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11 posts tagged "DryBar" Editors’ Guide to Faking Beauty Rest During Fashion Month



We’ve revealed models’ must-haves for four cities’ worth of early call times and late-night fittings. We’ve also shared’s editors’ go-tos for trekking from show to show. Here, the beauty products and services they rely on to get glowing, stay awake, and catch some z’s during the madness of fashion month:

Nicole Phelps, Executive Editor

No time for a sit-down dinner, barely any sleep—I can wake up seriously grumpy during New York fashion week. Post-shower, the heavenly smelling Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil from REN is a dependable mood elevator.


Marina Larroudé, Fashion Market Director

I’m usually low-maintenance, but during NYFW I like to pamper myself and indulge in a blow-out at Drybar every other day. They are superfast, so I do it first thing in the morning so I’m ready for the busy day ahead.

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Katharine K. Zarrella, Associate News Editor

Even though I always wear a hat, I never leave the house without a few coats of hairspray. If my bob and bangs aren’t in place beneath my chapeau, I get a little antsy. Elnett is hands down my favorite mane immobilizer. I have two bottles of Extra Strong Hold in my medicine cabinet, and keep one mini bottle in my handbag at all times in case of emergency. Fun fact: It doubles as a terribly effective insect killer.


Brittany Adams, Associate Fashion Editor

Most of my fashion week essentials involve caffeine, vitamin C, and other things that “give you wings.” All those late nights spent writing reviews and tagging models quickly take a toll on my skin. Last season, I was introduced to Shiseido’s Perfect Hydrating BB Cream, which is nothing short of a miracle worker. It mattifies, moisturizes, and conceals in all the right places—without seeming too makeup-y.


Rachel Walgrove, Social Media Editor

I seldom leave my apartment without applying Benefit’s Watt’s Up! above my cheekbones and under my brow bones. If you’re pressed for sleep, it creates the illusion of “well-restedness.” Plus, it leaves a dewy glow good for offsetting winter-weather-induced dry skin. I’m doubling up on applications during fashion week.


Amber Kallor, Senior Beauty Editor

From New York to Paris, I’ll be relying on Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Cream Compact to hide the dark circles and stress-related breakouts that come hand in hand with being in the backstage beauty trenches. Even better: This formula is buildable, so as the complexion woes worsen, I can simply layer on more.


Kristin Anderson, Assistant Editor of Special Projects

This radiance-boosting overnight treatment from L.A. cult skincare line Brad manages to be both gentle and ruthlessly effective. A best bet for warding off the ravages of cold, sleeplessness, and dehydration.


Erinn Hermsen, Assistant Managing Editor

Covering the production night shifts into the early hours of the morning means I’m often sleeping long after the sun’s up, so an eye mask is essential to ensure I’m able to get enough sleep. This one from Charlotte Olympia, along with matching slippers, is perfect for a catnap.


Nicola Kast, Photo Editor

I need to sparkle during NYFW—green, like Laughin’ to the Bank from Deborah Lippmann, is surprisingly cool and versatile on nails.


Emily Farra, Editorial Coordinator

I’m obsessed with any kind of lip balm—I have a tube of Aquaphor with me at all times—but over the past few months I’ve acquired a serious lipstick collection as well. All of my formulas have to be super-moisturizing (obviously), so Lipstick Queen’s cult favorite Medieval is my new go-to. It truly feels like a lip balm and imparts the sheerest, prettiest flush—perfect for reapplying in between shows, or just when you need a boost at the office.


Sitting Pretty @StyleDotCom


Fashion Week Beauty Products

We revealed what keeps fashion week regulars like makeup artist James Kaliardos and hairstylist Odile Gilbert going during the month-long parade through New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Now, the team shares the beauty must-haves they’ll be stashing in their bags and keeping in their bathrooms for the Spring 2014 season:

Nicole Phelps, executive editor

“I had my first facial with superstar esthetician Joanna Vargas last week. As her devotees well know, Vargas likes to tailor her facials to the seasons and the skin’s response to them. It may be Spring ’14 fashion week, but weather-wise here in New York it’s still the end of summer. Vargas’ new Fall Superfoods Facial is designed to address the ravages of three months in the sun. For me, that meant patchy dryness and SPF-induced bumps along the hairline, as well as some trouble spots on my chin. Vargas addressed them all, using the all-natural and organic skin care products, like the Vitamin C Face Wash (shown above), she’s known for. My favorite part of the facial was the pumpkin purée and avocado mask, which smelled almost good enough to eat and left my face looking dewy and fresh. If only Joanna would create a facial designed to heal the effects of four weeks of fashion shows.

Matthew Schneier, deputy editor

“Dry shampoo [from Klorane], sunscreen [by Clarins], water, and coffee—the combination makes you look like you haven’t slept for a week, when in reality, you haven’t slept for two.”

Marina Larroudé, market director

“I’m obsessed with Clé de Peau Beauté concealer (shown above) and use it every day—no matter if it’s fashion week or not. The only thing that’s different is the frequency that I go to Drybar, which is pretty much every other day. It helps that there’s a location only a block away from my house where I can book early morning appointments.”

Kate Cerigo, senior designer

“When my skin is looking ‘blah’ after a string of late nights I use Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial (shown above) before bed and wake up to a more refreshed face.”

Kristin Anderson, assistant editor, special projects

“In the throes of fashion week, I’ll be trimming the excess from my makeup routine, and opting for Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB Cream. This glowy, medium coverage BB eliminates the need for concealer and SPF. The botanical formula also treats any pesky, stress-related spots. And rather than risking a sticky finger situation, I’ll be toting the luxuriously packaged lip oil from Hourglass Cosmetics (shown above).”

Amber Kallor, senior beauty editor

Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation (shown above) offers the brightening magic of their famous pen—for your entire face, which is especially helpful when my skin can’t keep pace with my hectic schedule. Before bed (usually somewhere around 2 a.m.) I treat myself and computer-strained eyes to Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gels, which de-puff with ginkgo biloba leaf extract and firm with hydrolyzed elastin.”

Emily Farra, editorial coordinator

“Long days in the office tend to dry out my skin, so over the next few weeks I’ll be relying on my favorite new face oil with rosehip extract from Boots Botanics. Not only does it smell clean (not musky) and keep my skin looking fresh for 12 plus hours, but it only costs $9 so I can slather it on guilt-free. An afternoon dose of this rosewater spritz (shown above) reactivates the oil and serves as a wake-up call when caffeine isn’t cutting it anymore. As for my hair, I’m using leather bow clips from American Apparel, in neutral colors like black and camel, to get it off my face while I work on the computer all day.”

Katharine K. Zarrella, associate news editor

“I have somewhat of a red lip obsession, and when Chanel discontinued my favorite stain last year, I had a bit of a panic. Earlier this month, my hairstylist, Michael Angelo at Wonderland Beauty Parlor, introduced me to Beauté’s lip stain in Fever and lip cream in Masochist (both shown above). I’ll be wearing them every single day, because no matter how tired I feel, painting on the perfect rouge pout always provides a much-needed kick of rejuvenation.”

Brittany Adams, associate fashion editor

“Running between all the shows, presentations, and events during fashion week is enough to make even the most polished girl look a little rough around the edges. I’ve tried nearly every primer on the market and keep returning to L’Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base (shown above). I dab a little bit on my nose and forehead to make me look perfectly matte and smooth before walking into each appointment. I also carry around a can of Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish spray, which gives my hair volume and texture on the go.”

Rachel Walgrove, social media editor

“Bags are for arms, not eyes. Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer is my look-alive go-to for fashion season and beyond.”

Want Proenza Schouler Hair this Summer? Try Julien Farel’s Zero Frizz Quickie Treatment


