the idea of gloss, varnish, or metal—and spinning records, one might assume. Fittingly, the MisShapes climbed behind the decks and turned the party out.

MAC Preps For The Big Dance, Shock Your Way To Perfect Skin, And More…


MAC Cosmetics has signed on for backstage duty at 86 shows for the upcoming Spring 2010 season, which means its pro beauty team is busy at work trying hundreds of different product combinations to pitch at designer meetings before the catwalk processions begin. “We put so much on that by the end of the day we end up leaving looking like drag queens,” they report. This is the stuff future retail dreams are made of. [The Cut]

Note to fans of the facial filler: Injections might not be the only way to increase your skin’s volume. Working out your facial muscles with a hefty dose of electronic stimulation (electro-stim) from at-home kits can be just as effective. Dosing yourself with microcurrents may sound a little masochistic, but alas, the quest for eternal youth lives on. [Daily Mail]

Estée Lauder has unveiled a new travel retailing center at the Frankfurt Airport to showcase makeup and fragrance offerings from La Mer, Jo Malone, and Bobbi Brown, where customers can experience the art of fragrance combining as well as stop at individual makeup stations for pre-/post-flight touch-ups. Looking wunderbar at the baggage claim just got a little easier. [Moodie Report]

In the new issue of French Marie Claire, Demi Moore vehemently denies that she has ever had plastic surgery. To which we say: questionable. Then again, maybe marrying a man who is 16 years your junior really does work better than the aforementioned injections and electro-stim at keeping you looking young. [Telegraph]

Photo: Greg Kessler