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Beauty Sound Bites: She Bangs



“I went through all the stages of grief…first you have disbelief, then you have hysterical upset, then you have anger, and then you have acceptance. And that was kind of what happened to me, in a three-minute period after I realized that I actually cut my own bangs.”

In an attempt to fit herself with faux fringe, Rossum’s harmless DIY experiment quickly turned into disaster. “It wasn’t like, Oh, that’s a wispy, cute piece. It was like, Oh, that’s a serious mistake,” she said of the three-inch-deep cut she made into her own hair. “It wasn’t anything that could be feathered in lightly,” she quipped. Above, we pay homage to Rossum’s growing pains with a scene from the season finale of Girls. What can we say, snips happen.

Prada Candy L’Eau: The Movie; The GIF That Keeps On Giving; And More…


To celebrate the release of Prada Candy L’Eau, the Italian house has teamed up with Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola on Je m’appelle Candy, a new video starring the fragrance’s face, Léa Seydoux, set to premiere next week. Until then, this teaser will have to hold us over. [YouTube]

The U.K.’s Fast Diet is the new craze sweeping the world of weight loss. The idea is to limit your food intake to five hundred calories, twice a week, and then eat whatever you want on the remaining five days—which seems reasonable-ish, although we can’t get past the idea of that two-day fast. [People]

If you watch Girls, then you already know that one of the season-two finale’s big plotlines is Hannah’s angst-ridden self-inflicted bowl cut. If you missed it, here’s a GIF from the scene that you can watch over and over. [The Cut]

The next phase in the Yoko Ono x Opening Ceremony collaboration appears to be an animated video called Makeup Tips for Men. It doesn’t include any real makeup tips, it turns out, but boy is it trippy! [Complex]

Making Up The Cast Of Girls


Girls had a lot of hype to live up to when, after much discussion, it finally debuted this spring. The angsty HBO show about four young women living in New York and trying to figure out who they are through a series of dating misadventures, wild nights out, and cups of frozen yogurt sounded a lot like Sex and the City relocated to a hipsterfied Brooklyn. But it’s far less glamorous than all that, and much better for it. Created by Lena Dunham, the 25-year-old writer who also produces, directs, and stars in the show, Girls doesn’t aim too high or low with its portrayal of what it’s actually like to be twentysomething, slightly entitled, and naive about life but still able to laugh at yourself. There are moments that the show veers toward the fantastical, but part of what keeps it irreverent and real is an overarching fashion and beauty aesthetic that, like the dialogue, is unstyled and not trying too hard. Here, we caught up with the series’ head makeup artist, Patricia Regan, to talk about toning down the pretty, scoping out Williamsburg’s finest for inspiration, “that eyebrow episode,” and the right red lip to wear to a party in Bushwick attended by all of Brooklyn and two-thirds of Manhattan.

Did you know Lena Dunham before you starting working on Girls?
Lena and I met on the set of Mildred Pierce. I was doing the makeup and she had a small role. Afterward, the producer—who is now a producer on Girls—told me that Lena really liked working with me, and asked if I would be interested in doing the makeup for this new half-hour comedy they were developing.

The show had major buzz before it even premiered. What’s it been like working on it so far?
Lena and I meet to chat before every episode. She really studies every character and writes everything down. She’ll say, “I want a red lip on Jessa,” or “let’s make this brighter.” She has a lot of ideas and she remembers everything. Most of the show is based on things that actually happened to her, and that she lived through. So it has to look natural. When I started, I was adding more enhancement to Hannah, but I kept getting little notes from the studio telling me the look is “too pretty!”

How do you keep it real, so to speak?
I walk around my neighborhood in Williamsburg, which is where we shoot a lot of the scenes, for inspiration and research. I see girls coming home from parties, going to work, or fresh out of bed at midnight. There’s such a mix of people here—it’s a cool, eccentric party crowd—and I take little pieces from what I see around me. Most of the girls are going to places like Brooklyn Bowl, Public Assembly, and there’s this apartment with rooftop parties, where everyone hangs out and smokes in front. It’s great for people-watching.

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