August 30 2014

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Valentine’s Day: The Beauty Guide


Whether you’re a true believer in the holiday for lovers or believe it’s a money-making scheme thought up by the card companies and chocolate makers of America, Valentine’s Day is coming. So we’ve put together a Top Ten list of sultry scents, luxe lipstick, pretty polishes, and more for you to fall in love with—even if a busy New York fashion week schedule will keep you from properly celebrating. As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing wrong with postponing the flowers and fancy dinner for February 16. Just saying.

The Evocative Bauble: Joya Heart Solid Perfume Brooch

Sure, we could make jokes about wearing your heart on your sleeve, but we’d prefer to wear it on a lapel. This brooch boasts a gorgeous ornate design that houses a solid fragrance brimming with a blend of jasmine, honeysuckle, and musk—a surprising treat for anyone who can get close enough to the cool curio to take it all in.


The Pretty in Pink Polishes: New Black Ombré Nail Polish Set in Floyd

As most of us are clearly suckers for rose-colored anything this time of year, may we suggest a DIY gradient manicure, which goes from the palest pink to bright magenta?


The Bubble Bath Meant for Two: Lollia in Love Bubble Bath

For those couples who prefer to stay home and avoid New York’s V-Day restaurant scene, filling up your bathtub with this rose and jasmine scented bubble bath might add that necessary touch of romance to an evening spent watching a House Hunters marathon and eating takeout.


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Ten Sun Savers To Get You Through The Weekend


The forecast for Memorial Day weekend here in New York was pretty depressing when we checked earlier this week, but we’re happy to report that meteorologists seem to be retracting their previous calls for thunderstorms. There will be sun, so best to ready a few bottles of the latest sunblocks. Fortunately, the options have never been so plentiful, thanks to new advances in formulations and ingredients. From green creams to DNA-repairing lotions to water-repelling sprays, we’ve rounded up the ten best ‘blocks to pack in your weekend bag, come rain or shine.

The Antiaging Wonder
What: NEOVA DNA Damage Control Everyday SPF 43
Why: Think of this as the Ferrari of your sunblock arsenal. The zinc oxide-based face protector contains enzymes that repair and protect against UV-induced damage, while a combination of highly active antioxidants preserve skin’s collagen to prevent wrinkles.

Spot Treatment
What: Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Targeted Sun Defense Stick SPF 50
Why: This smart stick, which is infused with the legendary Eight Hour Cream moisturizer, has a contoured tip to glide over hard-to-reach areas—like the ears and hairline, where dermatologists are noticing more cases of skin cancer. In fact, it fends off UV damage so well that it carries the impressive Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation.

Wear When Wet
What: Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock Spray SPF 85
Why: The breakthrough technology in this mist allows SPF to adhere to wet skin. Just spray on post-dip, no toweling off necessary, and you’ve got protection for up to two hours.

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A New Album And A New Fragrance For Taylor Swift


Last week, her new album Speak Now broke records. Today, it was announced that Taylor Swift has signed her second beauty deal (after CoverGirl), for a signature scent to be produced by Elizabeth Arden. When it launches next year, Eau de Taylor will join Arden’s other successful celebrity franchises—think Britney Spears, Usher, and Mariah Carey. All the country crossover star needs now is a hair endorsement, and she’ll have the beauty trifecta in full effect, and with curls like that, we’re wondering what the holdup is? What do you think her scent will be called? [WWD]

Photo: Jonathan Delano / Retna Ltd.

A Pedicurist’s Best-Kept Secret


A few weeks ago, I was sitting on the pedicure throne at Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa, sipping the house blend of citron tea and apologizing to the nail pro about my less-than-pristine feet. Summer blisters and calluses had set in, and I was in need of some serious TLC. My pedicurist had, no doubt, seen plenty of cracked heels and knew exactly what to reach for—i.e., an expertly culled assortment of unmarked creams and scrubs. It wasn’t my first time visiting Jin Soon, but to be honest, I had never really zoned in on what products are typically applied to my calves and feet. This time, I was inspired to watch closely, since I obviously need to start doing some pro-style DIY maintenance at home. The delicious, cucumber-scented cream particularly intrigued me; it transformed into a mask after a few minutes and softened my tough patches instantly but didn’t create an oil slick on my skin. I was prepared to beg (or bribe) the pedicurist to score a jar of the mystery cream, but then she just offered up the information: Elizabeth Arden! I immediately e-mailed Jin Soon herself to double-check, and she confirmed that I could go knock on the Red Door to find the cream, which I did. Once I commenced beauty sleuthing, I learned that Arden is actually phasing out its spa line but sells near-replicas from Villa Floriani, a phyto-organic brand produced in Italy. And good news—its Ultra-Hydrating Cucumber Body Cream performs almost exactly like the kind I experienced at Jin Soon. To experience the original cream in all its pampering glory, head to Jin Soon (while her supplies last), or you can pick up the next best thing at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas.

Photo: Courtesy of Villa Floriani

Understanding Lollipop Bling; Obama Dyes His Hair—Or Does He?; And More…


It turns out Mariah Carey’s name for her new collection of fragrances, Lollipop Bling, isn’t that random after all. When Nick Cannon proposed to Carey, he apparently presented her with a Ring Pop, and inside the package was a proper engagement ring. That’s where Elizabeth Arden got the idea for the singer’s perfume trio. Phew. We were readying ourselves for another bout of post-Glitter “exhaustion.” [NYT]

Exciting news from across the pond. Liz Earle, our favorite U.K.-based purveyor of natural skincare products, is branching out into haircare for fall. Taking into account the U.K. vs. U.S. launch date lapse, we’re gonna guess that they’ll make landfall here right before the holidays. Two words: Christmas list. [Elle U.K.]

Did he or didn’t he? Inquiring minds want to know whether or not President Obama has been dying his increasingly graying hair back to black. Take your mind off the oil spill for a minute and peruse the before and after pictures. [Huff Po]

He may be darkening his salt-and-pepper strands, but Mr. Obama is definitely not indulging in the eighties fad of shaved designs that’s currently experiencing a revival. But man, things would be a whole lot cooler if he was. [NYT]

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