August 31 2014

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Flower Girl: Drew Barrymore’s Garden Grows


Drew Barrymore has spent almost the entirety of her life in the public eye, having first captured our attention at age 7 as the pigtailed, wide-eyed star of E.T. Besides achieving the seemingly impossible feat of emerging from a multi-decade career and tumultuous family relatively unscathed—sure, there was the brief teenage battle with addiction, as chronicled in the seminal celebrity autobiography Little Girl Lost (a book this writer has pored over on more than one occasion) and that infamous dirty dance on Letterman circa 1995, but not much else to speak of—Barrymore has managed to leave a remarkable impression on the world of pop culture, both on-screen and off. Her luminous film reel includes projects as varied as Irreconcilable Differences, Poison Ivy, Charlie’s Angels, Everyone Says I Love You, Grey Gardens (“One of the best things I’ve gotten to do in my life,” she says of the HBO miniseries), and pretty much every rom-com worth seeing—all of which she managed to star in while establishing herself as a formidable beauty icon.

Barrymore’s rebellious early days featured many a makeover, which included permed, streaky blonde strands; a bleached platinum crop; powdered pale skin; maroon lips; pencil-thin darkened brows of the nineties variety captured in those famous Guess Girl ads; and the sunny, neo-hippy look of the early aughts. Drew has managed to own not just baby barrettes, the daisy as accessory, and, later, ombré hair, but she also conjured one of our hands-down favorite awards-show looks ever, in the form of the perfectly retro makeup and mommy-drinks bouffant that she wore to the Oscars in 2009. So when the news broke that the onetime CoverGirl face was branching out into beauty with a Walmart makeup line called Flower—”We’re trying to bring prestige into mass,” she explains of the 181-piece range—it seemed par for the course. Here, caught up with the new mom and budding cosmetics impresario to talk product favorites, mantras, and the glory of the nineties-beauty resurgence that dominated the Spring runways.

So why a beauty line?
Well, you know I have been sitting in a makeup chair since I was 6 years old, and I’ve watched women around me get ready, and it’s a very aspirational environment. And it really made the most insane impression on me my whole life. And then when I started getting really into makeup in my teens and twenties, and being experimental, being playful, and getting to work with the best makeup artists in the world—in film and fashion—it became such a part of my life.

I read that Flower is inspired by products you have been inspired by over the years. How did you ultimately realize that kind of homage?
I don’t know why, what psychic moment in me, but I just always saved everything so that one day I would be able to put it into something. Maybe I’m just a hoarder or a psychic person. But I really care about beauty; I watched brands develop, I know prestige, I know mass, I love pigment, I love payoff. I love every different type of look. I’m always changing my hair and makeup, depending what sort of fun mood I’m in at that time in my life. And then when I became the co-creative director at CoverGirl for six years, it was such a wonderful and empowering experience that when I finished my contract, it was like I had gone to college for six years. What are you going to do with your degree? And I decided to take a risk and start my own brand. But I wanted to do something different, because I think mass makeup is so good, the bar is so high. We are trying to be a game change and bring prestige into mass, and not with a promise but with the actual formulas. There are already 181 SKUs to start, and yet I feel like it’s not enough. I have so much more that I want to try and do.

What are your hero beauty products?
I always really loved a lip liner that you could wear as lipstick. I used to do that in the nineties, and I would love to bring that look back, using our liners. I love a cream eye shadow that moves really well but then sets beautifully and never creases or crumbles. I’m always weirded out by what so much of long-lasting is, but when something comes off easily, that always amazes me, too. And our cream shadow really does those three crucial things for me. You know what I was also obsessed with was the old Shiseido double-ended, one-side-gloss, one-side-matte lip product. What was amazing about it was that the pigments matched perfectly, so you really did get the gloss version and the truly chalky matte version of that same color that you fell in love with. And I thought that was amazing. In fact, I need to bring that back!

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A Proper Castle For The Queen Of Celebrity Hair Color


She’s responsible for Natalie Portman’s recent blond transformation—and the rich red that skyrocketed Emma Stone to fame (and has since become the “most-requested” hair color in Hollywood), not to mention Drew Barrymore’s post-baby brunette and Lily Aldridge’s coveted ombré. So it was only a matter of time before Redken creative consultant for color, Tracey Cunningham—together with partner Neil Weisberg—opened her own salon. “It was just time,” Cunningham confirmed of her Beverly Hills atelier, Mèche, speaking exclusively with “Neil and I’ve been friends forever and we’ve worked together also, so opening a salon seemed like a logical decision,” she continued, noting the desire to create a great work environment while building out her own team. Located a bit off the beaten path in the iconic former Ménage à Trois Coiffeurs space, the outpost will staff 20 different stylists operating 22 chairs, which are set amid the building’s natural elements and reclaimed materials.

