April 21 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: When Worlds Collide



We recently learned about face painter Pat McGrath’s remedy for the fashion flu, and backstage at Versace earlier this evening, she revealed her girl crush, Gwendoline Christie, along with her serious devotion to Game of Thrones. “I lost my life every Sunday!” she gushed. But before Christie became Brienne of Tarth, McGrath said, the towering blonde (she’s 6′ 2″) had already caught her discerning eye:

“I used to go to this club in London called BoomBox, the one the kids were really wild about five years ago; [Christie] just told me that I stopped to take her picture once. She must have had an amazing look.”

Photos: Matteo Prandoni/; Courtesy of HBO

A Mother Of Dragons’ Tale


If, like us, you are obsessed with HBO’s Game of Thrones, then you likely experienced the same feeling of shock the first time you saw Emilia Clarke on the red carpet, and out of character. Daenerys Targaryen was barely recognizable without her long, platinum-blonde mane, but as the natural brunette has become more of a seasoned star, we have come to love Clarke as much offscreen as on. It all started with her Chanel Resort moment at last year’s Emmy Awards, and continued at the GOT season-three premiere in L.A. last night, where she wore a strapless Victoria Beckham number—with the graphic hair and makeup to match. Sporting center-parted chestnut strands, Clarke’s makeup artist, Dawn Broussard, went with a heavily groomed brow, smoky eyes, a warm peachy cheek, and a neutral mouth to keep the focus on the actress’ pristine décolletage and the striking cerulean color of her dress. Thoughts on Khaleesi as a very stylish Clarke?

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

GOT: The Hair Files; Bieber To Drop Girlfriend; And More…


If, like us, you are obsessed with HBO’s Game of Thrones (House Stark forever!), you may be interested to know that the show’s hair designer, Kevin Alexander, uses an estimated 20-30 wigs in the series. Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Melisandre, and Margaery Tyrell’s long, glorious locks? All human hair wigs—each of which is styled every day with Wella products and can cost up to $7,000! Sansa Stark’s long red locks are real, albeit colored with a mixture of four temporary dyes, as the actress Sophie Turner is actually a blonde. [Fashionista]

From impossibly long hair to shockingly short hair. Cate Blanchett has revealed that a new crop might be in the works. “Shaving off my hair is so liberating,” she says. “I had to do it once for a film role, but I’ve done it periodically, too. I cut my hair short a few years ago and I’m thinking about doing it again.” [Monsters & Critics]

Being better looking than someone in any form of competition only helps you prevail if you’re considerably better looking than them, according to economist Daniel S. Hamermesh, the author of Beauty Pays, a book about how physical attractiveness directly correlates to better financial compensation. Make of that what you will. [NYT]

After his first fragrance, Someday, took in record-breaking sales at the beauty counter, Justin Bieber has announced that plans for a follow-up scent, called Girlfriend, are already in the works. [OK!]

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

White Hot


Just when we thought HBO couldn’t do anything else to keep us glued to our couch on the weekends, the cable network debuted Game of Thrones this past Sunday. The complex but totally engrossing interpretation of George R. R. Martin’s multi-volume fantasy tomes is a little bit Lord of the Rings, a little bit Medieval Times—yielding a premiere that was a total visual overload: think pelts, armor, castles, bloody battles, and plenty of heaving (and exposed) bosoms. But what really caught our eye was the stark, white blond tresses of actress Emilia Clarke, who plays the exiled royal, Daenerys Targaryen. Clark joins a crop of other snowy-haired lasses like Robyn, Michelle Williams, Abbey Lee Kershaw, and even Reese Witherspoon, who brightened up her blond for her role in Water for Elephants (which, it must be said, is pretty lackluster except for the costumes, that titular elephant, and said hair).

Should you be looking to adopt similarly silvery strands for the summer, a few words to the wise: “It’s easier for someone with fair skin to pull off this look because the color will clash with dark skin tones, and the natural warmth in dark hair will make it harder to maintain,” says colorist Erin Bogart of the Sally Hershberger salon. “I also wouldn’t recommend it for someone with already damaged hair because stripping the color will cause breakage.” As the bevy of last season’s Balenciaga blondes know only too well, this icy hue requires more maintenance than any other blond in the spectrum; besides touching up the roots every four to five weeks, Bogart suggests a toner every two weeks so your platinum doesn’t turn a shade of Mountain Dew. “If you don’t want to visit the salon for toner, I would recommend using a purple shampoo like Davines Alchemic once a week to cancel out the yellow,” she says. “Since [going white blond] requires you to strip color from the cuticle, use a shampoo and conditioner for weakened hair like the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Silk Bloom collection, which contains proteins to strengthen.” Another tip: Mix, don’t match, your brows to your hair. “Darker brows look best with this color because they help to frame your face and give you structure,” advises Bogart. “You will fade away with light brows.” If you were looking for an opportunity to channel True Blue-era Madonna, here you go.


Photo: Helen Sloan / HBO