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Flashback Friday: Makeup That’s Out of This World


donna-mitchellFlashback Friday is a feature on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day makeup and hair inspiration.

The Model: Donna Mitchell

The Moment: A Futuristic Face

The Motivation: Whether it’s the influence of The Hunger Games or art, we’ve noticed a recent shift toward the experimental in maquillage. With the new installment of the series, Catching Fire, out today in cinemas, we thought it was a great time to highlight this image, taken from a seventies edition of British Vogue. Not only does the photo remind us of Octavia (a member of Katniss’ “prep team,” whose skin is dyed various shades of pale green), but Mitchell’s lipstick is also reminiscent of the chemical peach hue used at Fendi and vintage pastels employed at Prabal Gurung for Spring 2014. In the Capitol, beauty is of prime importance (with stylists and hair and makeup gurus assigned to each of the competitors), which, interestingly enough, is quite similar to the goings-on backstage in the fantastical (and dog-eat-dog) world of fashion.

Photo: Clive Arrowsmith for British Vogue, 1970; courtesy of

Braid Brigade



The braided mohawk Kate Bosworth wore to the premiere of Big Sur in New York City last night was a flashback to Fendi Fall 2013, where hair pro Sam McKnight adorned a similar punk-inspired plait with tufts of fox fur. If you have yet to figure out your Halloween costume, take a cue from the red carpet and the runway, add some colorful fluff from crown to forehead, and go as one very glamorous cockatoo.

Photos: Getty Images; Luca Cannonieri / InDigital | GoRunway

A Lipstick for Anti-Lipstick Types


Albeit Matte Stylo Stick-cropLipstick has never been easy for me. The bright zing of red, orange, or pink on the mouth has never been my style. Oh, trust me, I’ve wanted it to be—there’s something effortlessly cool and quirky (traits I deeply admire) about the saturated lip effect. But I’ve never been much good at it, you see. Finding the right shade is challenging because, as I’ve learned, the wrong tone of crimson or coral can really make you appear like you have caught a bad stomach bug, or perhaps even worse, are trying oh-so-desperately hard to wear a certain “look.” The odds of me wearing lipstick became slimmer after I had two kids, and the fear of kissing off any kind of vivid pigment on their chubby cheeks further convinced me to stick to simple, clear lip balms (or maybe a tinted rose if I was feeling bold). But I can’t deny the siren appeal of the rainbowlike bullets. The spring runways were full of optimistic inspiration, too, particularly in the form of matte orange shades seen at Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung, and Fendi, where a pinky-orange made me blink twice at its beauty. Sigh, if only.

Well, OK, full stop on that pining. As luck would have it, a perfumer friend of mine passed along a sample of Albeit Matte Stylo Stick in Geranium, a new release for fall from Anthropologie. I admit, it sat in my handbag untouched for almost a week. But the other day, I traced on the rosy coral and was completely transformed. The tip of the crayon is conveniently shaped to conform to the contours of your mouth, making it ridiculously easy to apply on the go (no fancy lip brush required). The papaya-rich, nourishing formula is an appealing cross between a lip balm and lipstick, so it melts into your skin for a complexion-flattering finish that doesn’t fade away too soon. In fact, if you blot and reapply, the color lasts a good three to four hours. As for remembering to wear it in the first place? I’ve discovered that time-honored secret shared among lipstick girls: When your color looks this good, that’s all the motivation you need.

Wigging Out With Cher’s Mane Man


Cher-cropWigs, according to backstage fixture Sam McKnight, have taken the place of hats. And with choppy bowl-cut versions showing up at Marc Jacobs and Fendi, we’d say a trend is on the rise. Once thought of as something saved for Halloween, old ladies, and Lady Gaga, they’re quickly becoming more commonplace. For the photos attached to Cher’s latest album, Closer to the Truth, hairstylist Ricardo Rojas fitted the grand dame of divas and hair chameleon with faux strands reminiscent of a French beauty legend. “I wanted to re-create her signature long waves and youthful energy,” he explained. “I love Brigitte Bardot’s sexy tousled [look], so I went about styling the hair with that texture in mind, along with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll.” And if your first question is, what exactly is the songstress hiding under the many wigs she wears in the artwork for her latest album—debuting three alone, including one made of newsprint, for the “Woman’s World” music video—it’s “gorgeous and long hair,” said Rojas.

The secrets to wearing a wig well, he explained, are not only to ask your stylist for advice, buy real (not faux), and get it cut by a pro, but to also concentrate on color. “When you first buy a wig, it lacks the darker roots and border that make it appear as if it’s your own,” Rojas elaborated. Then treat it like you would a Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere sweater, meaning give it major TLC (and a monthly trip to the salon for maintenance). And while a quality rug is certainly an investment, you don’t have to commit to just one look…or suffer a bad hair day ever again.

Photo: Machado Cicala Morassut

Play Up Your Best Assets


Wendy-RoweWhile we’ve seen some interesting things done with eyeliner in the past (Peter Philips at Chanel and Fendi anyone?), the bum shot that makeup artist Wendy Rowe posted on Instagram today was certainly cheeky. With denim recently incorporated into Anthony Vaccarello’s and Balmain’s collections, the hunt for that elusive pair that accentuates every curve without pulling across the front or gaping in the back is set to continue for Spring. Here, a black pencil offers a simple (albeit bold) solution to finding the perfect fit.

Photo: Instagram