August 22 2014

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Skin As Fresh As A Daisy


BELIDES / (bell-e-deez) / n. / 1. The extract of Bellis perennis, more commonly known as the daisy flower, which is native to western, central, and northern Europe and classified by its yellow center and white petals; / n. / 2. A forest nymph in Roman mythology who transformed herself into the flower Bellis to avoid the unwanted attention of the orchard god, Vertumbus; / n. / 3. A popular domestic plant symbolic of innocence, purity, and happiness; / n. / 4. A skin-lightening agent that evens out age spots and pigmentation, e.g., “Brighten up your day—and your skin—with a Belides bouquet.”

Try It: Sonya Dakar Nutrasphere Fade Away with Belides, $195,

Photo: Courtesy of Sonya Dakar