proenza-hairThis time of year, all I have to do is walk out the door for a halo of frizz to spring up. My naturally curly shoulder-length cut is super-reactive to the humidity. When our beauty editor Celia Ellenberg (who has now left us to freelance—good for her, bad for me) mentioned Julien Farel’s new Zero Frizz Quickie Treatment, it was a fairly easy sell. I liked the fact that it wasn’t a straightening process. Despite the positive feedback I usually get after a visit to Drybar, I’m not a blow-out kind of girl. Where my hair is concerned, at least, I’m a pretty firm believer in “work with what you’ve got.” The service, which combines hydrolyzed keratin and Farel’s Zero Frizz Restore serum, is designed to smooth and soften hair without eliminating body and volume. It’s formaldehyde-free and fairly odorless, which means there were no respiratory masks or teary eyes involved, and I was in and out the door in an hour and a half. Another couple of perks: You don’t have to wait the traditional seventy-two hours to wash your hair, the way you do with a true Keratin treatment, and at $200, it costs significantly less than a Brazilian Blowout. Farel said the effects would last six to eight weeks, practically until Labor Day. Not quite straight but significantly softer, my relaxed waves got a couple of nods of approval at the couture shows in Paris last week. One editor friend of mine even compared my new ’do to “Proenza Schouler hair.” Perfectly imperfect—that’s a compliment I could hear all summer.

The service is available at Julien Farel salons in New York and Miami.

Drybar, The Product Line


To call Alli Webb a trendsetter is an understatement—”game changer” is more like it. Since opening her first Drybar in Brentwood, California five years ago, the trained stylist has steadily expanded her blowdry-bar empire across the country, making stops in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, D.C., and finally, New York, in 2011, becoming the first and last word in quick, easy, and affordable strand-smoothing—and inspiring many imitations in the process. Aside from other similar chains that have sprung up in response to Drybar’s astronomical success, even Rachel Zoe and Gwyneth Paltrow have announced plans to finance their own blowout bars this year. None of this has slowed Webb’s steady growth cycle or her knack for innovation, however. “It definitely seems like a no-brainer, natural progression,” Webb says of her new, 17-piece product and tool collection, which just started rolling out to her network of salons—and Sephora—last month. “But [it] really came to be because we were finding early on with the first two or three shops that I was not really satisfied with what we needed.” What Webb needed, she decided, was a cohesive lineup of stylers that “will do the job but won’t leave your hair feeling heavy and weighed down so you don’t feel like you have to wash out your blowout the next day.” A self-proclaimed product junkie, Webb teamed up with Laura Mercier alum, Janet Gurwitch, on what really was a “labor of love,” she says, yielding personal favorites like the 100 Proof Treatment Oil, which boosts shine and tames “crazy flyaways,” and the Hot Toddy, a cuticle sealant that protects hair from heat damage. And there’s more: Not content to rest on her laurels, Webb fully intends on fleshing out the offering. “I’m working as we speak to expand upon them,” she says. We’re ready.

Photo: Courtesy of Drybar

Having Words About Blowout-Bar Quality Standards


Beauty Etiquetter is a new column on Beauty Counter in which we address your beauty protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in-the-know. To submit a question, email celia

The Quandary: I like the fast experience of a blow-dry bar but feel like the results are never quite as good as a truly professional job. Am I at liberty to complain and ask for better service, or is this a lesson in you-get-what-you-pay-for?

The Expert in Residence: Alli Webb, founder of Drybar.

The Advice: “Yes, this kind of blowout is meant to be fast—but it should be fast and good. I absolutely think you should speak up if you weren’t happy with the results. Talk to the manager either in person or on the phone, and mention specifics. Let him or her know that your hair wasn’t washed thoroughly, for example, or if your style didn’t stay in place. The manager can then mention this to the stylist and make a note of what to focus on the next time you come in. Feedback, even the negative kind, helps us do our jobs better. That said, there are a few things you can do to get the most from your 45-minute appointment. Tell your stylist you want her to go really deep with the shampoo—say something like ‘Don’t be shy, I’m not going to wash my hair for another three days and I love a good scalp scrubbing.’ Going section by section over every hair is what takes the most time during a blowout. So if you notice your pro is starting to rush, you can throw out a comment like, ‘This blowout really has to last me a week, so I appreciate you making it look perfect,’ or inject some humor by saying, ‘Don’t you rush me, I know it’s getting busy in here but don’t do it!’ in a joking tone. The busiest times in Drybar are typically the early mornings at 7 a.m., the lunch rush, and the going-out crunch time from 5 to 7 p.m. We have clients who love being in here with that energy but others prefer to come during less crowded times. But, bottom line, if you’re not satisfied with your blowout, a good salon will make it up to you and should offer a complimentary blowout. Mistakes happen but my point of view is, give us a second chance to get it right.”

Photo: Courtesy of Drybar