August 29 2014

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Ferragamo’s Attimo, An Instant Classic


You’ve likely already read about this week’s launch party for Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest fragrance, Attimo—a perfume that, according to its press release, is meant to represent “the essence of life’s most precious instants.” Models Irina Lazareanu, Agyness Deyn, and Lindsay Ellingson; photographer Craig McDean; jewelry designer Gaia Repossi; and Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos all turned out to fête the instant of the fragrance’s coming-out party on Wednesday night—as did one Dree Hemingway, who stars in its print (and video) campaign, cradling a bottle of the light gold eau in her palm while wearing nothing more that a pale pink nightie with unfastened red satin Ferragamo stilettos. For those of you who had the pleasure of actually making it up to Le Bain’s rooftop soirée, something else, aside from the glitterati, may have caught your eye—or nose, as it were. Described by Firmenich noses Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Annick Menardo as a “floral green woody,” notes of nashi pear and lotus flower hit you first. A floral center of gardenia and frangiapani blossoms then begins to take shape, until the scent fully evolves on your skin with a warm dry-down of powdery musks and patchouli. If you couldn’t get past the list-holders at the Standard, you can still have the Attimo experience. Get ready to celebrate your own precious instants when the flacon hits counters at Bloomingdale’s on July 23.

Photo: Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo

Scratch, Sniff, Send


Have you ever stood in line at the post office, hoping and praying for something—anything—to take your mind off the line that’s 25-people deep and the single window that’s open for business? Germany has a few ideas: The Deutsche Post has introduced scratch-and-sniff stamps in fruity flavors that reveal their scent when the sender or recipient runs a finger over their surface. Lemon, blueberry, strawberry, and apple fragrances have already adorned letters, and rose-tinged postage was introduced last month. No word on who’s supplying the essential oils used in the process (Givaudan? Firmenich? Fess up!), but the concept is a great one. Countries from Bhutan and Brazil to South Korea and Switzerland have also dabbled in olfactory-pleasing postage, but somehow it has eluded the USPS, which seems bent on ensuring that we derive no pleasure at all from a trip to the post office. Oh, how we wish we had a pen pal in Berlin… [WWD]

Photo: Strawberry, leaf with flower © Obstsorten, Verlag J. Neumann, Germany; Strawberry, fruit and profile © Karen Scholz, Bad Essen, Germany

Issey Miyake Is Back With A (New) Scent


For fragrance fanatics, the nineties were an exciting time. Designer perfumes were in their prime, and iconic flacons by some of the most influential talents of the day began to arrive in stores, each carrying with it the scent of social demarcation. Europhiles bathed in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male; arty, ambiguous types chose Calvin Klein’s CK One; and the more upward-bound members of the style set spritzed on Thierry Mugler’s Angel. But Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey, in its highly recognizable conical bottle, offered a point of difference. It was clean, fresh—and devoid of that Mugler-esque ability to leave a waft of patchouli in its wake. With the return of nineties fashion come additional olfactory offerings from these brands. This month, Miyake finally joins the revival. His first women’s fragrance in 16 years recently hit shelves, and as a “tribute to simplicity,” it is aptly called A Scent. We sat down with Firmenich perfumer Daphné Bugey to talk about her experience working with the reclusive design legend, how she formulated a “new kind of freshness,” and the rise of the female nose.

So, how did you even begin to approach the daunting task of devising a follow-up to Miyake’s tremendously successful L’Eau d’Issey?

It was a very big challenge mostly because we don’t discover new chemicals or natural notes every year. Since in the recent past there have been so many fruity, praline, gourmand scents, I thought working more directly with the greener, woodsy accords could be particularly refreshing in this arena. I think we need something like this right now.

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