August 22 2014

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Dior Solves The Cat-Eye Conundrum


When the models walked out at Raf Simons Spring Dior Couture show, their makeup caused just as may gasps as the beautiful gowns—with pockets!—that Simons sent onto the runway. “Are those…crystals? On their lips?” many in the audience wondered of the texturized shine flickering on models’ mouths (they were), which was followed by a few awe-inspired coos over some of the most precise flicked-up cat-eyes on record. How were they created? With the Diorshow Art Pen, we’d learn later, which was but a dream back in January. This month, however, the rich onyx felt-tip pen with the perfect point hit shelves making gorgeous winged liner applications newly possible—but not necessarily any easier; the essential tool gives you everything you need to expertly rim your upper lash line, except, of course, an expert hand. When paired with another new release form the brand, however, that shouldn’t matter much. Dior’s Flash Corretor Pen is so genius, we squealed a little as we removed it from its glossy black box. The double-sided wand features a makeup remover-soaked eraser tip on one side, and three replacement heads on the other, so you can sculpt any semblance of a straight stroke into a real, runway-ready achievement. Bonus: The life-altering stick also works wonders on the lip line and underneath lids to catch mascara smudges throughout the day.

Photo: Courtesy of Dior Beauty