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“She Really Does Wake Up Like This” and 7 Other Things We Learned From Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist



Face painter Francesca Tolot is Beyoncé’s go-to makeup artist—and has been since the Destiny’s Child days. She also counts Madonna, Diana Ross, and Elizabeth Taylor among her current and former clients. Helmut Newton, too, frequently called upon her services. NBD. The only time the pro has ever been starstruck was upon meeting Taylor on one of Newton’s shoots. “My mom adored her—she was her idol. She even dressed me like Cleopatra when I was little,” she said. “I took a Polaroid with [Taylor], and I never ask [clients] for a picture or autograph, but I had to do it so I could send it to my mom. To the day she died, she had that photo in her wallet.” I imagine many people’s parents today would feel the same way about Beyoncé. Here, Tolot reveals everything (well…almost everything) you ever wanted to know about the Queen:

Being a Member of the Carter Crew Is Like Working in the CIA: When asked how she kept the visual album under wraps, Tolot said, “The way I do it is I completely erase it from my mind. There are some things I don’t even tell my family, like when she was pregnant. I literally told no one, that way I’m sure if it goes out, it’s not me. It’s not that I don’t trust my family, I just don’t want to put the pressure on them to remember not to talk about it.” So essentially it’s like being an agent in the CIA? I quipped. “Exactly.”

Yoncé’s Tastes—Like Her Music—Have Evolved: Rewind to 2003 and you’ll see Tolot’s influence. “When I first met her [on the set of “Crazy in Love”], she was wearing a lot of makeup, as probably most people did around that time—especially in the music business. That was one thing I brought to her: no-makeup makeup, which made her look and feel good. She knows who she is—it was just a matter of presenting to her. She definitely bought into [the idea] immediately.”

You Have as Many Hours in a Day as Beyoncé: But you’ll never be Queen—even Tolot has never seen a celebrity with so much “drive.” When asked if Beyoncé ever sleeps while getting her hair and makeup done: “No, never. I’ve never seen that happen. She’s not one of those people that comes and falls asleep on set or in the makeup chair.”

Madge and Bey Have More Than Just Their Makeup Artist in Common: Tolot noted that both Beyoncé and Madonna run the show and don’t skimp on the details. “Madonna was always very much in charge in what the final look would be. She was very observant—she would remember if I did the liner one way and the next time I did it [differently]. She would know.”

She Gets Gorgeous on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: As for the toughest place Tolot has ever had to primp Beyoncé: “On a bus on a windy street driving up a mountain—I get car sick. That was with Destiny’s Child when we were in Europe for some promotional tour.” And this coming from the woman who has applied mascara on a landing jet.

There’s More Than One Way to Get Her Glow: Shimmery bronzer or highlighter from MAC and NARS Blush in (what else?) Orgasm are the tools Tolot frequently employs to achieve Beyoncé’s luminous complexion. “Sometimes it’s just not using powder and leaving the sheen of the foundation,” she added. From the neck down, MAC body makeup, NARS Body Glow, and RCK Luminous Body Glow are all frequently on deck.

Queen Bey Is a Fearless Beauty Leader: “There isn’t anything she won’t try. She’s open to whatever it takes to achieve the idea and the result [she’s after]. As far as makeup goes, she’s not scared of anything.” As if I ever had any doubts.

She’s Got Elizabeth Taylor Eyes; Charting The Toe-besity Epidemic; And More…


Never mind the jet-black dye job: to play Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming made-for-TV movie Liz & Dick, Lindsay Lohan was apparently also fitted with a custom set of violet-hued contact lenses—a signature Taylor feature. [NYP]

Whether or not a cleaning product works no longer entices consumers. It’s what it smells like that counts—which is why big brands like Windex, Clorox, and Mr. Clean are enlisting real-deal perfumers from fragrance houses like Givaudan and IFF to design scent portfolios for their products with notes like ginger, hibiscus, and “glacier-carved waterfalls.” Because boring lemon and plain old pine are played out. [WSJ]

