August 28 2014

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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: Beauty For The Greater Güd


Shocking as this may be to believe, there are still consumers out there fighting the natural beauty movement’s ascendance into mainstream culture. Surely it’s not the promise of clean, chemical-free formulas and direct-from-nature extracts that’s turning these defectors off. So what, then, is preventing them from opening their arms wide to the wonder that is toxin-free skin, hair, and bodycare? The answer is scent, according to the good folks at Burt’s Bees, who have just debuted a new, 97 percent natural range with a little help from the master perfumers at Givaudan. Simply called Güd, the brand will be rolling out to a drugstore near you this month and features eight paraben-, phthalate-, petrochemical-free products—a nourishing shampoo, a softening conditioner, a body wash, a body butter, a body lotion, a body mist, a foaming hand wash, and a hand cream—in four different, highly aromatic fragrance families that are a complete departure from the more subdued scents that typically accompany more green-leaning offerings. Vanilla Flame features notes of sweet orange, coconut, tonka bean, vanilla, and rice milk; Pearanormal Activity showcases hints of Bartlett pear, raspberry, acai, apricot, and white flowers; Orange Petalooza is a citrus floral blend of blood orange, pomelo, rose, hyacinth, and sandalwood; and Floral Cherrynova—our favorite of the bunch—is centered around essences of Bing cherries, rosewood, and an almond milk accord. It packs a sweet, nostalgic olfactory punch and instantly reminds us of the scrupulous process of selecting just the right scented shampoo and conditioner for eight weeks of overnight camp (White Rain, anyone?). As you may have guessed from the fun branding, the positioning is skewed slightly younger, as is the packaging that features colorful caps and labels that boast origamilike bursts of fruits and flowers. But as far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing wrong with using a little whimsy to lure America’s youth—and their parents—towards the promise of better-for-you products.

Photo: Courtesy of Gud

Why You Can’t Go Wrong With Red Lipstick; Still Spreading The Lacquer Love; And More…


Red lipstick is a holiday staple, and according to François Nars, you really can’t go wrong with a bold crimson mouth. “When it comes to choosing a red lipstick, there are no rules,” the makeup maestro recently told Barneys’ Simon Doonan. “Just go for what you are most attracted
to.” [Racked]

Speaking of holiday party makeup dos and don’ts, makeup artist Romy Soleimani has a foolproof way of avoiding powder and concealer mishaps. “If your concealer looks lighter than your skin, it’ll look even lighter in a [camera] flash,” she explains. Her advice: “Use a concealer, then layer your foundation on top.” [Allure]

The end-of-year beauty sales figures are in and the winner is nail polish. According to a report by the market research company The NPD Group, sales of trendy polish shades increased by a whopping 59 percent in the U.S. during the first ten months of 2011. [NYDN]

Fans of Givaudan’s iPerfumer app, rejoice: The fragrance house has just debuted iPerfumer 2, a revamped sophomore effort. Now you can simply type in your favorite notes and ingredients and the new and improved app will recommend a perfume for you. [Cosmetics-Design Europe]

Photo: Courtesy of NARS Cosmetics

Scratch, Sniff, Send


Have you ever stood in line at the post office, hoping and praying for something—anything—to take your mind off the line that’s 25-people deep and the single window that’s open for business? Germany has a few ideas: The Deutsche Post has introduced scratch-and-sniff stamps in fruity flavors that reveal their scent when the sender or recipient runs a finger over their surface. Lemon, blueberry, strawberry, and apple fragrances have already adorned letters, and rose-tinged postage was introduced last month. No word on who’s supplying the essential oils used in the process (Givaudan? Firmenich? Fess up!), but the concept is a great one. Countries from Bhutan and Brazil to South Korea and Switzerland have also dabbled in olfactory-pleasing postage, but somehow it has eluded the USPS, which seems bent on ensuring that we derive no pleasure at all from a trip to the post office. Oh, how we wish we had a pen pal in Berlin… [WWD]

Photo: Strawberry, leaf with flower © Obstsorten, Verlag J. Neumann, Germany; Strawberry, fruit and profile © Karen Scholz, Bad Essen, Germany

Henry Holland “Dips His Toe” Into The Beauty Biz


For designer and Agyness Deyn bestie Henry Holland, making a fragrance came pretty easily. “I just filled out a questionnaire,” Holland joked last night while playing host at the launch party for Six Scents: Series II, which pairs some of the rag trade’s biggest names with perfumers to create a union of artistic expression that ultimately goes to benefit charity. This aforementioned survey included such soul-searching queries: If your fragrance was an event, what would it be? Holland: “A party.” If you could describe your fragrance as a room, what would it look like? Holland: “There’d be a big, comfy purple couch, where everyone would congregate.” The answers then served to inspire Givaudan nose Stephen Nilsen in the composition process. That meant putting purple petals of lilac and jasmine at the heart of the scent and realizing the idea of a couch’s fluffy quality in the form of soft musk notes. But it wasn’t all fun Q&A games. “I’m typically a really visual person,” Holland says. “And while I can’t see a smell, there are certain smells that trigger memories.” So Holland told Nilsen about growing up in a pine forest, which Nilsen ultimately translated into a pine accord that rounds out the fragrance, which is simply called Smell. As for Holland’s future beauty endeavors, the marketing master has big ideas. “This project lets you dip your toe in. Color plays such a massive part in my collection,” he said, alluding to a nascent desire to branch out into makeup. He added, “When I used to work at a magazine, I would dream about being the person who names nail varnishes and lipsticks.” To show off his skills, he pointed at our chipping Chanel Jade manicure and said, “I’d call that, ‘Mint No-Choc Chip.’ ” And with that, we began to wonder if Holland had missed his true calling.

Photo: Courtesy of Six Scents

Gwen’s Harajuku Lovers Hit The Slopes


As much as we may turn up our noses at certain celebrity fragrances, we are occasionally impressed with what stars—and their respective perfumers/licensing partners—can come up with. Gwen Stefani and Coty Prestige’s Harajuku Lovers collection in Love, Lil’ Angel, Music, Baby, and G are one such exception. The winner of the 2009 Fifi Awards Women’s Luxe Fragrance of the Year has both a cute and clever packaging concept and the expert touch of renowned noses from IFF, Givaudan, and Firmenich. It makes these kitschy dolls fun collector’s items that also smell great on the skin. With scents ranging from a fruity floral with a “lollipop” accord to a powdery musk, there’s something for everyone—incuding the fashion-obsessed. The flacons are impeccably designed to showcase the girls’ individual style leanings, and this season, Stefani’s brain children are back in limited-edition cold-weather gear. The Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies wear vintage color-blocked puffy jackets, bobby pins inspired by the Decora Girls in Tokyo, homespun striped cashmere sweaters, and Vivienne Westwood footwear, as the case may be. (Love, the girliest of the bunch, dons a pair of pink, mid-calf Velcro closure boots that are an exact replica of a similar pair designed by London’s resident punk progenitor.) They’re a great addition to the holiday product bounty that is beginning to hit shelves now, when we find ourselves tempted by beauty baubles more than ever.

Photo: Courtesy of Harajuku Lovers Fragrances