August 29 2014

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Bird of a Feather


bird of a featherIn the beauty realm, eyebrows wield a particular power. Too sparse, too bushy, too inky, too light—all can significantly alter a visage, for better or worse. Molding them is an art form that few have mastered. Kristie Streicher is among the virtuosos. Her arch-grooming talents led her to open her namesake Beauty Bar in L.A.’s Warren-Tricomi salon (she makes frequent trips to New York to see clients as well) and have garnered her favor among such discerning celebrities as Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Emily Blunt, and Julia Roberts. Here, Streicher talks about her signature (and trademarked!) Feathered Brow and reveals her all-time favorite arch icon.

You’ve become known for a style called the Feathered Brow. What is it exactly? Can you describe the shape?

“The Feathered Brow is my signature style. It’s a natural-looking and softly shaped eyebrow. The start of the brow is gently fanned and ends with a diffused tail. The Feathered Brow creates a beautiful, sexy brow that draws attention away from dark circles or other imperfections around the eye. The effect is achieved with tweezing, and seamlessly blends the eyebrow with the contours of the face and forehead, resulting in brows that are just naturally gorgeous. I came up with The Feathered Brow name because I really love the image of softness that ‘feather’ elicits. The overall look of a full natural brow closely resembles a feather, with the broad fanning of hairs at the front and a softly diffused tail.”

What motivated you to develop that signature shape?

“I really started specializing in the fuller, more natural brow style when I moved to New York in 2011. I found most women in my chair wanted to look younger and less tired. Everyone in New York works twice as hard as the average person, then you add the harsh weather and elements on top of it, and it’s above and beyond hard on the body, mind, skin, etc. I began seeing a significant change in the face when the eyebrows were fuller, stronger, and more abundant. Never having been a fan of wax to begin with, I started using tweezing as my main form of epilation. I found I not only had more control when shaping, but it left a more natural, less contrived look. Tweezing is gentler on the skin, especially around the sensitive eye area. I also found that coloring or tinting the eyebrows made a tremendous difference—it immediately helps to richen the brow hair color and add fullness to the base of the brow.”

How do you execute the Feathered Brow?

“The Feathered Brow is achieved by first applying a custom tint, usually a shade darker for better definition to the interior of the brow. Then strategic tweezing of hairs from the outer arch of the brow gives the feathered look. The result is a diffused edge, rather than a hard, lined, definitive brow. It softens the eyes and face, detracting from age lines and dark circles. The Feathered Brow looks great on every face because it is simply your own, natural eyebrow shape with just the few carefully chosen hairs removed from selected areas to open and widen the eye area.”

If someone can’t score an appointment with you, any advice on how they can DIY a feathered-style brow?

“The first step is letting your eyebrows grow out for three to four months in order for their natural shape to become apparent. For some, this is by far the most difficult part of the process. Then only tweeze the few hairs it takes to open up the arch. To find your natural arch, draw an invisible line from the corner of the nose straight up toward the forehead; this is where the eyebrows should start. The arch should fall just outside the pupil and go all the way across the brow bone. The biggest mistake women make is not finding their own natural arch. Oftentimes it is placed too close to the inner part of the brow, rather than the outer portion of the brow. If you try to arch your eyebrows too high above the bone, it will look unnatural. All bone structure is different, and so are eyebrows. Stay with the arch that works best with your bone structure. It’s the one that you naturally have. Eyebrows that are too long and come too far down can make eyes look droopy. Be sure to feather ends outward, giving the eye a lift. Look at your bone structure and hair texture as a guideline for your eyebrows. Softer, more delicate facial features look best with a slightly thinner, more elegant eyebrow, while a stronger bone structure is the perfect face for a thicker, stronger eyebrow. Avoid making the brows slant upward; this has the potential to create an angry look.” Continue Reading “Bird of a Feather” »

Blunt’s Blonde Edge


Severe brunette dye jobs may be the big story on the Fall runways, but a band of starlets are singing a different, brighter tune and going blonde. Recall Natalie Portman’s unexpected color change at the Emmy Awards, and the peroxide pixie look Elisabeth Moss debuted at the New York premiere of For a Good Time, Call…. Emily Blunt is the latest actress to lighten up, sporting fresh honey highlights at last night’s Gotham Awards. No stranger to a dye job, Mrs. John Krasinski has been all over the color continuum this year. She went blonde last February for her role in Looper, before returning to her naturally darker shade over the summer, then presumably underwent this makeover for her latest film, All You Need Is Kill, which is currently shooting in London. Do you prefer a raven- or flaxen-haired Blunt? Let us know below.

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Emily Blunt Mouths Off


Since becoming the latest face of Yves Saint Laurent Opium last fall, Emily Blunt has been steadily building up her beauty résumé. Facing a wealth of red-carpet cameos of late for two new flicks, Salmon Fishing in Yemen and The Five-Year Engagement, the British actress has taken the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of statement lips. Last week she was spotted with a deep crimson mouth, and just last night, she transitioned into a bright fuchsia, which she paired with an emerald and black Jason Wu gown for the latter movie’s Tribeca Film Festival premiere. Thoughts on Blunt’s makeup moves?

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Emily Blunt, Class Act; Katy Perry is Gellin’; And More…


Being the new face of YSL’s Opium may be Emily Blunt’s beauty world debut, but it certainly isn’t the first time she’s been asked to front a product. Why hold out? “None were as classy as [YSL],” the actress says of the other offers. Smart girl. [Telegraph]

Pop star, fragrance mogul, and ghd spokeswoman Katy Perry may have no need for sunscreen thanks to a busy touring schedule that keeps her indoors “like a vampire,” but she has plenty use for long-lasting manicures. “Gels are just an amazing invention; you can bang your hands against anything! And those Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips are genius. All of my dancers are using them.” [Allure]

According to backstage regular and What Not to Wear’s resident coiffing star Ted Gibson, the “lob” is still very much en vogue. “It works with fashion, but it looks really fresh-straight or wavy or curly,” Gibson says of the collarbone-grazing style. [Fashion Etc]

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Twilight Wedding Makeup, A Tutorial; Emily Blunt: YSL’s Purrfect Poster Child; And More…


Twilight: Breaking Dawn fans, get excited. Kristen Stewart’s on-set makeup artist, Stacey Panepinto, dishes on Bella Swan’s wedding day makeup look and how she manages to nail Stewart’s special brand of low-key glamour on-screen and off. [Bella Sugar]

According to a new survey, one in three bosses think their female employees wear too much makeup to work, with most participants having the largest aversion to brightly colored lipstick. Apparently these administrators have not received the memo that lipstick is the new It bag. [Fashion Etc.]

Emily Blunt is the new face of YSL Opium and is now starring in a behind-the-scenes video trailer for her first commercial for the brand. “There’s something very powerful about it,” Blunt explains of the storied fragrance. In the clip, a baby snow leopard follows the starlet’s every move. [People]

Aesop, Australia’s favorite apothecary-style grooming range, recently unleashed an all-out retail blitz on New York City, opening not one, not two, but three retail outlets in Manhattan. Its latest coup? An e-commerce store, of course. Starting this week, the brand is now shipping to—and from—the United States. [Aesop]

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