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Stem Cells In Skincare Get A New Look


There is much debate about the use of stem cells in scientific research—and science-backed skincare—as implementing extractions from fertilized human embryos, regenerative as they may be, draws considerable protest from ethics groups worldwide. But what about nonembryonic stem-cell extracts, taken from chemically stimulated, unharvested human eggs, rather than fertilized embryos? Still debatable in many circles, we imagine. But that hasn’t stopped the new-to-market Lifeline Skin Care from basing an entire brand around the patented HSC-X, a compound of “messaging molecule” proteins derived from human, nonembryonic stem cells that have been donated by in vitro fertilization labs and act to proliferate a whole new crop of cells. Based on the research of Dr. Elena Revazova, MD, PhD, the morning and night creams in the streamlined range increase collagen production, which serves to boost thickness, reduce puffiness, and make the complexion less vulnerable to premature aging. The brand’s latest focus is on the extremely thin skin around your eyes, which it hopes to improve upon with the just-launched Eye Firming Complex . Infused with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and caffeine, the rich, silky fluid imparts much-needed moisture while soothing irritation and promoting a younger appearance. While we didn’t feel any real unease about using a salve with such a high-profile, newfangled ingredient (we’ll try anything once), the results helped to quell any initial qualms we may have had; the fast-absorbing formula left our skin feeling plump and dewy, and after four or five uses, a few pesky fine lines were significantly less noticeable. Ditto some pervasive dark circles, which is never a bad thing.

Photo: Courtesy of Lifeline