August 28 2014

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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: French Pharmacy Finds, Part II


Dear Air France,

Thank you for losing my luggage on that one-hour, direct flight from Milan to Paris. Really, thank you. Having left me without any of my skincare or haircare products—no Morrocanoil Hair Treatment; no Oribe Supershine Light; no travel-sized bottles of NYR Organic’s Rose Facial Wash and Rose Water; no Sonya Dakar Fade Away; no Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Eye Balm; no Clé de Peau Wrinkle Correcting concentrate; no Crème de la Mer!—I was forced to make my pilgrimage to the Paris pharmacie a little earlier than planned this season, and for that, I am thankful. Seeing as how the Monoprix near my hotel was only open for another 30 minutes when I arrived, I tried to get the most functionality out of the fewest products possible to hold me over until—God willing—my bags are returned to me. How’s that going, by the way? Regardless, I’ve included my haul report for S/S 2013 below—with a few helpful additions courtesy of some of Beauty Counter’s friends in high places—for you to have on record:

First stop: Bioderma’s Crealine TS H20 Solution Micellaire. They sell this multitasking cleansing water in the States now, albeit selectively, but seeing Diane Kendal and Lucia Pieroni’s jumbo bottles of the impurity-eliminating wash backstage over the past week was reminder enough that I needed to re-up my supply—lost luggage or otherwise.

As I wear more makeup at the shows than in normal life, toner alone won’t wipe away a day’s worth of foundation, mascara, and the occasional cheek contour. Having grown an affinity for rose-scented products courtesy of my mini NYR Organics bottles that are no more (see paragraph above), I was immediately drawn to Nuxe’s Melting Cleansing Face & Eyes Gel with Rose Petals. The idea of a cleanser melting into my skin rather than stripping it bare of essential oils is obviously appealing and this one does just that, while also boasting a subtle floral aroma.

My skin is parched from all the flying, and while I typically use a day and night moisturizer, I sought out a single, medium-to-heavy alternative in Uriage’s AquaPrecis Intense Nutrition Balm. I discovered this line on my very first pharmacie trip a few seasons ago and was immediately hooked; the amazingly nourishing texture of this thermal water-infused salve only helped secure the bond. Diane Kruger is also a fan of the brand that was recently bought by PUIG (and will hopefully start U.S. distribution in the not so distant future), so…there’s that.

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Enjoying French Pharmacy Finds In The U.S. Of A


Not being at the Couture shows is upsetting for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s missing out on things like seeing one of those gorgeous dresses—and Kim and Kanye—in person at Valentino that really eats us up. But we’re also still trying to come to terms with losing a golden opportunity to hit up la pharmacie for a few of our favorite skincare essentials. Luckily, one of our go-to French drugstore staples started shipping to the U.S. last year, which means we can take a little solace in the fact that we’ll still be able to partake in its latest launch. Embryolisse, the brand that makes the moisturizer to end all moisturizers, has just debuted its Lait-Crème Moussante Sans Savon, a nourishing cleansing cream for face and body that just so happens to be soap-free. We segued into soap-free cleansing creams in the spring after Sonya Dakar personally placed her Nutrasphere Sensi Wash in our hands and haven’t looked back. This creamy liquid formula is equally adept at thoroughly removing dirt and grime as it boasts tiny, barely perceptible microbeads that help exfoliate, while a milky consistency loaded with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E ensures that skin remains soft, not dried out. It certainly came in handy yesterday after a long day celebrating America in the unbearable July heat required a lot of post-party skin maintenance.

Photo: Courtesy of Embryolisse

Beauty And The Beat: Santigold Is Ready To “Leave All The Wackiness To Everyone Else”—Just As Long As She Can Have Her Green Eyeliner


A lot can happen in four years—just ask Santi White, a.k.a. Santigold, who released her debut album in 2008. Since then, there’s been blog buzz, Converse ads, copycats, and waiting—a lot of it, mostly by her patient fan base holding its breath for something new from the New York-based genre-crosser. But finally, Santigold’s sophomore album Master of My Make-Believe is here, and it more than meets our incredibly high expectations. White, meanwhile, still looks every bit the star, whether she’s running around the jungle in Rodarte x Opening Ceremony heels (see: the music video for “Disparate Youth”) or doing some gender-bending on her Kehinde Wiley-designed album cover (yes, that’s her as both an Alexander Wang-clad Bond girl, and a suited man). In the midst of a U.S. tour, White spoke with about getting through a five-day detox, getting over her old “look,” and getting creative with her colorist.

Most people’s personal style evolves over the course of four years. Has that been the case for you?
When my first record came out in 2008, it was a really exciting time in fashion because it seemed there was an explosion of fun, colorful, playful styles that were much bolder than anything we’d seen in a couple decades. It was so exciting for someone like me because it was almost like wearing toys. Over the past few years, however, that trend has spread to the point where it seems like everyone just wants to be more “wacky” than the next person, so I’ll leave all the wackiness to everyone else. I still like fun styles with interesting colors and textures; I always will, because that’s what I’m drawn to, the more artful fashion pieces—especially for stage and photo shoots. But now I’m more into creating costumes for my stage shows that feel more theatrical, but in a DIY way. Offstage, comfort always comes first. Maybe that’s something that’s changed a bit; when you first come out as an artist you really want to establish what your “look” is so that everyone knows who you are and what you’re about. Nowadays, the less attention I get when I don’t want it, the better.

That Alexander Wang gold, cutout one-piece you wear on the cover of Master of My Make-Believe is pretty attention-grabbing.
I love that suit! I just had an image in mind for the cover and I knew I needed a special gold suit for the lady-guards that was going to be amazing, so I reached out to Alex—thinking he’d never do it—and I asked him to design something for it. I was overjoyed when he said yes! I remember doing a really bad job trying to describe what I had in mind, and he was like, “So you want something slutty?” I was like, “No! Kind of badass Bond girl,” and he was like, “OK. I got it.” And then he just went into his genius mode and nailed it!

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Britt Maren: From Brunette, To Blonde, To Blonder?


Last night, the glitterati turned out to fête the arrival of François Nars’ new book, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, which is hitting shelves this month. But the nineties-era supermodels that the famed face painter is best known for primping were outnumbered by newcomers like Alana Zimmer, Ginta Lapina, Ajak Deng, and Britt Maren. The four catwalkers, all of whom have spent a fair bit of time in the makeup artist’s chair, were eager to talk skincare. “Always mix your foundation with a moisturizer,” Zimmer offered up as the best backstage beauty tip she’s ever gotten. “And wear skin oils,” Lapina added. Maren, who is back to blonde after spending the Fall show season a rich brunette, has an even simpler regimen: “For me it’s just really about drinking water and moisturizing. I use CeraVe when I want a plain basic one and I have Embryolisse, which I use all the time, too.” As for her ever-changing crop, Maren’s hair is slightly longer than it’s been recently and a pretty shade of honey gold. “Lena at Ion [Studio] took me back to blonde,” she pointed out, mentioning that her days as the poster child for platinum may not be behind her. “I did really like [the bleach],” Maren admits of the strand-damaging process Guido Palau brought back into popular favor at last spring’s Balenciaga show. “I was just talking about going a little bit lighter. It was something different.” There’s always next spring.

Photo: Clockwise from left, David X. Prutting and Neil Rasmus /; Luca Cannonieri /; Monica Feudi /

Drugstore Discovery Of The Week


Like L’Oréal Paris’ Elnett and the equally French Embryolisse, Elgydium toothpaste has been haunting the dreams of Francophile beauty junkies confined to American soil for years. With limited availability stateside, these products frequently wind up as things-to-bring-back-from-Paris requests passed on to friends headed to the City of Light. Elnett took up residence at Target last fall, much to the rejoicing of those of us longing for an accessible, non-sticky, strong-hold hairspray, and apparently Elgydium is now available at select drugstore giants online. I picked one up last weekend, mostly because I’ve always been a fan of the classic apothecary-style aluminum tube (it adds a bit of old-world ambience to any bathroom sink). If you’ve never tried Elgydium before, the taste and texture will definitely jar your American senses a bit—it’s both milder and thicker than your classic Crest or Colgate. But it leaves your whole mouth (teeth and gums) feeling incredibly clean, and somehow a bit more classy.

Photo: Courtesy of