April 20 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: Stick to the Point(s)


chanel-eye“To get liquid eyeliner right, I always look at the eyes straight on—I never apply makeup to a closed eye. I make two dots, one where I want the line to start and another where I want the line to end, and then I draw a straight line. It’s all about connecting the dots.”

Every face painter has his or her own technique for creating the perfect swoosh with liquid liner—a product that can trip up even the steadiest of hands. I’ve heard of penciling on a stencil before tracing over the top with eyeliner, crafting the shape in three parts, and even using a credit card to nail a sharp edge. Leave it to this master of maquillage, however, to make achieving the often-finicky flick as easy as a kindergarten worksheet. With strong, graphic eyes appearing on multiple couture runways (Chanel and Giambattista Valli) thus far, it seems studying up on the classic look isn’t a bad idea. Consider this your Cliffs Notes.

Fab Five: Arabian Allure



When we talk about smoky eyes (seen this season at Jill Stuart and Just Cavalli), we tend to give credit to the backstage makeup artists responsible for smudging models’ lids to perfection. Reality check: Middle Eastern women have been working the kohl-rimmed look for centuries. To help ladies on this side of the Atlantic achieve that exotic effect, Bobbi Brown, L’Oréal Paris, Guerlain, and Revlon have launched new liners this year that boast super-pigmented, inky-black formulas.

The desire to exude an air of exotic mystery is also reflected in the latest fragrance launch from Tom Ford, Sahara Noir. The bold, incense-based scent includes sexy notes like bitter orange, cinnamon, cedar, frankincense resin, and vanilla for what Ford says is a “deep and substantial perfume” that is a nod to “the untamed beauty of the Arabian Peninsula.” One whiff and we felt transported.

From left:

Tom Ford Sahara Noir, $150,

Revlon Photoready Kajal Intense Eyeliner + Brightener in Carbon Cleopatra, $8.99,

Guerlain Kôhl Me Kajal Eyeliner, $37,

L‘Oréal Voluminous Smoldering Liner in Black, $8.95,

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner in Noir, $24,

The Eyes of a Champion



“Racket? Got it. Sneakers? Yep. Headband? Uh-huh. Eyeliner? Winged and ready.” That’s the checklist that we’re guessing Serena Williams went through before each match at this year’s U.S. Open—she didn’t hit the court once during the tournament without kohl-rimmed eyes. Of course Serena, who is not known for being demure, didn’t just opt for subtle definition. Instead, she went with bold, extended strokes of carbon-black liner that rivaled the retro look we spotted backstage at Prabal Gurung.

And although we can’t imagine getting through a spin class with our makeup still intact, Serena endured last night’s grueling two-hour, forty-five-minute final against Victoria Azarenka (one of the longest women’s matches ever) without a smudge in sight. And, oh yeah, she scored her fifth U.S. Open win (her seventeenth major title overall). During her post-match interview, the number-one ranked player was grilled about the gusts of wind that rattled her nerves and that nail-biter of a tiebreak. The one question we would ask the champ: What eyeliner do you use?

Photo: Getty

Throwback Thursday: Fine Line


Naomi-Sims-Vogue-US-1972Throwback Thursday is a column on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Model: Naomi Sims

The Moment: Powder-Blue Liner

The Motivation: The world of fashion never stops, and as such, the countdown to the New York shows has begun. And while a new season means new trends, new silhouettes, and a new It bag, we can’t wait to discover which beauty looks will return and which will surprise us. In particular: blue eyeliner. When we spotted the above shot (that is oddly similar to the look from Stella McCartney last Spring), from a 1972 issue of Vogue, we couldn’t help but wonder which tone of this much-beloved hue will reappear for 2014? Will it be navy, cerulean, indigo, or cornflower? And will face painters apply the color in small doses (as seen here), or use it all over lids? The only thing we know for now: We can’t keep our eyes off Sims’ spiky black lashes and icy inner rims.

Berry Berenson Perkins for Vogue, 1972; courtesy of