July 12 2014

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The Fab Five: A Ginseng Revival


Ginseng is by no means the new ingredient on the block. In fact, the knobby hobbit-like plant is downright old: It’s been used, and prized, in Asian culture for centuries, as an immune-system booster and mood lifter, and it’s also thought to help improve concentration and even lower blood-sugar levels. Of late, the little root that could has been cropping up in a slew of antiaging skincare products. It seems that when applied topically, its circulation-stimulating abilities have a detox-like effect on the skin, curbing puffiness and imparting a natural, healthy glow. Here, five of our favorite ways to bring a little ginseng into your skincare routine.

The Skin Reboot-er
Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer, available May 2013 at
Designed to have the kind of effect on skin that a peppermint shampoo has on the scalp—think refreshing, reinvigorating, eye-opening. Even the type of ginseng (Panax) in the lightweight moisturizer’s formula is thought to help with signs of fatigue.

The Tight Stuff
Soap & Glory Super Sit Tight Intense XS.
Just as ginseng can de-puff your face, so too can it help your backside. Soap & Glory’s latest innovation makes ginseng the star of its Detoxyboost technology, which, along with plenty of caffeine, has a firming effect on your lower half. A pre-swimsuit-season essential.

The Extreme Essential
SK-II Essential Power Cream, available May 2013 at
“Radical firmness.” That’s what the newest Essential Power Cream from luxe skincare brand SK-II claims to achieve, with the help, naturally, of plenty of Siberian ginseng. A bonus: the velvety moisturizer blends seamlessly into the skin. Radical.

The Eye-Opener
Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Eye Cream
Whenever we’re exhausted, you can see it in our eyes…literally. This rich cream with concentrated amounts of ginseng is an antidote for tired, sagging eyes—and gentle enough to be used on the eyelids.

The Daily Plumper
Naturopathica Beech Tree & Ginseng Daily Moisturizer
Natural-spa go-to brand, Naturopathica, also relies on the Panax ginseng variety to fatten up gaunt, dull complexions. As they like to say, the corrective moisturizer made for regular use is akin to a “natural Botox.”

Photo: Courtesy of SK-II, Sulwhasoo, Soap & Glory, Origins, and Naturopathica

Feel The ‘Zing: Behold, The Omnipotent Skin Saver


GINSENG / (jin-sing) / n. / 1. Referring to several species of a perennial herb native to Asia from the genus Panax, which is Greek for all-healing; / n. / 2. Rich in ginsenosides, active ingredients that have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years; / n. / 3. A known adaptogen that balances and normalizes body functions and can help reduce stress levels, increase mental performance, and boost the immune system; / n. / 4. Possessing anti-inflammatory properties that can activate cell metabolism and stimulate the synthesis of proteins, thus increasing micro-circulation in the skin and reducing the visible signs of aging and fatigue, e.g., “Reboot and look revitalized with ginseng.”

Try it: GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream, $30,

Homeopathy, Not Always The Best Policy


Maintaining a full disclosure policy with your doctors as to the things you’re putting into your body—both under the supervision of a physician and recreationally—is just good sense, but apparently there’s a burgeoning epidemic in the world of plastic surgery of patients not reporting their use of alternative medicines. According to a report in the March/April issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal, an alarming 70 percent of patients do not include alternative medications when they rattle off their respective lists of ingestibles, whether due to simple negligence or a common fear among consumers of naturopathic medicine that doctors may look down on them for believing in it at all. Your doctor doesn’t need to know everything you do, but there are certain supplements that can be detrimental to your system during or immediately after you go under the knife, causing harmful cardiovascular and sedative effects and increased bleeding. If you simply must heal that new chin with an herbal remedy, though, make sure to ask a trusted physician or herbalist about helpful supplements and nutrients to take post-op. Until then, avoid the following ingredients within two weeks of any procedure: Ginkgo biloba, echinacea, garlic, goldenseal, ginseng, licorice, fish oils (omega-3 fatty acids), kava, Valerian root, St. John’s wort, dong quai, and feverfew.

Photo: Getty Images

Makeup That Can Take The Heat


Rochelle Rae (the Texas-based makeup artist, not an alias for the popular Food Network star of similar name) used the renowned humidity of Austin in the summer as inspiration when formulating her eponymous, mineral-based product line. In addition to powders, tints, and eyeshadows that provide great coverage, Rae Cosmetics are derived from natural ingredients and—get this—are completely water-resistant. Thanks to trace elements of zinc oxide in the range, which also boasts vitamins and antioxidants like ginko biloba, ginseng, and chamomile, you can literally sweat the small stuff and not have to worry about streaking or creasing.

Photo: Courtesy of Rae Cosmetics