August 30 2014

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“She Really Does Wake Up Like This” and 7 Other Things We Learned From Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist



Face painter Francesca Tolot is Beyoncé’s go-to makeup artist—and has been since the Destiny’s Child days. She also counts Madonna, Diana Ross, and Elizabeth Taylor among her current and former clients. Helmut Newton, too, frequently called upon her services. NBD. The only time the pro has ever been starstruck was upon meeting Taylor on one of Newton’s shoots. “My mom adored her—she was her idol. She even dressed me like Cleopatra when I was little,” she said. “I took a Polaroid with [Taylor], and I never ask [clients] for a picture or autograph, but I had to do it so I could send it to my mom. To the day she died, she had that photo in her wallet.” I imagine many people’s parents today would feel the same way about Beyoncé. Here, Tolot reveals everything (well…almost everything) you ever wanted to know about the Queen:

Being a Member of the Carter Crew Is Like Working in the CIA: When asked how she kept the visual album under wraps, Tolot said, “The way I do it is I completely erase it from my mind. There are some things I don’t even tell my family, like when she was pregnant. I literally told no one, that way I’m sure if it goes out, it’s not me. It’s not that I don’t trust my family, I just don’t want to put the pressure on them to remember not to talk about it.” So essentially it’s like being an agent in the CIA? I quipped. “Exactly.”

Yoncé’s Tastes—Like Her Music—Have Evolved: Rewind to 2003 and you’ll see Tolot’s influence. “When I first met her [on the set of “Crazy in Love”], she was wearing a lot of makeup, as probably most people did around that time—especially in the music business. That was one thing I brought to her: no-makeup makeup, which made her look and feel good. She knows who she is—it was just a matter of presenting to her. She definitely bought into [the idea] immediately.”

You Have as Many Hours in a Day as Beyoncé: But you’ll never be Queen—even Tolot has never seen a celebrity with so much “drive.” When asked if Beyoncé ever sleeps while getting her hair and makeup done: “No, never. I’ve never seen that happen. She’s not one of those people that comes and falls asleep on set or in the makeup chair.”

Madge and Bey Have More Than Just Their Makeup Artist in Common: Tolot noted that both Beyoncé and Madonna run the show and don’t skimp on the details. “Madonna was always very much in charge in what the final look would be. She was very observant—she would remember if I did the liner one way and the next time I did it [differently]. She would know.”

She Gets Gorgeous on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: As for the toughest place Tolot has ever had to primp Beyoncé: “On a bus on a windy street driving up a mountain—I get car sick. That was with Destiny’s Child when we were in Europe for some promotional tour.” And this coming from the woman who has applied mascara on a landing jet.

There’s More Than One Way to Get Her Glow: Shimmery bronzer or highlighter from MAC and NARS Blush in (what else?) Orgasm are the tools Tolot frequently employs to achieve Beyoncé’s luminous complexion. “Sometimes it’s just not using powder and leaving the sheen of the foundation,” she added. From the neck down, MAC body makeup, NARS Body Glow, and RCK Luminous Body Glow are all frequently on deck.

Queen Bey Is a Fearless Beauty Leader: “There isn’t anything she won’t try. She’s open to whatever it takes to achieve the idea and the result [she’s after]. As far as makeup goes, she’s not scared of anything.” As if I ever had any doubts.

B’s Summer Daze


In anticipation of her forthcoming fourth solo album, aptly titled 4, Beyoncé Knowles is making the editorial rounds. B graces the pages of the July issues of W, L’Uomo Vogue, Essence, and Cleo magazines, just to name a few, but her turn as cover star for the new Dazed & Confused just may be our favorite. Whether or not the R&B superstar has ever actually experienced trailer park life firsthand, that slice of Americana serves as the setting for photographer Sharif Hamza’s spread in the British glossy—and we are into it. The down-and-out backdrop inspires some seriously glam ensembles, which were custom-made for the rooty-blonde phenom by the likes of Haider Ackermann and Riccardo Tisci. Even more eye-catching is the beauty. “I wanted to create a sultry, colorful summer look,” makeup artist Francesca Tolot says of the shoot, in which Mrs. Jay-Z holds a portable fan in her Minx by Lisa Lopez-bedazzled fingers to beat the heat. Tolot built up B’s sleepy, aqua eyes with a Christian Dior 5-color eye shadow palette, using L’Oréal black eye pencil and its 1,000 Lashes mascara to carve out some drama. For that icy pink pout, she mixed Dior lipstick in Mysterious #786 with MAC in Syss. Here’s the kicker: Tolot used no (none, zero) foundation on Knowles’ honey-hued limbs. Just a little baby oil on her arms, chest, and legs to add a bit of sheen. Only Sasha Fierce can make gritty look this chic.

Photo: Sharif Hamza for Dazed & Confused, July 2011