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Avène, The Skin Quencher


In a bit of sad news, our air conditioner appears to be broken (broken!), which obviously means that now is when the humidity makes its return to New York. In our ongoing efforts to be more “go with the flow” about life’s everyday mishaps, we haven’t panicked, demanded retribution from the cosmos, or shed tears as simple indoor movements cause instant, profuse sweating. No, we have moved beyond that, thankfully, and have instead set up a simple cooling system of our own that includes a very large window fan and a can of Avène Thermal Spring Water. The refreshing mist soothes inflammation, itching, redness, and general sensitivity, but most of all, it provides necessary relief from stifling temperatures. We’ve always been the Evian Brumisateur type (it makes for a particularly good beach-bag accessory), but Avène is now sold in our local Duane Reade, so when we go there to patronize its industrial-size air conditioner—er, buy necessities—it’s an easy grab en route to the checkout lane. And it makes the short walk home considerably more bearable.

Photo: Courtesy of Avène

MAC Puts On Its Rose-Colored Glasses


We love a good mist—especially in the summer months, when heat and humidity cause unsightly sweating (call it “glowing” if you must, but it’s still unattractive). We typically keep a canister of Evian Brumisateur in our bag for its kitsch factor, but MAC’s Fix+ tops our list of sprayable favorites because it was designed to both refresh and finish makeup with a cooling burst of hydration that adds radiance to even the most caked-on foundation. Beginning next week, its original calming blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber extracts will get an added boost with the addition of 100 percent natural rose water as part of the brand’s new Rose Romance collection—which is exciting news for anyone who lives for this sweet floral scent and its even sweeter skin-soothing sensation.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

just a spritz’ll do ya


With Paris fashion week nearing its conclusion, thus marking the end of the Spring show season, it seemed like a good time to pass out a few props. Not to the designers, hair stylists, models, or makeup artists, although they surely deserve their fair share of credit for pulling off the countless runway presentations we’ve seen this month. Rather, we’d like to highlight the one staple product that has been backstage at every show from New York to London down to Milan and back to Paris: the Evian Brumisateur facial spray. The long-kept secret of skin experts and makeup artists, the Brumisateur packs Evian’s balanced mineral composition into one handy aerosol, bringing the slow natural filtration process of an aquatic journey of more than 15 years through the French Alps directly to dehydrated skin—making it the essential prep for the layers of foundation, powder, blush, and yes, even face gloss that have graced the international catwalk since early September. It’s also handy for touch-ups and makeup removal—or while lounging by the pool. (Let us not forget that Resort ’10 is not that far away.)

Photo: Courtesy of Evian