August 22 2014

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How Drew Barrymore Gets Glowing


Plenty of celebs have shown us what they look like without makeup. But few have let us witness them putting on their proverbial “face” in the mirror. Leave it to real girl and Flower Beauty founder Drew Barrymore to do just that. As part of her “Tip Tuesday with Drew” video series, Barrymore fields a spectrum of questions from readers, solving their beauty woes with her own personal advice (and friendly, big-sister-like encouragement). Her latest video tackles that always-tricky issue of how to achieve a glowy—not greasy—complexion with foundation.

Barrymore, dressed in a comfy sweatshirt, with her hair pulled into a bun atop her head, reveals her simple but surprisingly effective technique: Start with moisturizer. “I find this gives you a dewy glow in itself,” she says, adding that it provides a good “jumping-off point” for the rest of your routine. From there, she uses Skincognito (a thicker foundation stick), to cover up her trouble spots—which she has no qualms talking about. “Today nature has brought me a spot on the side of the my mouth,” she quips. The best part is watching her apply her Liquid Foundation, which she spreads over her face, working it in with little finger taps, for a seamless finish in about one minute. “One pump is all you need,” she points out. “That takes the fear out of oh my god I don’t want to look like a cake face!” She finishes with this genius tip: “Always take a little makeup wipe and take [the excess base] off your lips,” she says, adding “That’s, like, a telltale sign to people that you are wearing foundation.”

Flower’s Magic Wand


Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara

When it comes to mascara, I like one that can multitask. In this day and age, everyone is expected (make that, required) to do more and wear a plethora of hats. Why shouldn’t cosmetics be held to the same standard? When Flower’s Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara came across my desk, I thought to myself: Finally, not just another one-trick pony. The brush in this provitamin B5-laced (a smoothing and moisturizing ingredient) formula transforms with a click (or two) of the cap. The first setting produces your standard, straight and narrow bristles—best used for lengthening lashes. The second is slightly curvier and designed to add volume. And the final form is tight and seriously twisted for extra curl and lift. You can use each setting alone to achieve the desired effect or vary the shape and layer for more bespoke fringe. I went for the triple threat and added a coat with each phase—let’s just say the end result was eye-opening.


Photos: Courtesy of Flower

Throwback Thursday: Flower Power


Throwback Thursday offers the perfect opportunity to pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Model: Drew Barrymore

The Moment: Daisy Chain

The Motivation: Our explanation for selecting this picture could easily just have read, “Remember nineties-era Drew Barrymore?” but we couldn’t help but elaborate, mostly because the material is there. Aside from being in a spring-y mood (despite the downpours that have besieged New York for the past 48-hours), we’d be remiss not to notice the coincidence between this Mark Seliger-lensed Rolling Stone story and Barrymore’s latest endeavor, the Walmart-chartered beauty line, Flower. Born from the actress’ love of makeup, and her desire to impart a little of the knowledge she has picked up from her years spent in the makeup chair, the 181-piece color range contains everything from foundation to lipstick—as well as a gorgeous ad campaign, although we have a suggestion if Drew is looking to do something archival for next season…

Photo: Mark Seliger for Rolling Stone, 1995; courtesy of

Get Done Up Like Downton; Drew Lightens Up; And More…


Downton Abbey the makeup line? It’s coming, along with apparel and homeware collections, according to the Masterpiece Classic show’s production company. [Vanity Fair]

While we’ve become accustomed to seeing Victoria Beckham with long ombré locks, she reminded the world of her Spice Girls-era chop via a TwitPic from a recent photo shoot that showed her sans extensions. “Loving the hair!” she tweeted. [Daily Mail]

First came her makeup line with Walmart, and now Drew Barrymore is making hair news with a brand-new blonde dye job. [Us]

And in other hair-color news, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon has gone green. Nothing her mom hasn’t seen before, of course.[People]

Photo: Joss Barratt / Carnival Films

Nicole Kidman’s Botox Ban; BB Cream For Your Hair?; And More…


“No surgery for me,” Nicole Kidman tells Italy’s La Repubblica about her stance on cosmetic enhancements. “I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again,” she alleges. (Camera pans on Kidman during the Golden Globes would suggest otherwise.) [Huff Po]

Drew Barrymore’s new makeup line for Walmart is meant to be an all-ages kind of party, but you’ve got to be at least 13 to indulge. “Kids shouldn’t wear makeup, I strongly feel that way,” Barrymore says. “You should be a kid for as long as possible. I think when you start getting in your teens, then all bets are off, and you should just play, play, play and figure out what kind of woman you want to be—the training wheels are off. So kids in makeup, no. Starting in your teen years, absolutely go for it, and start to discover who you are.” [Us]

An 1873 finishing book for ladies entitled Beauty, What It Is and How to Retain It has been republished, revealing a few curious Victorian-era primping tips and tricks, including recipes for how to make your own hair tonics and face masks with lard and beef marrow. Ew. [Daily Mail]

In more practical haircare news, Pantene is releasing a BB cream—for your hair! Its Ultimate 10 Beauty Balm for Hair claims to control frizz, protect against heat, smooth, moisturize, tame flyaways, repair strands, and provide shine. [Glamour]

Photo: Courtesy of Pantene