August 21 2014

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Drugstore Discovery of the Week: Nostalgia Times Two


As the tagline went, sometimes you need a little Finesse, sometimes you need a lot. I definitely ascribed to the latter option in junior high, when one of the brand’s midnight-blue shampoo bottles was permanently parked in my shower (along with Herbal Essences). While some longtime Finesse-ers will say it’s the silkening effect (please recall Angie Everhart’s glossy locks in the early nineties television ads) that kept them going blue, for me it was all about the scent: bright, fresh, and sweet but not too cloying. Finesse already has major nostalgic appeal on its own, but the brand has just managed to find a way to up it—they joined forces, olfactively at least, with another classic bathroom-counter occupant: Yardley London. Which means the traditional Finesse freshness now also has a touch of that perennial grandma favorite, Yardley’s calming lavender; a double dose of familiarity every time you lather up.

$3.99 each, available at drugstores.

Photo: Courtesy of Finesse