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Marilyn Monroe on a Scent That Never Loses Its Sex Appeal; When It Comes to Miley, We Called It; Double Your Fragrance Fun With the Olsen’s Latest Launch; and More


Chanel released its new ad for No. 5 (dropping November 11) and the recording the house dug up in Marilyn Monroe’s archives. Makes us want to swap out our oversize sleep shirts for the far sexier fragrance.

Not to brag or anything, but we figured out Miley Cyrus’ Lil’ Kim Halloween costume long before she debuted it on Instagram. Perhaps we should have gone as Long Island medium Theresa Caputo last night…

Two is often better than one—especially when an Olsen is involved. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s latest endeavor: two Elizabeth and James fragrances dubbed Nirvana Black and White launching in January at Sephora.

Those monthly beauty-box subscriptions filled with sample-size products often leave much to be desired, but the latest Glossybox by Net-a-Porter (available November 4) is seriously impressive. A full-size, bullet-shaped Ellis Faas Mascara, RGB Cuticle Oil, and Kevyn Aucoin eye shadow duo are included, along with trial tubes and cans from luxe brands like Natura Bissé, Klorane, and Philip B.

Makeup artist extraordinaire François Nars is releasing a book published by Rizzoli—Faery Lands: Tahiti—filled with sepia-toned imagery from his island (yes, all his), Motu Tané, off the coast of Bora Bora. It hits the shelves of NARS boutiques and bookstores mid-November.

When they talk about the Axe effect, we don’t think the brand had asphyxiation by body spray in mind. After being spritzed in a sixth-grade Brooklyn classroom, eight children were sent to the hospital. Unlike the commercials, no bodacious models in bikinis appeared. We can only imagine the disappointment of those 12-year-old boys. [Time]

Backstage at Marc Jacobs: Blonds That Break All The Rules


marc jacobsIf you looked at the models at Marc Jacobs and thought, “Did they plop a bowl on their heads and take a pair of scissors to their hair?” you were on the right track. To achieve the uniformity the designer requested, hairstylist Guido Palau fitted models with blond wigs dyed by Victoria Hunter at Whittemore House Salon in New York City, then went at them with scissors and razors. The references for the choppy style: surfers, Los Angeles, and kids who cut their own hair. To add texture, he dressed strands with Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray.

François Nars also set out to make the girls appear more “interesting” than pretty, “characters” over classic beauties. “I’m bored to death with the healthy look,” he explained, using only NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer on the face. The eyes are where he added the edge, rimming the upper and lower waterlines with either the Eyeliner Pencil in Kalisté (a darkened teal) or Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Blue Dahlia (a cobalt shade launching for the holiday season)—adding a small “slash” of color to the inner and outer corners to finish. The final touch was “tons” of black mascara.

And while manicurist Marian Newman insisted that the squared-off tips coated in a specially created color (Bark!—available for summer 2014) of Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer from Marc Jacobs Beauty were not French in style, the tiny jet-black crystals lined along the free edge certainly said otherwise. “The whole point [of this manicure] is that it’s all a little bit wrong—it’s Spring/Summer and we’re using a grungy brown.” I suppose I never expected to see a look that was in step with the rest of the week; after all, this is a man who sets the trends.

Photos: Ivan Lattuada /

Amber Valletta As Catherine Deneuve, Take Two


Amber Valletta already proved herself capable of taking on the role of Catherine Deneuve once (the supermodel reenacted the actress’ legendary character from Belle de Jour in François Nars’ much-lauded photo book 15×15). So when the face painter decided to base his entire Spring collection around another Deneuve heroine—Lucile, from Alain Cavalier’s 1968 film La Chamade—Valletta obviously got spokesperson dibs. Nars is calling this season a time to “embrace color and get noticed,” and his new campaign image reflects the sentiment with bright, golden moss-hued eyes courtesy of his new Camargue Duo Cream Eyeshadow; a strong pink cheek, which Nars created using his Amour Blush; and a glossy nude lip that’s been amplified with a contrasting Lip Pencil in Borneo. The result is retro yet still modern—not to mention a pretty good homage, don’t you think?

Photo: Courtesy of NARS Cosmetics

François Nars, Party Monster


Last night, we bore witness to one of the more epic beauty-and-fashion parties we’ve attended to date. Together in one room were supermodels old and new and rag-trade megastars (see Theyskens, Olivier, and Jacobs, Marc), not to mention one very bedazzled Amanda Lepore—all of whom gathered to celebrate the launch of François Nars’ new photo book, 15×15. The highlight of the night, aside from seeing Nars’ beautiful portraits projected in super-size onto a huge white wall, was watching Daphne Guinness take the bathroom stairs in a pair of completely impractical but entirely unforgettable Alexander McQueen platforms, with not a hand on the banister for assisted balance. It was impressive, to put it mildly. Click here to read our complete party coverage.

Photo: Courtesy of 15×15 by François Nars

François Nars Returns! Again!


Backstage invites are starting to flood our inbox as fashion week looms ever closer. As we’ve been mechanically adding them to the color-coded Excel spreadsheet we tote around each season, one in particular has stood out. That would be the Marc Jacobs invite we got today from NARS Cosmetics that reads:

Show: Marc Jacobs

Date: Monday, September 14th, at 8 p.m.

Venue: Armory, 643 Park Avenue

Lead: François Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics

Yes, François Nars will be returning for part two of his grand re-entrance into the world of high fashion, and judging by his handiwork from Fall, we’ll have plenty of juicy details to bring you when our show season coverage begins. Get psyched.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri / Courtesy of NARS