August 23 2014

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Yadim’s Holiday Makeup Three-Fer


For makeup artist Yadim (no last name needed), there’s nothing worse than lack of imagination or fear of experimentation. A longtime student of Pat McGrath’s backstage beauty school, Yadim has been making waves in the makeup world on his own over the past few seasons with his avant-garde, anything-but-ordinary beauty mantra. He’s applied gold sequins to Tao Okamoto for Vogue China, paid homage to fashion illustrator René Gruau for Dazed and Confused and gave Carol Lim and Humberto Leon’s model brigade “slightly rave, modern, and graphic” cat-eyes in a series of bright colors for the Spring Kenzo show in Paris.To put it bluntly, Yadim likes to take risks, which is likely what attracted the good folks at Christian Dior, who recently named the maverick its international makeup designer. Here, caught up with the artist to chat holiday looks that go beyond predictable red lips and black shadow—and will certainly make a statement at your next holiday party.

Look 1: Lash Out
“When I think of holiday and Christmas the usual look is a red lip and a subtle smoky eye. A way to make that look fresh is by adding a new element into what we already know, taking it to the next level. For me, that’s a lash. Playing with adornments and bejeweling the eye is a great holiday look, and it can be paired with a bold or nude lip. I love the new Swarovski-encrusted lashes in Dior’s Grand Bal collection. My advice for applying a fake lash—and even I have trouble sometimes—is to apply the adhesive to the faux lash and press it onto your eye. Then, remove it and wait a good 30 seconds until it’s tacky, then push it back on again. You’ll find it really stays. It’s also a good idea to have a mirror in front of you on a low table. That way you’re looking down so it’s easier to apply the lash.”

Look 2: Makeup in the Third Dimension
“I think three-dimensional makeup is something a lot of women are scared of, but they shouldn’t be! I don’t believe in rules, and I think the most important thing is to try new looks. The holidays are a good time to step outside of your comfort zone. The three-dimensional look in particular is something you can push during the festive season, just like my shoot with Tao [Okamoto]. You can buy Swarovski crystals or paillettes—or anything really—from a trimmings store, and apply them around your eyes. I like to use DUO; it’s actually what I apply fake lashes with. And if you don’t want to apply sparkly things to your face, you can put them on your nails. Another look I love is a golden nude face—try Make Up Forever Glitter in Sand Gold on the eyes—and a really bold pop of color on the nail with some trimmings attached.”

Look 3: Wet ‘n’ Wild
“Another look I think is beautiful for holiday is a really strong, smoky, shimmery eye, but with a wet, emollient finish. Using a pencil, line the inside waterline on your lower lashes and over your upper lash line. Apply it thick, and then use your finger—or a pencil if you prefer—to really smoke it out. Next, follow with a shadow such as Dior 5 Color Eye Shadow in Night Golds, and finish by layering with another metallic shadow, so the look is really strong. To make it really rock ‘n’ roll, dab some Aquaphor or lip gloss to the center of the eyelid. A lot of women are afraid of using an emollient on the eye because it creases, but that just makes it sexier.”

Photo: Lachlan Bailey for Vogue China, December 2012; Courtesy of Dior Beauty; Courtesy of Duo

The Nude Nail Review


“This is the strongest nail trend I have encountered in my 50 years of doing shows,” nail superstar Marian Newman told us backstage at Mary Katrantzou, where yet another incarnation of Spring’s preference for nude lacquers was taking shape. Newman was not exaggerating. With a few notable exceptions (see Pugh, Gareth and Som, Peter), tips were uniformly painted with a multitude of beige varnishes from New York to Paris, signaling what looks to be an end to the manicure mania that’s taken hold of the beauty industry over the past few seasons. Now that we’re back from Europe after three long weeks, we’re even more intent on building up our neutral nail arsenal, which is why we’re particularly excited to indulge in Dior’s Nude collection. As part of the brand’s massive fall launch, the four-piece color range aims to do what brands like RGB Cosmetics and Rococo Nail Apparel already have by creating the equivalent of nail “foundation”—varying shades of sand and toffee to match a range of complexions. Charnelle, the lightest of the bunch, is a pinkish sand; Grege is more of a true, dark beige; Trench has a hint of warm slate; and Dune is close to a muted milk chocolate. Consider them good investment pieces for next season, when simple and clean will (finally) trump outlandish and off-kilter.

