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Kruger Vs. Lively In An Eyeliner Showdown


At last night’s Chanel Fine Jewelry Fête d’Hiver benefit in New York, black and navy were the evening’s big colors, with similarly dark shades of eyeliner also getting a lot of play. If you can focus your attention beyond the ginormous diamond-encrusted camellia around Blake Lively’s neck, how do you like the liner on the inner rims of her eyes with mascara on both the top and bottom lash lines? Do you prefer Diane Kruger’s full brow and softer top-lid-only liner with mauve-y shadow pulled underneath the lower lashes for a touch of subtle smoke? Let us know below.

Photo: Neilson Barnard /Getty Images; Mark Von Holden /WireImage

Diane Kruger Can Do No Wrong


We’ve rhapsodized about her chameleonlike beauty proclivities, but even when Diane Kruger sticks to the basics, we can’t help taking notice. At last night’s New York screening of Inglourious Basterds, Kruger paired a perfectly painted matte lip in a shade of blue-toned red with thick, defined brows and a messy updo. Blond hair plus scarlet lips and dark brows always manages to remind me of my favorite Madonna era, so I’m a fan. What do you think?

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

Angelina Goes Barefaced And Biker-Chic


After Angelina Jolie pulled out that stunning red lip to support Brad Pitt at the Inglourious Basterds premiere at Cannes, we couldn’t wait to see what else she had in store for the press junket. Sadly, the mother of six has been M.I.A. for most of its tour—other commitments, no doubt. But she showed up last night for the L.A. screening, almost completely sans makeup. A little black shadow smudged around the outer corners of her eyes, some mascara, and a touch of gloss-coated liner was all she felt necessary to accessorize her silhouette-hugging, black leather strapless Michael Kors number. And yet, she still dominated the red carpet. (Sorry, Diane Kruger.)

Photo: Jordan Strauss / Film Magic

Diane Kruger’s Nocturnal Transition


Diane Kruger has become something of a master at changing up her look from photo call to film premiere since the press junket for Inglourious Basterds began way back in May at Cannes. Her appearance yesterday in Germany proved no exception, as the actress took a taupe-y mauve smoky eye from day to night, pinning her soft beach waves into a sleek forties-era style and slapping on a deep berry lip for a complete day-to-night transformation. Which look do you prefer?

Photo: Anita Bugge / Wire Image

Diane Kruger, Dressed Down


Usually a proponent of sleeker side-swept looks, Diane Kruger embraced her softer side at a photo call for Inglourious Basterds in Cannes today with an interesting mélange of braids that seems to start with the plain French technique and segue into a fishtail. Very natural makeup complemented the daytime style, which we kind of like but also find almost too deliberately sloppy—this is Cannes, after all. You?

Photo: Adam Gault / Getty Images