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Perricone’s Incredible, Wearable Egg


perricone-ovmEGGSHELL MEMBRANE (eg-shel mem-bran)/ n./ 1. A thin layer between the egg white and the eggshell meant to protect and nourish the interior; / 2./ Used as a remedy for joint and connective tissue disorders (such as arthritis and lupus), this natural remedy contains glycosaminoglycans and proteins, like collagen, that help with pain and improve flexibility; / 3./ The U.S. food industry produces 150,000 tons of eggshell waste per year, but developments in technology have allowed for the shell to be separated from the protein-rich membrane; / 4./ In skincare, this ingredient is said to increase firmness, minimize discoloration, and treat fine lines—minus any peeling, irritation, or photosensitivity, e.g., “Treat aches and erase age spots with eggshell membrane.”

Try it: Perricone MD OVM, $165,

When Skincare Met Makeup


We’ve been hooked on Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation since Eva Mendes recommended it to us last year. True story; the Cuban-American actress told us that she swears by the SPF 30 tinted moisturizer that gives you just the right amount of sheer coverage along with a nothing-to-sneeze-at amount of sun protection, and one look at her perfectly even tone was enough of an endorsement to earn the amber glass bottle a permanent spot in our morning product lineup. Now comes news that Dr. P is expanding his universal-pigment, complexion-enhancing offerings with—wait for it—a No Concealer Concealer. When we first received a sample of the vitamin C ester, hyaluronic acid, and neuropeptide-rich salve, which brightens skin, boosts collagen, and minimizes wrinkles in a single sweep, we put it all over our face—a few pigmentation marks here, some broken capillaries there. But the single-shade offering does not work as a spot treatment on everyone, as we quickly learned (editor’s note: the No Concealer Concealer is not quite as universal in color as its full-face predecessor if you have medium-to-dark skin). It does, however, work wonders on the sensitive, typically lighter-hued under-eye area, where it camouflages dark circles while imparting moisture and long-term antiaging benefits. As a bonus, the texture is super-silky, so it doesn’t crease and can double as a primer on lids as well. Fingers crossed the good doctor launches a few more shades so we can start using it on all of our imperfections post-haste.

Photo: Courtesy of Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia: The Latest And Greatest Way To Soothe Your Skin


Move over, argan and seabuckthorn berry. There’s a new buzzword ingredient in town, according to famed dermatologist and certified nutrition specialist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. “[They] are the most exciting ‘new’ superfood I’ve come across,” the doctor says about chia seeds, which are native to Mexico and Central and South America and have been eaten for centuries by American Indian tribes as well as modern-day endurance runners as performance boosters that offer the perfect ratio of protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and fiber. The tasty little black spheres can also be pressed into a fine oil, which is how Perricone is hoping to introduce them into the mainstream. His brand new O-Mega Oil, a chia-rich elixir, hits shelves this month. “In addition to its soothing qualities, chia seed oil improves skin barrier function and reduces trans-epidermal water loss, ensuring moisture is locked in and skin remains supple,” he explains of the fluid’s myriad functions. The latest edition to Dr. P’s Super range, O-Mega is also formulated with kukui nut oil for added moisture and meadowfoam seed oil, a well-known wrinkle reducer. What makes chia more exciting than the other hot-button extracts that have come before it is its “unsurpassed” levels of omega-3 fatty acids. “[They] act as natural anti-inflammatories, and it is chronic low-grade inflammation that accelerates aging in skin,” Perricone says. Additionally, the seeds can help balance natural oil production, thereby reducing sebum buildup (“bad” oil) that can lead to breakouts. Top this off with the fact that the easily absorbable emollient offers the perfect answer to weather-induced dry patches, and stocking up on winter skincare essentials just got way easier.

$42, available at

Photo: Courtesy of Super By Dr. Nicholas Perricone

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize


We believe in the power of eye cream—always have, always will. Long before we began taking any other preventative skincare measures against the inevitable onset of aging (think: antioxidant-charged serums, retinoids, etc.), we relied on that little jar. There’s just something about the act of patting it on that has always made us feel instantly better. And according to dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, our devotion is not without merit. “Lines around the eyes are often one of the earliest signs women notice of aging,” she says. “The skin there is the thinnest on the body and, as a result, this delicate area is more prone to aging than other areas of the face. Additionally, over time, the skin under the eyes loses elasticity and what we begin to see is loose skin called bags. Couple this with manual stress like rubbing and pulling and an eye cream is extremely important.” The sooner you start using one, the better, as far as Day is concerned. “Studies show that signs of aging around the eye area can occur in your early twenties,” she points out—a revelation that is a little disheartening. But it’s never too late to get on the right track. Here, our five favorite new launches to help keep crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness at bay.

What: Skinceuticals AOX+ Eye Gel

Why: This gel-serum hybrid uses phloretin, Butcher’s Broom extracts, and caffeine (a favorite ingredient of Day’s—”it works well as an anti-inflammatory”) to seriously diffuse swelling.


What: Eve Lom Eye Cream

Why: “Products with ingredients like vitamins and peptides can help moisturize and strengthen the skin around the eye as well as improve discoloration,” says Day, and Eve Lom’s first foray into eye cream happens to be peptide-packed.

$75, at

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Bye-Bye Toners; Hello Activators!


Aside from a knack for delicious baked goods and a seemingly innate ability to wear decorative scarves with complete and total ease, there’s something else Europeans are better at than us Americans: diligently using toner. Somehow, that little step between cleansing and moisturizing has been cut out of many of our skincare regimens because the act of swiping an aromatic, often innocuous liquid over already cleansed skin—or in some cases in lieu of soap altogether—seems ineffective to some and a waste of time to others. But waste of time it is not, according to esteemed cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone, who just released a four-piece lineup of highly concentrated toners and, in what is perhaps his biggest coup, rebranded them as “activators.” The liquid prep treatments are the latest addition to Perricone’s Super range and include the Brightening Activator, which contains licorice root and melon cartenoids to boost radiance; the Moisturizing Activator, which boasts chia extracts to enhance hydration and glycolic acid to remove dry surface cells; the Firming Activator, which uses red algae to plump fine lines and wrinkles; and the Clarifying Activator, which employs green apple querecetin to prevent breakouts and salicylic acid to improve clarity—all before you even mess with your regular serums and creams! The frosted glass bottles and colorful labels should help seal the deal, should you still be on the fence; if there’s one thing the American consumer appreciates, its pretty packaging.