August 21 2014

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Drew Barrymore: The Makeup Line; Deciphering the Khroma Code; and More…


Drew Barrymore has gone from actor to producer to mother in her storied career—and the starlet has just announced her latest role: makeup mogul. The CoverGirl face is reportedly creating a color line with Wal-Mart. [WWD]

Raw foodists may want to reconsider their no-cooking position. A new study argues that the reason human brains were able to evolve to their current functionality was because our ancestors learned how to roast and braise meat and vegetables. [Huff Po]

Kim Kardashian was a blond mermaid, à la Daryl Hannah’s character in the movie Splash, for Halloween—and is threatening to keep her hair a light shade of flaxen permanently. For real this time! [Us Weekly]

In other Kardashian news, the sister trio is about to get sued over trademark rights to the forthcoming Kardashian Khroma makeup range they’re planning on launching next month at mass retailers. Apparently, a prestige cosmetics line called Chroma already exists in Beverly Hills. [TMZ]

Drew Barrymore Makes The Gradient


Drew Barrymore has long been an advocate of ombré hair. Before last summer’s grown-out roots phenomenon took Hollywood by storm and street-style superstars started using pink, blue, and green streaks instead of shades of blond for a gradual fade-out from mid-lengths to ends, Barrymore had mastered that art of color gradation. Recently, though, she’s taken it to the next level, starting the ombré process a bit further down the hair shaft so that her natural dark brunette strands are in even starker contrast to her gorgeous golden ends. What say you: too much of a good thing, or a refreshing twist on an exhausted trend?

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. / Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

Summer Hair Color, A Seminar


If you’re even a marginal follower of celebrity goings-on, you’ll have noticed a curious trend emerging among some of Hollywood’s most boldfaced names. That would be red hair. Drew Barrymore kicked things off a few weeks back, debuting bright copper strands at a book launch in L.A., and Mandy Moore and Malin Akerman promptly followed suit. The biggest ginger coup came on Tuesday night, when blondes-have-more-fun poster girl Blake Lively went a shade of golden auburn. On who can and should go red, Couture Colour celebrity colorist and creative color director Jonathan Gale says, “The tone normally is pale and freckly,” à la Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams. But as Lively has demonstrated, even the sun-worshippers of the world can pull off the auburn hue when it’s properly tailored to their complexion. “It’s all about education,” Gale adds. Here, the dean of dye jobs—who regularly coifs the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Monaghan—conducts a class on summer hair color.

How are you advising your clients as we transition from winter to spring—and rapidly to summer?

I’m educating people more about skin color and their “essence.” Your skin color is paler in the fall and in the summertime skin starts to golden and you can carry more color—more blond, for example. So I’m really starting to take people a lot lighter—even the brunettes. They have started to say to me, “I like my brown and I want to keep the color.” So I’ve been doing a lot of tipping—I call it “shipwrecked hair,” like if you were stuck on an island, your hair wouldn’t match up on the ends. Then, at the end of the summer you can just cut off the lighter pieces.

Interesting. So, what exactly is this “essence” of which you speak?
That’s your authentic self—that place where you start from. There are extreme cases, of course, like Gwen Stefani. She’s created that look and she can actually pull off that white hair. But typically, if you go too far away from the essence, people can’t recognize you.

Are there any color maintenance tips you can share as the sun gets stronger and water sports start factoring into the equation?
I advise my clients to use oil. Sleep in it at night! I always recommend the Dr. Hauschka Neem Oil and Couture Colour’s new Pequi Oil. After you’ve washed your hair, the comb just glides through the oil. I also advise putting oil on hair first if you’re going into a pool to protect the hair shaft. And you don’t always have to shower after you come out of the ocean, either. Rinse your hair with water that doesn’t have salt in it, and then wash with just conditioner.

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Drew Barrymore Goes Ginger


After pioneering last summer’s ombré hair movement, Drew Barrymore has ditched her brunette roots and graduated blond highlights altogether. Instead, she showed up to last night’s launch party for nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s new book sporting—get this—shimmering copper strands. It appears as though Barrymore went the extra mile and tinted her brows to match, which we appreciate. What do you think: red hot or better off blonde?

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/ WireImage

Great Moments In Golden Globes Beauty


We’re just going to say it: The Golden Globes are hands-down the best awards show of the year. First off, they’re actually significant. Not like the People’s Choice Awards, or whatever awards shows MTV is conjuring up at the moment. And style-wise, they usually hit a, if not perfect, than certainly interesting pitch: more formal than the Grammys, less fussy than the Oscars. In the annals of red-carpet history, the Globes have also offered up some memorable moments in bangs (Reese Witherspoon), braids (Sienna Miller), and boobs (Scarlett Johansson). So, in preparation for this weekend’s broadcast, we offer you our own beauty-themed winners’ circle. As far as early projections go, we’re looking for Michelle Williams’ pixie cut and Natalie Portman’s brows to have a big night. Click here for more.