August 23 2014

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Lana Del Gaga: A Burgeoning Beauty Mash-Up


Unless you somehow managed to avoid the millions of tweets and blog posts about it last month, you are aware that Lady Gaga has embraced a milk chocolate brunette of late, eschewing the more outlandish hair colors she’s become known for in favor of a shade of “Louis Vuitton brown,” as the singing sensation calls it. But we noticed something about Mother Monster’s new ‘do, which has prompted her to become altogether more demure, as she sported a chic black sheath dress and minimal makeup to launch her Fame fragrance at Harrods in London today: She looks a little bit like Lana Del Rey. That custom-designed gold claw is still all Gaga, of course, but the back-combed bump, the elongated black cat-eyes, and the layers of lashes scream Lana, thus blurring the often finite lines of pop superstardom image-making. Tell us: Do you like your Gaga with a little Del Rey, or do you prefer her with aqua Rapunzel extensions and a face full of adhesive pearls?

Photo: Getty Images