August 22 2014

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Frédéric Malle’s New Body Of Work


Frédéric Malle is having a busy year. In addition to relaunching his Web site (interactive features abound, as do weekly journal entries from Malle himself, who muses on food, travel, photography, and, of course, fragrance), the famed perfumer has just introduced four new ancillary products for some of his most beloved scents. If, like us, you found yourself inexplicably drawn to Malle’s 2010 men’s debut, Geranium Pour Homme, this is exciting news indeed; the collection of body milks and shower gels includes one of each for the geranium, anise, mint absolute, and clove eau. Looking for more of Malle’s cult-favorite Dans Tes Bras to love? Its new violet and bergamot-infused body milk will fit the bill. Additionally, fans of Malle’s Bois d’Orage can now enjoy its notes of angelica, iris, cedarwood, and vetiver in the fragrant lather of a body wash. Should you be in need of some morning motivation to get out of bed and into the shower, these should do the trick.

Photo: Courtesy of Frédéric Malle

Eau De Snooki, Bond No. 9 Goes West, And More…


As a follow-up to the obligatory book she launched this month, Jersey Shore‘s Snooki has plans to go big in 2011 with denim, home wares, and, you guessed it, beauty products. Looks like she’ll be facing some stiff competition, too. [Village Voice]

Miss America airs next week and Miss Delaware, Kayla Martell, who suffers from alopecia areata, the rare autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, is out to prove that bald is beautiful. [Sify]

Wondering which 2010 perfume launches were a big holiday hit? That would be Gucci Guilty, Acqua di Gioia, and Yves Saint Laurent’s Belle d’Opium, all of which dominated sales at department stores last month. For the niche-minded fragrance aficionados, Byredo Parfums’ M/Mink and Frédéric Malle’s Portrait of a Lady came out on top. [NYT]

So what lays ahead for the fragrance world? If you’re Bond No. 9, it’s a new storefront in New York’s Meatpacking District—a fitting home for its High Line-inspired flacon that launched last year. [Racked]

Photo: Scott Gries / PictureGroup / AP Photo

A Glee Star Gets Flirty, And More…


Glee‘s Heather Morris, a.k.a. Britney S. Pierce, just nabbed herself a makeup contract with Flirt cosmetics. Don’t worry, Diana Agron. Your day will come. [WWD]

In more of a Britney S-pears kind of move, Samantha Ronson was spotted in L.A. last night with exposed extension roots. The horror! [Daily Mail]

You are what you eat, and this guide to skin-healthy foods will help you chew your way to a better complexion. Spoiler alert: Holiday-themed sugar cookies are not on the list. [Hello!]

Kate Beckinsale was spotted at Barneys this week putting in a lot of time at the fragrance counter—the Frédéric Malle fragrance counter, to be specific. Oh, to be on her holiday gifting list… [Grazia]

Photo: Krista Kennell / Sipa Press / AP photo

Parfums Frédéric Malle Makes Its Mark


Last year was a big one for New York City’s Mark Hotel and Parfums Frédéric Malle. After extensive renovations, the former reopened on the Upper East Side with its signature Jean-Georges-designed 24/7 room service menu and Frédéric Fekkai salon fully intact, and the latter delved into home fragrance for the first time. Both marked momentous occasions for lovers of high-end creature comforts everywhere. This month, perhaps inspired by other recent hotel-fragrance collabs, the two brands have joined forces. Malle’s popular Bigarade Concentrée, a citrus-y unisex eau crafted by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, and its Jurassic Flower candles—which come in those signature red hand-blown glass jars—are now available for purchase in every room and suite at the Mark. If that doesn’t persuade guests to flex their charge-it-to-the-room muscles, Malle has enlisted famed nose Carlos Benaïm to devise a custom room-spray version of his Jurassic Flower scent—a magnolia, lavender, peachy aroma that is spritzed throughout the hotel. We dare you to resist its fruity-floral siren call.

Photo: Courtesy of Frédéric Malle

Malle On Madison


Considering the devoted fan base he has stateside, it’s almost shocking that Frédéric Malle has been operating sans U.S. flagship since starting his company nearly a decade ago. But that wrong has finally been righted with the opening of his new atelier at 898 Madison Avenue. Malle is calling his fourth stand-alone store a “profound evolution of our brand’s aesthetic,” a change he attributes to French artist and architect Patrick Naggar. Naggar designed the 900-square-foot boutique with a distinct nod to the early-twentieth-century Rive Gauche salons and studios that color Malle’s early childhood memories. The Art Deco-inspired interior boasts oak frames and bookshelves, wall-to-wall carpeting with a tribal-inspired geometric print, and custom couches and chairs commissioned by Malle’s grandfather from famed furniture designer Jules Leleu. Artwork from Malle’s personal collection—as well as black-and-white pictures of the esteemed noses he frequently collaborates with—also spruce up the space, although we found ourselves most impressed by its “smelling columns,” which are glass-encased portals that ensure an untainted olfactory experience. It’s worth making the trip uptown, especially since Malle’s home collection is exclusively available at his new digs through the end of the month.

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, 898 Madison Avenue at 72nd Street; 212-249-7941.

Photo: Courtesy of Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle