August 30 2014

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Eve Lom May Have Makeup, But It’s Still About Face



With a following that includes the Lady Madge and a balm cleanser that’s legendary amongst editors, it is a wonder that Eve Lom didn’t branch out from skincare earlier. The good news? It’s worth the wait. The British cult favorite has begun 2014 with a bang, launching the ambitious Radiance Perfect cosmetics range, comprised of a primer, two foundations (liquid and powder), tinted moisturizer, two concealers, setting powder, bronzer, and four sleek synthetic brushes. In keeping with the brand’s pared-back approach, it all comes sans bells and whistles, and many formulas do double duty–like the Radiance Primer, which can stand in as a moisturizer, and even eye cream in a pinch. Amandine Isnard, Head of Product Development at Eve Lom, laughs: “I’m not going to tell people to sleep with [the cosmetics on], because I still want them to go to bed with clean skin, but it’s not going to harm you.” The collection’s hero component is BerryFlux Vita, an antioxidant-rich complex that stimulates hyaluronic acid production, and enlivens weary faces. But don’t hold your breath for a slew of good-for-you lipsticks and eye shadows; at least now the plan is to focus on those purely perfected complexions that have made the brand famous: “We wanted to basically continue to have a beautiful advanced skincare product,” says Isnard, “but to be able to actually to add color to it.” Mission accomplished.

Eve Lom Radiance Perfection cosmetics, $35-60. Available at, and Barneys.

Star Power


evelomstarIn preparation for a weekend filled with holiday cheer (and suggestive balls of mistletoe dangling in door frames), I suggest treating yourself to Eve Lom’s cult-favorite Kiss Mix lip treatment, laced with moisturizing beeswax and cooling menthol. This clear balm instantly melts into chapped skin without leaving a sticky residue behind (ideal for those who end up next to you underneath the aforementioned hanging plant). Or, for last-minute gifting, opt for the holiday edition, which comes packaged in a gold-star gift box and also doubles as an ornament. Even better: no need to wrap.


Photo: Courtesy of Eve Lom

Time Capsules



There’s nothing that encourages a spa day like a holiday dinner with family. But for the many of us who will be spending the Friday after the big event shopping, digesting, or still doing dishes, there are new smoothing facial treatments from Eve Lom and Weleda that can be slathered on before any of these aforementioned activities. Both available in convenient capsule form, these pill-size doses are packed with heavy-hitting ingredients that moisturize, boost radiance, and fight fine lines. Inside the version from Weleda is a blend of four oils—rosehip seed, sweet almond, evening primrose, and peach kernel—laced with protective antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids. The capsules from Eve Lom feature tocotrienol (a variant of vitamin E that protects against free radicals) and a patented blend of six amino acids that are said to reduce wrinkle depth over time. The best part: No need to lug a bulky and spillable jar of face cream, or risk having it snagged by airport security. Take that, TSA.

Eve Lom Age Defying Smoothing Treatment, $150,; Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Capsules, $40,

Photos: Courtesy of Eve Lom and Weleda

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize


We believe in the power of eye cream—always have, always will. Long before we began taking any other preventative skincare measures against the inevitable onset of aging (think: antioxidant-charged serums, retinoids, etc.), we relied on that little jar. There’s just something about the act of patting it on that has always made us feel instantly better. And according to dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, our devotion is not without merit. “Lines around the eyes are often one of the earliest signs women notice of aging,” she says. “The skin there is the thinnest on the body and, as a result, this delicate area is more prone to aging than other areas of the face. Additionally, over time, the skin under the eyes loses elasticity and what we begin to see is loose skin called bags. Couple this with manual stress like rubbing and pulling and an eye cream is extremely important.” The sooner you start using one, the better, as far as Day is concerned. “Studies show that signs of aging around the eye area can occur in your early twenties,” she points out—a revelation that is a little disheartening. But it’s never too late to get on the right track. Here, our five favorite new launches to help keep crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness at bay.

What: Skinceuticals AOX+ Eye Gel

Why: This gel-serum hybrid uses phloretin, Butcher’s Broom extracts, and caffeine (a favorite ingredient of Day’s—”it works well as an anti-inflammatory”) to seriously diffuse swelling.


What: Eve Lom Eye Cream

Why: “Products with ingredients like vitamins and peptides can help moisturize and strengthen the skin around the eye as well as improve discoloration,” says Day, and Eve Lom’s first foray into eye cream happens to be peptide-packed.

$75, at

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Eve Lom Steps Into Liquid


Eve Lom’s signature facial wash has earned the facialist-turned-skincare guru the nickname the “queen of cleansing.” A rich balm made with Egyptian chamomile, eucalyptus oil, and cocoa butter designed to be applied with a simple muslin cloth, its ability to stimulate circulation and remove even the most stubborn makeup has made it a cult favorite. Lom has grown her line exponentially since that famous cleanser first hit shelves, and now she’s further expanding her reach with the release of her first facial serums. The Intense Firming formula is formulated with MPC concentrate, an antiaging milk-derived potion that helps to strengthen and firm the skin, while the Intense Hydration variety is packed with water-retaining hyaluron, a panacea for extremely moisture-tapped complexions (and an in-flight must-have). Both serums have a lightweight, satiny consistency and appealingly subtle scents. Better make that the queen of cleansing and serums.

Photo: Courtesy of Eve Lom