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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: Maybelline Gets BB-Beautiful


Ask any makeup pro and they’ll tell you that BBs are booming. Beauty balms, as the complexion multitaskers are known in Asia where they have become essential to any well-rounded regimen for their brightening, sun-protecting, skin tone-evening, imperfection-blurring, and hydrating capabilities, have seen many iterations since launching stateside last year—some more successful than others. We’ve found that the formulas that are truest to form—heavy and thick with a slight chalky finish—are less easy to digest, while the smoother, lighter lotions seem to be getting a bit more traction. Enter Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Skin Protector, which debuted this month and is squarely in the latter camp. An oil-free gelled-water base means that the titanium dioxide-boosted skin tint—the first BB offering from the beloved New York-based mass brand—goes on like a sheer, tinted moisturizer while providing mineral sunscreen protection with SPF 30. It also comes in five shades, which is a staunch departure from more traditional BBs that are one shade fits all—a much appreciated update for those of you who, like us, veer toward the medium-dark end of the skin tone spectrum. Ditto its $8.99 price tag.

Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline