August 21 2014

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Beauty And The Beat: Talking Makeup And Music With Summer Camp’s Elizabeth Sankey


Things aren’t always as they seem with the Britpop duo Summer Camp. The band generated so much buzz with their anonymous MySpace tracks in 2009 that a live show became inevitable. First they claimed it was all the work of seven Swedes, but then the real wizards, Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley, came out from behind the curtain. Ever since, the twosome has preferred using found photos from the eighties and nineties to their own likenesses when promoting their special brand of indie rock. It’s a wonder why Sankey would want to stay out of the limelight: With alabaster skin as crystal clear as her voice, dresses that date back to the John Hughes films the band samples, and her trademark bright red lips, the front woman has created a signature look that is totally captivating. Like it or not, she and Warmsley are about to get a lot more attention with the release of the digital single “Losing My Mind,” which bows this week, and an upcoming EP. “It’s definitely a progression for us,” she says of the new releases. “But I think it probably still sounds like us, too—it’s really fun, dance-y party tracks.” Here, catches up with Sankey to find out why curly-haired girls have more fun, a “life-changing” beauty tip for life on the road, and the one mascara that, even “if [you] stayed over at a boyfriend’s house, when you wake up it looks fine.”

Since coming forward as the brains behind Summer Camp, has it been important to you to cultivate a specific “look”?

It’s funny, I kind of went through a phase—a probably ill-advised phase—of buying loads and loads of jumpsuits. It was the first year, and then I moved away from that. At first I felt really self-conscious about whether or not I had a look, like that was really important. Now I’m much more comfortable wearing stuff I love. I’m really into nineties stuff, so I have all these dresses that have chain print on them, like old-school Versace, and I found this amazing black velvet bomber jacket on eBay. Also, my hair’s changed a bit; I used to straighten my hair every day and that killed it, so now I’ve embraced the curly side.

Is going curly like going blonde, where people treat you a little differently, as though you’re a different person?

It’s changed how I feel about myself, because it was always this thing I was battling against, my need for control. I hated having any kink or frizz in there. So that was the hardest thing to let go of, that I wasn’t going to know what my hair was going to look like every day. The longer it gets the easier it gets and the more I love it. So maybe it makes me more relaxed!

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