August 31 2014

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An Antiaging Serum You Can Believe In


Tata HarperA dermatologist friend of mine once pooh-poohed the notion of organic cosmetics, insisting that what nature creates could never compete with what scientists do. She clearly hadn’t come across Tata Harper’s new SuperNatural serum collection. Like all of Harper’s products, her new antiaging serums are 100 percent natural with no synthetic additives or toxins. Thanks to the high concentrations of potent active ingredients—goldenrod flowers in the Boosted Contouring Serum, Madonna lily stem cells in the Concentrated Brightening Serum, Spanish lavender in the Elixir Vitae, for example—they smell gorgeous. And as a bonus, they’re also packaged in airtight glass containers, which are recyclable where their plastic counterparts are not. All well and good, but what really sold me on the serums was how effective they are, the Boosted Contouring Serum in particular. Harper quotes some fairly jaw-dropping statistics about the new formula’s ingredients—pomegranate hydrospheres with a smoothing and lifting effect so instantaneous that volunteers reported 17.2 percent firmer skin within two hours of using it; hyrdolyzed rhizobium for acacia gum so potent that wrinkles are visibly reduced within 15 minutes of application. What’s really astounding: Just a few days after using it morning and night, the horizontal lines in my forehead don’t look quite as deep, and the skin on my cheeks seems plumper. The ingredients in the Brightening Serum and Elixir Vitae, which are designed, respectively, to fight dark spots and act as a noninvasive alternative to chemical fillers, take longer to work their (expensive) magic. But considering the results I’m seeing from the Boosted Contouring Serum, I’m a believer.

Boosted Contouring Serum, $185; Concentrated Brightening Serum, $220; Elixir Vitae, $365, available at