August 22 2014

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32 Is Apparently the Perfect Time to Diet—and Other Interesting Beauty News


cara-delevingneNot only can you fake fuller eyelashes, but you can bluff about the size of your brows now, too. They’re called lace-front eyebrows, and much like the wig iteration, these faux arches—or “furry brow stickers,” as Refinery29 calls them—are sewn onto layers of lace, which are essentially glued onto your natural set. Maybe achieving Cara Delevingne-like brows isn’t so wildly unattainable after all. (We’re kidding. Sort of.)

Apparently your early 30s—specifically, age 32—is the ideal time for dieting, according to a new study. “Diets are more likely to go awry in the 20s because people are more likely to be single and to party more,” reports the Daily Mail. But in their mid-30s, people are “not so bothered about their appearance as aging takes its toll and they embrace middle age,” therefore making 32 the sweet spot for optimal weight loss. (Bring on the pizza.)

A new study published in The Atlantic answers the age-old question: Why do women wear so much makeup? The study, in which forty-four women in their early 20s applied products as though they were “getting ready for a night out,” suggests that women actually tend to wear more makeup than necessary—that is, if what’s necessary is measured by a man’s preference. Eye roll.

Speaking of standards, The Cut interviewed Elena Rossini, the 34-year-old filmmaker and producer of The Illusionists, a new documentary that explores the globalization of Western beauty ideals and their effects on women. (View her Kickstarter campaign here.)

Photo: Indigital

Cara Delevingne’s Brows Have Some Serious Competition



“If [you] have nice eyebrows [you] literally have everything [you] need in life,” is a quote Cara Delevingne recently re-grammed. And to a certain degree it’s true. The super’s statement arches (aside from her off-the-runway antics and romps with Michelle Rodriguez) have caused her stock to rise…and tweezer sales to plummet. But the Brit beauty might have some steep competition in newbie Taylor Hill, who appears in H&M’s Divided campaign, shot by Hasse Nielsen. The hair above this model’s eyes is slightly wilder than Delevingne’s bushy-but-groomed set, and I hope that this runway rookie doesn’t allow an overeager makeup artist to “clean up” any strays (a phrase that often leads to an over-plucked disaster). Taylor, if you learn anything from Cara, it’s to guard those golden arches—and subsequent gold mines—with your life.

Photo: Courtesy of H&M