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Fergie Gets Intense; William And Kate Make Their Eaux Face; And More…


Fergie is expanding her Avon fragrance empire. After her first offering, Outspoken, shattered the company’s sales records, she has embarked on Outspoken Intense, a fruity-floral that features notes of kumquat and starfruit. It’s meant to mimic that moment right before the Black Eyed Peas front woman goes on stage. “My heart starts beating faster. The adrenaline kicks in. That’s the feeling.” [WWD]

Fellow rocker Gwen Stefani also has a successful string of perfumes to her name, but the No Doubt singer’s real passion is makeup, which she’s been wearing since the seventh grade. “I’m very vain,” she deadpans. “I love the visual.” [NYDN]

In honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29 nuptials, famed perfumer Clive Christian will be gifting the newlyweds his-and-hers versions of his No. 1 Perfume, valued at $11,000 for the set. Talk about the royal treatment! [WWD]

Another day, another towering, colorful Nicki Minaj wig for us to enjoy. [Daily Mail]

Look out, Blow NY. L.A.’s Dry Bar is branching out into the New York market, which means the competition for a great, quick blow-out just got a little stiffer. [WWD]

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Fergie Tips The Scale At Super Bowl XLV


Full disclosure: I abhor the Black Eyed Peas—like really, truly deeply hate them. The group’s only redeeming quality, as far as I’m concerned, is Fergie’s continued willingness to push the boundaries of nail art—with talon-like extensions, hand designs, and nail rings, the lattermost of which she broke out at last night’s Super Bowl halftime show. The cringe-worthy spectacle that the foursome put on at Texas Stadium had just two bright spots: that Usher cameo and the pointy, sparkly claws that Fergalicious sported on her middle and index fingers. Swarovski-encrusted tips I can support; that Dirty Dancing title track cover, not a chance. What do you think?

Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Fergie’s On-Trend Talons


We recently had the pleasure of chatting up London’s reigning nail queen, Sophy Robson, who treated us to some trend predictions for next year. “The shape of nails is getting longer. And it’s definitely the oval look,” she told us. It looks like an homage to the fashion world’s open-armed embrace of all things seventies, to us, and a style she herself helped give wings to in full gold glitter at shows like House of Holland. Right on cue, we spotted said extended rounded tips in a creamy nude on the red carpet this weekend, as a bejeweled Fergie showed up in London for the Jingle Bell Ball. The decadent length is longer than we’re used to, but not in an I-can’t-use-my-computer-keyboard way—so, in other words, totally within the realm of functional possibility, if you’re ready to go there. So, are you?

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Marilyn, The Mane Event; Fergie’s The New Paula; and More…


As if there were any question, Marilyn Monroe has been named the greatest blonde of all time in a new poll from Clairol Nice ‘N Easy. Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, and Cameron Diaz also made the cut, although seeing as how Marilyn was really a brunette, we’d feel cheated if we were Cam. [Stylist]

We called it earlier this summer; two-toned hair is officially a trend. It’s season-specific, though, so Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rachel Bilson may want to make appointments with their colorists ASAP. [WWD]

And now back to Marilyn. It wasn’t just the screen star’s golden locks that made her a fan favorite. And allegedly, it wasn’t her décolletage either. According to a New Zealand anthropologist, her attractiveness—and female attractiveness in general—is based on a simple hip-to-waist measurement, that being 0.7. A waist measurement that is exactly 70 percent of the hip circumference also happens to define modern-day beauties like Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio. [Daily Mail]

Luckily, Avon is here for those of us with ratios that aren’t quite up to par. To celebrate its 125th anniversary, the beauty giant is launching Avon Voices, a global online talent search for a female singer with a songwriting competition component that incorporates the theme of empowerment. Fergie—whose Outspoken fragrance just launched under the brand’s guidance—will play judge. Look out, American Idol. [WWD]

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Lady Is A Vamp, What They Wore When They Were 17, And More…


Scarlett Johansson’s new sexed-up ad campaign for D&G The Makeup’s Fall collection hit the Web today, and it’s a slight departure from last season’s. First and foremost, her typically heaving chest is uncharacteristically covered up; secondly, she’s gone from pinup girl to vamp in what amounts to yet another endorsement for the purple lip. (We told you it was going to be a big thing.) [Daily Mail]

Jennifer Aniston may be a huge Hollywood star, but her skincare habits are more high school than high-profile. The A-lister apparently swears by Neutrogena’s Facial Bar for all of her skin-cleansing needs. That’s, like, so Jen to be so down-to-earth, you know? [Marie Claire U.K.]

Speaking of high school beauty habits, Fergie recently revealed that long before she launched Outspoken, her fragrance with Avon, she bathed in Dior’s Poison in homage to the Bell Biv DeVoe song of the same name. [Allure]

The owner of a Beverly Hills beauty salon is being charged with fraud for ringing up thousands of dollars in unauthorized charges on her celebrity clients’ credit cards. Boldfaced names including Liv Tyler and jewelry designer Loree Rodkin are out a combined 282K! [AP]

And in other hair news, Anderson Cooper is being propositioned to lose his gray hair to the tune of $1 million. A pharmaceutical company hoping to market a pill that turns silver hair back to its original color wants to use Cooper as a spokesperson—provided he tweets and twitpics his progress along the way, of course. [Huff Po]

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