September 3 2014

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90210, Bottled


When we last checked in with D.S. & Durga, a musician and architect who met in New York, fell in love, and started a perfume company, their fragrance adventures had only just begun. But the duo has just inked a deal with Anthropologie for four exclusive scents due out at the end of the summer, and a new chapter in their story is in the works. Their first effort for the Philadelphia-based retailer is called Beverly Hills 1985 and debuted this month. It’s meant to evoke “leopard-print shirts, cigarettes, and the smell of the opulent white flower perfumes of the era of excess,” according to D.S. Born and raised on the East Coast, he envisioned the spicy, musky scent—with notes of jasmine, peach, clove leaf, and amber—as a realization of a fantasy that belonged to his mother and her friends when he was growing up. To them, the legendary 90210 zip code was some kind of mythical place, “a dream paradise for rich people,” he recalls. Now, the town that still holds the same allure for aspirational types the world over is also the only place you can buy his olfactory homage. For more information, call Anthropologie on N. Beverly Drive, (310) 385-7390.

Perfume, A Love Story


When D.S. met Durga on the street last year, neither was particularly involved in the fragrance industry. He, a Brooklyn-based musician, and she, an architect living in Chelsea, both lacked the pedigree and family name that seem essential to becoming a scent star these days. But a communal love for “dorky domestic stuff,” as D.S. puts it, caused the recently engaged pair to start experimenting with tonics, flowers, herbs, and seeds at his apartment-turned-lab in Bushwick. “We made a bunch of toners and aftershaves for our friends for Christmas,” he says, “but realized that few of them shaved, so we started with colognes and perfumes.” With the bearded-Brooklyn-bohemian archetype to thank, their nascent company was born. D.S. & Durga boasts standouts like Bear Trapper, with notes of cedarwood, tarragon, and leather, fashioned after a sixteenth-century Russian alchemist’s hunting potion, and Rosa Americana, a scent that draws on the wine-infused air above the rose, along with its green stems and thorns, and is stocked in a few choice boutiques from New York to Portland. But the olfactory up-and-comers have big dreams for their little company. “I would love to make this our family business,” D.S. muses. “Maybe start a collective upstate with friends in fashion, jewelry, art, and music”—and get into bigger stores, of course.

Photo: Courtesy of D.S. & Durga