In order to preside over a medical procedure like laser hair removal, Botox injections, or microdermabrasion, you should be a medical professional—a little followed requirement that’s about to become punishable by law in California if not abided by. [Huff Po]

A Brazilian artist has introduced a new project called Humanae, a “chromatic inventory” that intends to shed light on race by classifying every human skin tone using the Pantone chart. Just think of all the future foundation formulation possibilities! [Daily Mail]

Introducing toe-besity, a new plastic surgery term to describe unsightly toes that are too long, too fat—and easily “fixed” by a podiatrist’s skillful hand. [ABC News]

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Christian Louboutin: The Beauty Line; All Hail The King And Queen Of Celebrity Fragrance; And More…


First came the red soles, and now it looks like Christian Louboutin will be devoting his attention to red lipsticks. The famed shoe designer has announced plans for Christian Louboutin Beauté, which will launch early next year. [WWD]

In today’s nail-obsessed world, new lacquer lines are a dime a dozen. But Duality Cosmetics founder Barbara Lampugnale’s Nail-Pak still manages to stand out. The lacquers pack polish removing pads and a file in the bottom of each bottle. Another day, another million-dollar idea we wish we’d had first. [WWD]

Believe it or not, celebrity fragrances aren’t all overwhelming successes. But two personality-fronted flacons continue to outperform all the rest: That’d be Justin Bieber’s Someday and Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. Our prediction: Give Madonna’s Truth or Dare another month at the counter—to unseat Bieber, at least. [WP]

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Eau De Selena Gomez Goes Digital; Liz Taylor, Still Giving Good Face; And More…


More news on Selena Gomez’s forthcoming fragrance debut: Apparently, the Disney-made singing sensation is letting her fans vote online on accords to be used in the perfume, and the most popular notes will be incorporated into the final eau. [WWD]

It’s official: Miranda Kerr is the most influential Victoria’s Secret Angel. Months after Mrs. Orlando Bloom revealed that daily spoonfuls of the healthy fat from coconut oil helps her maintain her svelte figure—even post-pregnancy—sales of the emollient nut extract have spiked. [Daily Mail]

According to a new study, Elizabeth Taylor has been crowned “Most Photogenic Celebrity of All Time.” Decades later, and her raven hair, black brows, and violet eyes are still tough to beat. [Telegraph]

OPI is taking on yet another big-budget movie release as the inspiration for its forthcoming holiday collection: The Muppets! The 12-piece limited-edition line bows this fall and includes a glittery lime lacquer called Being Green (obvs) and our personal favorite, Rainbow Connection, a
hodgepodge of multicolored sequins in a clear base. [Fashionista]

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White Diamonds Is Forever, Jennifer Aniston’s Makeup Must-Haves, And More…


Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away today at 79, will always be remembered by the beauty world for her violet eyes, that genetic blessing of two rows of eyelashes instead of one, and, of course, as the grande dame of celebrity fragrances. Her perfume, Passion, predates J. Lo Glow by 15 years, and its follow up, White Diamonds, remains the most successful celebrity fragrance of all time. [WWD]

Speaking of stylish women who continue to inspire us well past middle age, Nowness has set out to feature a gaggle of them in a new video short that proves you’re never too old for red lipstick, sculpted brows, graphic fringe, and custom-made orange eyelashes, as is the case with artist Ilona Royce Smithkin. “I have my own ideas of what I like and what I think is chic,” the 91-year-old declares. [Nowness]

Abbie Cornish has a metal-based hair extension to thank for minimizing what could have been a brutal head injury she sustained while filming a stunt on the set of her new flick, Sucker Punch. “Apparently the metal hair clip did really save my life and all I have now is a little scar that didn’t need stitches,” the Aussie screen star told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel last night. Extensions: Life savers for deflecting blows to the head and blows to the ego from a bad haircut. [Monsters &Critics]

Ever wonder what beauty products Jennifer Aniston swears by—other than her eponymous eau de parfum, that is? The answers are Bobbi Brown Cheek Tint, Chanel Lip Gloss, Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, and L’Oréal Hair Serum. Now you know. [Grazia]