Photo: Courtesy of Dior Beauty

Alexander Skarsgard And Lara Stone Get Animated For Calvin; The Legs Have It; And More…


GIF culture is at high right now, as frequent readers of #whatshouldwecallme and #realtalk with your editor are well aware. Even W magazine animated a few of the Fall looks in its September issue. Now Calvin Klein is getting in on the game, posting a few GIFs of Alexander Skarsgard and Lara Stone as part of its new Encounter men’s fragrance digital launch platform. Caption these, if you dare. [Grazia]

Natalie Portman takes it all off in her latest ad for Dior Beauty—except, of course, for her Rouge Dior Nude Lipstick. [Wetpaint]

From plastic surgery and topical creams to supplements and specialty makeup, there are an increasing number of ways to tone and sculpt women’s latest physical obsession: legs. [NYT]

It should come as no surprise that a bevy of Revlon products litter brand ambassador Halle Berry’s vanity. But the Monster’s Ball star also has a soft spot for skincare, including creams and salves from Kinara and DDF. [Vanity Fair]

Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

The Perfect Pour


The flower fight broke out around 10 p.m. last night at New York’s The Hole gallery, where fashion and art stars had gathered to celebrate the opening of Holton Rower’s solo show. “It’s happening,” effused an elated Zani Gugelmann as she picked up a handful of freshly torn petals off the table and tossed them in the direction of Charlotte Ronson and Tallulah Harlech as Julian Schnabel looked on. Dinner was served in the middle of the gallery’s main show space, the walls of which have been lined with Rower’s large-scale “pour paintings” since his exhibition officially opened last weekend. “It’s the best-looking show we’ve done,” Hole director Kathy Grayson said of the multicolored boards created by different cups of plastic paint that are poured into one another, thus “pushing” the previous color outward, according to Rower, who has used up to 50 gallons of plastic artist paint in up to 500 different colors to create some of his bigger pieces.

“The thing about this, it’s not just the surface, it’s about material, it’s about body. You could just paint that painting,” Rower said, motioning to a 16-by-16-foot wall hanging. “But the fact that it’s physical, that the paint was pushed around obstacles…it’s like the paint is fighting,” he continued of the amorphous shapes that his custom-mixed pigments take on when they move around purposefully positioned platforms—or, as was the case last night, bottles of Dior nail polish. To coincide with the 50th anniversary of its Vernis—which was the first-ever line of designer lacquer when it launched in 1962—Dior Beauty sponsored the evening and gave Rower five different varnish shades, which inspired Hole creative director Fabiola Beracasa’s super-pro nail designs and the final colors the artist added to the live pour piece he created after dinner, including the iconic Rouge Altesse No. 999, a fiery red, and Gris Montaigne No. 707, a steely slate. “In your gift bags, you have these five colors,” he told a fawning crown before doing a little fawning himself. “Oooh, pretty,” he cooed as he poured. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Riviera Dreaming


The Cannes Film Festival is still three weeks away, but Dior already has the Côte d’Azur on the brain. The French brand’s entire summer color collection is inspired by La Croisette, Cannes’ famous beach-front promenade that has been a mecca for movie stars since the event first started in the 1930′s. The range’s Eye Glosses and palettes follow suit in requisite yachtside-friendly shades of bronze, shimmering turquoise, and sunny corals, a color scheme that continues with two new shades of its Le Vernis nail polish. Bikini is a warm melon, and St. Tropez, a re-release of the celebratory varnish that launched in limited quantities last summer to fête the Dior store opening in the coastal town of the same name, is a covetable creamy aqua. There is a chance that we will be following up our Cannes cameo from last year with a repeat appearance next month (fingers crossed), and should that be the case, these will 100 percent be making the trip as well—just try and stop us, TSA.

Photo: Courtesy of Dior Beauty