August 28 2014

styledotcom Catherine Bellis' ponytail looks a lot like the one we saw at Valentino. Here's how to get it:

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Go Pop


32-effervescent-breath-treatmentMankind has waited with bated breath for a convenient solution to a less-than-fresh mouth since the time of togas and too much kykeon (an ancient Greek beverage so potent, notes Theophrastus in his book The Characters, that the smell of anyone who drank it disrupted the Assembly). And even now, an arsenal of Altoids will only mask that cappuccino you had before a big meeting with your boss. Enter Dr. Thomas P. Connelly’s 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment, a carbonated, sugar-free crystal compound that fizzes like Pop Rocks when it hits your tongue. The zinc and IsoVoxy molecules in this novel peppermint-flavored formula attack the sulfur produced by bacteria in your mouth and form new, odorless compounds for up to four hours. “There are mints, gums, and sprays that temporarily cover the smell of bad breath, but nothing that changes the chemistry of it,” says the Upper East Side dentist and creator. Why the popping delivery system? you ask: The tiny explosions create saliva that distributes the active ingredients. New flavors—like Honey Mint, Spearmint, and Lemon Mint—will be available in the coming weeks, on the brand’s Web site and QVC. Go ahead—breathe easy.

Photo: Courtesy of 32 Oral Care

Open Wide And Say “Mouth Facial”


There is a magical place on the Upper East Side where Chinese acupressure and an all-organic mineral “gum mask” are considered part of a teeth cleaning—the same wince-inducing procedure that typically evokes memories of bad fluorescent lighting and Styrofoam fluoride trays that are their own special brand of torture. Calling this advancement in dentistry the “rejuvenation mouth facial,” Dr. Gerald P. Curatola has made it, dare we say, enjoyable to go to the dentist (the swivel flat-screen TVs, digital cable, and iTunes selection in his pristine treatment rooms don’t hurt his cause, either). After removing all plaque and gently scaling the teeth, an antioxidant-rich organic cleansing paste treats gums. The pièce de résistance of the whole treatment is, of course, the massage, in which a trained aesthetician works on specific pressure points using a blend of essential oils to relax, detoxify, and soothe the muscles around the jaw. While the good doctor says the mouth facial “promotes a healthy oral immune system,” we like it for the woozy bliss and lavender-scented glow on your skin as you float out the door onto Park Avenue. No post-office-visit lollipop needed to sweeten this deal.

Photo: Robert W. Kelley / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images