September 2 2014

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Open Wide And Say, Spa!


We’ve been so busy stressing over our taxes—and the inevitable extension we had to file—we almost forgot about Spa Week. Almost. The annual event that gives beauty lovers all over the country a chance to experience choice treatments at a selection of local spas—for a mere $50 each—is back, from now through April 18. Below are our top five picks for getting pampered on the cheap in New York; hopefully, a little budget massage therapy will ease away the memory of that sizable “estimate” check we just wrote to the IRS.

Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa at the Plaza

What: A Vinothérapie Facial for 45 minutes of grapeseed polyphenol-infused, face-cleansing bliss.

Where: 1 W. 58th St., at Fifth Ave., NYC.

How: To book an appointment, call (212) 265-3182.

Susan Ciminelli Day Spa & Salon

What: Ciminelli’s signature Seaweed Body Wrap, which minimizes cellulite, reduces stress, conditions the skin, and reduces toxins and water retention. Check, check, check, and check.

Where: 120 E. 56th St., 2nd fl., NYC.

How: To book an appointment, call (212) 750-4441.

Exhale Spa, Midtown

What: A 60-minute Fusion Massage, which uses specific rhythmic massage movements and potent herbal and aromatherapy oils to enhance the overall therapeutic effect. Because you deserve it.

Where: 150 Central Park South, NYC.

How: To book an appointment, call (212) 249-3000.

Clarins Skin Spa

What: A 45-minute Signature Facial using professional-grade versions of Clarins’ best-selling plant-based products. Exceptionally radiant skin; never a bad thing.

Where: 247 Columbus Ave., NYC.

How: To book an appointment, call (212) 362-0190.

The Back Room Hand & Foot Spa at Carol’s Daughter

What: 90 minutes of Carol’s Daughter’s Rose Petal mani/pedi ritual, which features kitchen-fresh ingredients like milk, coconut, peppermint, and tapioca mixed with rose petals. Your nails and toes will look flawless. And then there’s that 10-minute foot massage.

Where: 24 W. 125th St., NYC.

How: To book an appointment, call (212) 828-6717.

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Core Fusion Cardio: Arriving Just In Time For Bikini Season


Attention, Core Fusion fans. Yes, you, in the head-to-toe Lululemon and Exhale grip socks. We share your obsession with these low- impact, body-shaping, and strengthening classes; we, too, crave the muscle-shaking burn that accompanies this punishing-yet-fun exercise protocol. But like many of you, our devotion has caused us to neglect that all-important aerobic component of our fitness regime. Thankfully for all of us, Core Fusion co-creators Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito have taken up the slack with Core Fusion Cardio, officially launching at NYC Exhale Spas this week and rolling out nationally in the coming months. Who knew one could expend so much energy without leaving the confines of a yoga mat? The press-preview classes we sampled were a blur of punching, lunging, and Warriors One, Two, and Three balancing poses (all the while holding light weights), anchored by ever-increasing reps of “plank runs” (imagine holding a push-up position while running in place) and a sequence called Cardio Sun Salutations. Compound moves—think squats plus pull-downs—helped keep our collective heart rates humming along at a comfortably elevated rate. “You should be able to talk while doing this,” DeVito said during one session. Yeah, right. The cool-down included variations on C-curl, Core Fusion’s signature super-challenging ab work. Designed with treadmill haters in mind, this sweat-inducer is just as fast moving and oddly entertaining as classic Core Fusion, making it easy to navigate between cardio and strength-training days. Or you could go crazy and try the two classes back to back, as we plan to do this evening. You know, because we’re sick like that.

Photo: Courtesy of Exhale Spa

Salma Does Juice, Madonna Does Fragrance, And More…


Purge your body of toxins like a star. Salma Hayek has launched her own juice cleanse with friend and Juice Generation founder Eric Helms. We’ll drink to that. [The Cut]

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I love Exhale Spa so much, I could live there?” Well, now you can. [Luxist]

Scientists have found a type of stem cell deep within the hair follicle that’s capable of morphing into new skin and hair, meaning baldness could be a thing of the past. [Business Week]

By now, you’ve all no doubt heard about Madonna’s forthcoming children’s clothing line, but it’s also been confirmed that her deal with Iconix Brand Group Inc. includes—wait for it—a fragrance. Is a tween perfume called Like a Virgin too obvious? [Scented Salamander]

If the idea of eau de Madge isn’t quite your speed, perhaps Akon’s new Konvict is more to your liking? [Hip Hop Wired]

Photo: Dan Steinberg / AP Photo