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Grapes of Wrath: Dolce & Gabbana’s Intense New Eau


Dolce&Gabbana_Intense cropItaly has long been known for its fashion and fine wine. Now, Dolce & Gabbana sets to synthesize both worlds into one burgundy bottle with its latest eau de parfum, Intense. Similar to how the aroma of a wine reveals itself at different stages in the drinking process (think: swirl, sniff, sip), a perfume presents its various facets from initial spritz to dry-down. This new, full-bodied fragrance (available in October) is a combination of contrasting elements—a fresh top comprised of green mandarin, raspberry, and neroli leads to a feminine heart of rich fig, creamy orange blossom, and carnal tuberose (a note once described as “the harlot of perfumery” by fragrance historian and notable “nose,” Roja Dove). A sensual composition of musk, sandalwood, and a unique marshmallow accord (guimauve) at the base is ultimately where the strength of this scent lies. And just as you would choose a wine based on the meal, you should select a fragrance based on the occasion and what you’re wearing, explains Will Andrews, a scent scientist and Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance Expert. This heady blend is reminiscent of an inky Petite Sirah or bold Merlot and should be reserved for after-dark occasions—preferably paired with one of the label’s revealing black lace dresses (which should be deemed NSFS—not safe for Sunday) from its recent Catholic Church-inspired Fall 2013 collection.

Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana