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A Proper Castle For The Queen Of Celebrity Hair Color


She’s responsible for Natalie Portman’s recent blond transformation—and the rich red that skyrocketed Emma Stone to fame (and has since become the “most-requested” hair color in Hollywood), not to mention Drew Barrymore’s post-baby brunette and Lily Aldridge’s coveted ombré. So it was only a matter of time before Redken creative consultant for color, Tracey Cunningham—together with partner Neil Weisberg—opened her own salon. “It was just time,” Cunningham confirmed of her Beverly Hills atelier, Mèche, speaking exclusively with “Neil and I’ve been friends forever and we’ve worked together also, so opening a salon seemed like a logical decision,” she continued, noting the desire to create a great work environment while building out her own team. Located a bit off the beaten path in the iconic former Ménage à Trois Coiffeurs space, the outpost will staff 20 different stylists operating 22 chairs, which are set amid the building’s natural elements and reclaimed materials.

Conversation quickly turned to awards season, which will prove a busy time for Cunningham and her brand-new venture. Apart from the ombré trend, which she feels is as strong as ever (“I’ll tell you why ombré’s so cool: Because at least it’s something different”), the petite brunette is ready to see a battle of the blondes. “Wintertime is normally when people go darker, but I’m seeing the opposite this year, people going lighter. I don’t know if it’s because of the ‘end of the world,’ but everyone wants to go lighter,” she joked of the rumored apocalypse on 12/21/12, giving her favorite blonde honors to Burberry model and Cunningham client Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, whose color required two applications and rinses for a “super beach-y” look. As for her personal prep work for the bevy of red carpet moments coming up next month, Cunningham admits that she has been busy sourcing runway shots for inspiration but isn’t stressing it too much. “I’m not so worried about people’s hair colors, but I’d like to see better hair styles,” she says. Here’s hoping Odile Gilbert and Guido Palau can make it out to L.A. for the Oscars.

Mèche Salon, 8822 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211, Phone: (310) 278-8930.

Photo: Courtesy of Meche

At Miu Miu, A Front-Row Mouth Moment


The beauty story at Miu Miu yesterday was bangs and brows, with a thick, squared-off, sixties black and gray cat-eye thrown in for good measure. But the show’s front row told an entirely different tale. There, in the starlet section reserved for the likes of Chloë Sevigny, Felicity Jones, and Dianna Agron, sat Emma Stone and Amanda Seyfried, side-by-side ambassadors of the statement lip. Stone has made a painted pout part of her beauty repertoire for quite some time now and opted for a classic crimson on par with the fiery red Miuccia Prada requested for her main line‘s Spring show in Milan two weeks ago, while Seyfried chose a less expected purple that registered as something of a cross between the violet we saw at Haider Ackermann and the fuchsia Peter Philips chose backstage at Dries Van Noten. Paired with her red Miu Miu suit, the color was stunning—and just may have bested Stone’s scarlet. Or maybe you’re on team Emma for this one? Let us know below.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

Diana Ross: D.I.Y Diva; Karolina And Miranda Talk Homespun Beauty Secrets; And More…


Believe it or not, Diana Ross—she of the disco-diva spider lashes, and full head of frizzy ringlets—did her own hair and makeup every time she performed! We repeat: there was no glam squad, according to her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross. [Huff Po]

Emma Stone nabbed the cover of Interview magazine’s September issue—and wears a futuristic, Blade Runner-style smoky winged eyeliner for the occasion. [Hollywood Life]

We’re always up for a supermodel d.i.y beauty tip and these two are no exception: apparently, Karolina Kurkova applies lemon juice directly to her face to boost radiance and exfoliate, while Miranda Kerr—who sent the blogosphere abuzz last year when she revealed that [one of] the secrets to her slender frame was eating a tablespoon of coconut oilevery day—sleeps with olive oil on the ends of her hair to seal any breakage. [Grazia]

Photo: Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Blonde Ambition, Still Alive And Well For Fall


As the Fall shows came to a wrap in March, the season’s clear hair color winner was brunette, which inspired a neo-goth renaissance (and our Fall Beauty Guide). But the dark moment on the runways, which saw blonde beauties like Patricia van der Vliet and Dempsey Stewart adopt espresso dye jobs, left blondes—myself included—a little adrift; how do we, the golden-haired masses, make seasonal color adjustments without committing to a deliberately dark ‘do? “I don’t think these trends need to apply to everyone,” Redken creative consultant Tracey Cunningham assures me. Cunningman is an expert on brightening (she’s the mastermind behind Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, and Jessica Biel’s lightened locks), so we’re ready to take her at her word. Here, Cunningham weighs in on fall-ifying honeyed hair, why ombré highlights will never go out of style, and the one must-have hair product for flaxen folk.

Brunette is obviously a big trend for fall. But what if you’re blonde and you aren’t quite ready to take that plunge?
Please be careful with trends when you are blonde! I have so many brunettes who show me some blonde picture and it just isn’t going to work—and the same goes for blondes. They are so easily tricked into going brunette and it totally messes up their hair. You can lowlight your hair, make it have a little more depth, but don’t go crazy. If you have been a blonde your whole life I think you should embrace it. You just are blonde.

What if you have been experimenting with lighter shades for summer? Is it necessary to tone down the platinum and add in some amber notes so you don’t look so washed out as your tan fades?
Add some depth, which means going from what you are now to what your root color is—or maybe even a little more of that if you are not a base blonde. It doesn’t mean you need to be as dark as your natural hair, just a little darker. If you ever want to go a shade darker or lighter, always bring a photo. That is one of my main rules.

Will we see some of your blonde clients going darker for fall?
Sarah Paulson just went dark for her role in American Horror Story, actually. Who knows about Emma [Stone] though!

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Emma Stone: Dark Angel


We’ve been on the fence about Emma Stone’s return to flaxen, as we were kind of partial to the honey-ginger hair hue that helped make her (and colorist Tracey Cunningham) famous. But Frida Giannini’s aubergine Gucci gown and the incredible berry lip/pink eye gloss combination that celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin gave Stone for the Paris premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man last night wouldn’t have looked nearly as good had she been a redhead. The stark contrast of the dark colors on her impossibly alabaster skin and tousled, bordering-on-platinum strands provided the kind of gothic glamour that was the big takeaway from the Fall shows. Color us excited if this is what we have to look forward to as more of the season’s best offerings go from the runway to the red carpet. What do you think of the look?

Photo: Richard Bord/Getty Images