Conversation quickly turned to awards season, which will prove a busy time for Cunningham and her brand-new venture. Apart from the ombré trend, which she feels is as strong as ever (“I’ll tell you why ombré’s so cool: Because at least it’s something different”), the petite brunette is ready to see a battle of the blondes. “Wintertime is normally when people go darker, but I’m seeing the opposite this year, people going lighter. I don’t know if it’s because of the ‘end of the world,’ but everyone wants to go lighter,” she joked of the rumored apocalypse on 12/21/12, giving her favorite blonde honors to Burberry model and Cunningham client Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, whose color required two applications and rinses for a “super beach-y” look. As for her personal prep work for the bevy of red carpet moments coming up next month, Cunningham admits that she has been busy sourcing runway shots for inspiration but isn’t stressing it too much. “I’m not so worried about people’s hair colors, but I’d like to see better hair styles,” she says. Here’s hoping Odile Gilbert and Guido Palau can make it out to L.A. for the Oscars.

Mèche Salon, 8822 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, Phone: (310) 278-8930.

Photo: Courtesy of Meche

Cara Delevingne For Scrunchie; Drew’s Big Beauty Brand; And More…

------- cover girl Cara Delevingne has nabbed another campaign. But if you’re thinking that it’s for a luxury fashion or beauty house, you’re a little off base. Delevingne is the new face of the accessory brand My Crazy Scrunchie—that’s right, scrunchies—for which she stars in a new, western-themed campaign with Clara Pagett and Suki Waterhouse. [Daily Mail]

We’re all for entertainment-inspired beauty collections, but the new, Modern Family x Nicole by OPI nail lacquer range might be taking it a little far. Sure, the ABC comedy is funny, but associating it with a line of polishes is a bit of a stretch. [ET]

More on the developing Drew Barrymore for Wal-Mart story. The Charlie’s Angels star and new mom’s premiere cosmetics collection or the retailer will be called Flower, intends to offer “true luxury at mass,” and will include a whopping 181 products: 70 in the face category, 44 in eye, 51 in lip, and 16 in nail. So much for taking it slow. [WWD]

Ivanka Trump: the fragrance will be on shelves next fall. The bergamot, lush apple, jasmine, rose, peach blossom, vanilla, and cedarwood eau will be “filling a void for that feminine, empowered woman,” according to the heiress. [WWD]


Taylor Thinks Pink; Dyeing For Gold; And More…


Since adopting a thick, tawny fringe for her February Vogue cover, Taylor Swift has been much more experimental with her hair, which has been readily layered, swept up, and blown-out since. Her latest move? A choppy, dip-dyed shag, which was spotted on set of the video for her new hit “I knew You Were Trouble.” [Just Jared]

All that glitters is gold, as they say—including your hair, if a new dying technique is to be believed. Researchers at Paris’ University of Pierre and Marie Curie are reporting the discovery of a new chemical process that will give hair the hue of gilded precious metal, which will appear a glimmering shade of red beneath UV lights. [Daily Mail]

Drew Barrymore, Fergie, and People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Channing Tatum, all swear by nutritionist Kimberly Snyder when it comes to staying in peak physical condition, and now Snyder has opened her very own juice bar in L.A. to help the rest of the West Coast keep their calorie intake in check. [E!]

Speaking of L.A. beauty and health hot spots, West Hollywood’s makeup salon Blushington is expanding its smoky-eye-on-the-spot services to Dallas. Next stop, New York? [D Magazine]

Photo: Courtesy of Just Jared

Hollywood And Fine: The Best of Celebrity Beauty; MAC Set To Unleash “Gray Friday”; And More…


The Hollywood Reporter has devoted its latest issue to the hair and makeup people that keep L.A.’s leading ladies looking their best on and off the camera—including celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham, who is featured on the glossy’s cover next to her longtime client and friend, Drew Barrymore. [THS]

The wait is over: Channing Tatum has been named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive. Sorry, Gosling fans. [NYDN]

Black Friday is coming—and so are its one-day-only deals, like MAC’s limited-edition gray lipstick and nail duo set to launch on November 23. [Huff Po]

To celebrate its tenth birthday, will debut its own in-house line of decennial scents created by perfumers Andy Tauer and Robertet’s Jérome Epinette meant to capture the spirit of its homebase, L.A. [Basenotes]

Photo: Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter